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  1. Hi fully agree that the BTL will be in trouble, well those who bought recently. Let's face it, people who did invest say 5 years ago are big winners; e.g. I rent 495£ for a studio that did cost 56000£. REturn is quite good in this case. But now, one would be crazy to do it, far to risky, the same studio is valued about 105000!! TWT
  2. Hi, I agree with you on many things. The boom people have had a good time finally. However, when somone is on 32k and 45k in the bank at 24 hummm, well I call for a halt to too much complain. Sorry I have my biterness as well and I think income disparity are also bad. TWT
  3. Financial adviser? I know three, and to be honest I found them useless. First apart from one they did not know much more than I do. Second they do not have a crystal ball. Third, their aim to have bonuses and their performance is to place various products and if they have to make a bad product rosier they will (one did in my case) I am sure they are amazing ones around but they are probably a rare type of person TWT
  4. I would not try to convince you. However I have my conviction and my reasons not to buy. After all this time rising, statistically there are more chance to see a fall than a rise, and the further they go, the more they are likely to correct. Now there are, I think, some facts; IR will I think go up, and in conjunction with a v high debt it is an explosive cocktail. I have a colleague who pays 400 for a three bed, I am not going to mess up my life paying 900£ just because I arrived 5 years later on the market. I just can't If I am all wrong, does not matter, I save and I am free to move if needed, I do not maintain the house. I am ready to rent for life until I buy cash at etirement.
  5. Strange, as far as I am concerned I think it becomes more and more likely! TWT
  6. Why the studio i am in is not good value? Simply because it sold 56k in JAN 2002 and now asking price is 105k
  7. Hi, We just had the timing really badly wrong. Now that said, I do not know your age, but with 80K combined if you have a bit of a humble lifstyle (no mercedes, enormous flat screen, 10 pair of shoes.... you could still buy better than a 2 bed. Although I agree at current price that would be very stupid, well hummm, no actually you seem to be convinced that it will never fall. In this case sorry but just buy but I think you are wrong. TWT
  8. it is just a metter of time my dear...
  9. ohh sorry press the wrong button.. So yes I repeat, I think you did well. Like shares selling at the very top is a bit idealistic. So just be patient now and think about the ones who bought your house....
  10. I think you did, perhaps you could have done better but com on it is like shares, on can not set at the very each time... Be patient and have a though for the ones who bought you house!
  11. Well it depends on what happen after those 10 years. Let's assume a increase that follows inflation, then yes I buy, but in 10 years TWT
  12. Hi, Outside of any affordability considerations, I just will NOT pay 250K what someone paid 150K just five years ago. This is plain simple, I just can't…. why would I have to strain myself while my mate has a good life for similar job and pay? No way. And now again, a soft landing or price not "lowered" by inflation would be the first time. But, to be honest with the debt here, in the US, in France (relatively low though)…. for me the question is not will there be a major adjustment but when and true for me the sooner the better and this is why I am upset. Bye for now,
  13. Dentistry is crazy expensive in the private sector, i had a filling the other day 100 pounds!! With the low cost airlines, you can go to France and have it there for the same price
  14. Hi, Soon there will be more finance and related activities people than medical people in hospitals.... Ridiculous, the attempt to make NHS finances better by introducing those supposed monney aware (with fatty salary hummmm....) has failed. They are the ones that needs to be kicked out!! TWT
  15. arghhhh you have been faster than me, I have exactly the same question, please help before I start to bang my head on the table! TWT
  16. Euhhh, pardon Monsieur, What is the link between liberal employment and HPC. It looks like you are no aware of the HPI in France *2 in 4,5 years, in some places *3 (I wanted to buy a Flat and did not and I see some of them on sale now. Quit a few actually, some people know what is happening and they take there profit....). Still more reasonable than here though I recon. France have high unemployment yes, but the productivity is extremly good, sorry.
  17. I also think about this posibility (although in my opinion, there are many red flags flying around and they could well be the trigger). If your scenario is true, well that is still very good, in real term the price will have groppes quite a lot. In the mean time I save significant monney and I keep the liberty of moving if needed . TWT
  18. To all baked beans maniac, I prefer the garlicy solution! frenchi bear
  19. Hi, Well hummm... I am not too knowledgeable about the economy, but I find that may piece of news point to fundamental problem which will create sooner or later a big collapse in the economy. But I feel gutted hearing about those big bonuses (do all these people are putting as much as possible in there pocket before the storm?) No investments? Well is this what the bonuses are made out? None invested money? I already was questioning the kind of income found in the city, this may wall fuel my case even further. As usual, the average people will be in sh**, while those "top" people live on there bonus if it gets really bad. :angry: If someone can shed some lights on my thought about those people are doing, I will die a bit less stupid. TWT
  20. For the nuclear bit, I agree but with thetheory only, in France largly sublied with nuclear energy the hike in electricity bills is nasty. They just take advantage of the upward trend :angry: Massive profit to please the share holders TWT
  21. The post seems ironic, but anyway, lets take it as a real and true post. I see a big issue/House affordable , more than ever, yes ok....I agree But holdon, three kids and none will have a house Tell me the logic! If there is one! As far as I am concerned, I am sure the crash will be there, we are at a turning point
  22. Well, it is pure madness what you say, it confirms what I have seen around me: e.g. City girl, maneging position, validating model, but she is doing excel spreadsheet all day 45K Amazing, when real brain work is going to be rewarded? Not that I am amazingy clever, but dealing with modelling I at least know the difference between analytical and numerical solution! She didn't until I told her!! Get out of there! Give me your income and take mine!
  24. Hello, I will wait at least until price of the kind of house I want is down 30%. If it is still sharply downward, I ll wait more. TWT
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