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  1. If you had to die in one of them, being eaten by a lion or something, which would you choose? St Albans is an option though I don't like over corwded areas. :[
  2. I've been looking at getting some property close to the University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield) as I'm doing an MA part-time and work there. The problem is that the prices around Hatfield are so steep and have little to offer in terms of areas without rape incidents and generally consisting of too many unruly students causing merry hell for the long term residents. 2 bedroom flats cost a lot here, people expecting you to pay 175k+ for a tiny shoebox. Welwyn Garden City is 10 minutes away by bus and has a lot more to offer. Nice areas, very green, good behaviour, more bang for buck etc... Is there any reason, besides close proximity, for me to even consider buying in Hatfield? Place is confused and over-priced imho.
  3. Not silly, this is starting to become more common as people realise that property prices are far too high currently. I offered 170 on an apartment which was last purchased for 144 (2 years ago) the current asking price being 190k. My offer was refused, my response to which was to reduce it by 10k.
  4. There is that, yes. The family is also going their separate ways, 'our' property having been purchased for 900k and the money owed to various members now paid back as a result. Me being offered a job close to where I'm studying, my part-time masters coming into it's final year, wanting to get on with things in general and being 3 mins walk to my place of work. I've so far reduced my offer to 160k, asking price being 190k. As I said, some properties of the exact same type are going for, and have gone, close to 200k, though not the majority of them. The same property has changed hands 3 times in 6 years, two of which were for prices exceeding 170k. I'm just writing to the owner to make sure he did in fact receive my offer and that no funny business is happening. So far, all communication has occurred via phone and I still haven't received an information package.
  5. I thought the same thing, some sort of predator would come and chase them away.
  6. Couldn't find an edit button, but it's also slap bang between two University campuses with access to a developing commercial area.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, what you say makes sense to me, at least to an extent. The area is in fact being developed and more flats are being built, there's a leisure centre being built opposite with a police station down the road. That's in it's favour though the recession needs to be taken into account. I can't see it ever falling to 100k
  8. Right, so I'm looking to buy my first property for which the asking price is £190k, it's a 2 bedroom flat which sold at the end of 2008 for around £145k. I found this information (via zoopla) after my initial offer of £170k was rejected, imagine my relief (not that an offer is legally binding in the UK). The EA said that the landlord (who claimed he didn't know what the lease was and took days to find out) wanted something closer to the asking price (yeah, I bet he does [if he even exists and your little no name EA isn't a front for some sort of scam]). Am I right to assume they're trying it on? There is no way in heck that a property in the area I'm looking at could ever be worth £190k. In similar blocks next to it I can see that a few fools have spent, at most, £200k on two bedroom apartments (they will NEVER make that money back and have ruined their lives as far as I can deduce). In this block however (where I'm interested in buying) the last two properties, in 2008, went for £153k! I'm thinking of phoning up the EA tomorrow and saying, "you know what mate, I made a mistake yesterday when I made that offer. After having slept on it and [quoting above evidence], I will reduce my offer to £165k, which is 20k more than it sold for last time in 2008. You will not be hearing from me again, if there is interest in my offer I will expect you to contact me" Any thoughts on this? As I'm feeling like I nearly walked into the biggest trap of my life! Kind regards
  9. I've heard this a few times, could someone please explain the logic to me?
  10. I have two cash ISAs I'm hoping to top up before April, currently residing with 'Halifax'. I'm fairly new to this game so could someone in the know explain any complications/downsides which come with changing to a different building society/bank? I haven't saved that much so I wouldnt be missing out on too much 'growth from interest' if I moved my ISAs around to get a better long term deal.
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