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  1. Coach houses are a bit strange, I was looking at buying one a few months ago. The property was being marketed as a freehold without any ground rent to pay. On the right move website I saw, via the property bee extension, that they had added and deleted the word "house" multiple times, indicating some sort of confusion. The situation was much the same as yours, you would own the freehold but the lease for the other garages would have gone out to someone else. You'd be due some sort of contribution from them but it wouldn't be much, if anything worth mentioning. As for converting the garages into rooms, I saw one fellow who had done this, and the result was a nice, if slightly unorthodox, internal structure. He was quite desperate to sell to me. My honest feeling is that life should not be complex and that if you're having doubts now, think of the problems you'll face when it comes to reselling.
  2. They're chalets! I have a chalet in my garden.
  3. Agreed, what's the situation/example?
  4. +1 This is exactly it, educational establishments are trying to ensure they can still meet operating costs. The withdrawal of funding is the only reason for this problem.
  5. Yes, they are all like that. :[ The point of a juliette balcony, I always thought it was to make things look nice from the outside looking in. Clearly that doesn't apply here.
  6. If TW hadn't screwed up the paper work then I would have already commit to buy by now. I was walking past the building site, as I make sure to do every single day, and noticed they added the juliette balcony to the property. Aside from it looking f-ugly, isn't it also too big and poorly fitted? Am I nitpicking? This contrasts the block opposite which has been built by Bovis Homes which, on the outside, looks quite nice. I asked my solicitor whether or not I'd be able to change the balcony at some point and was advised 'no', pretty much. Would this bother anyone else?
  7. Personally speaking, if it's not on rightmove then it doesn't exist in my world.
  8. I'm buying near herts (not a BTL'er) and I can tell you that there's a move to put a lot of their courses online. It's hard to tell what this will mean when combined with the info given here.
  9. If I went on this show I'd just look indecisive and annoying to EAs. Pulled out of one deal and in the process of buying off plan. Not sure I'd make great television... Last convo I had with a property builder went something like: Me: "Is the price negotiable" PB: "well, that depends on what you mean" Me: "A lower price than advertised" PB: "We have products which make the property more affordable" Me: "So, the price isn't negotiable" PB: "I don't understand the question" Me: "It's too expensive, will you take less" PB: "No, we don't do that" I initiated the same conversation every week and got different answers! On average though it seemed to be "no". It's a sort of morbid curiosity. Thinking of buying a mansion in some third world country rather than a 1 bedroom shoebox in UK.
  10. This magical land is in.......................................................... Hatfield 90% of the properties here look they're on the verge of being reclaimed by the earth, and there are a lot of them. Really pushes up the price of the acceptable stuff. Have a look: http://*******.com/3qwx4ju
  11. All the other nice 1 bedroom flats are in the range of 145-170k! This has a nice living room (21x25). 60 second walk to work. Edit: Even got a layout planned!
  12. I'm buying off plan () from Taylor Wimpey ()! The issue is that the kitchen layout they have in place, on the plans, is rubbish. I've redrawn the floorplan (using sketchup) in perspective view as shown below. My question is, as my proposed changes are not structural in any way (no piping and/or plumbing needs to be shifted), what's to stop them doing as I ask? The last response I got back from them stated "we are a volume builder" and "I hope this does not sound too harsh". My response to that was "I am not a volume buyer". Furthermore, their customer services told me that they can't change it because they receive a certificate from the CML/council of mortgage lenders which is based on the specification shown on the plans. I phoned up the CML and was promptly told that they do not certify/pass out certificates. Are they being lazy? Edit: I've suggested they put me in contact with their kitchen contractor and things are actually starting to move again. Talk about drawing blood from a stone!
  13. I like the idea of putting pensioners in jail. I think the criminals should be put in new build flats with bars on them, that would keep the developers in business.
  14. It seems that the only place worth living in Hatfield is around the Salisbury village area. There's a business park, university, one of europe's largest gyms blah blah... Problem is, the place is so over-priced that it's disgusting. Some 2 bedroom flats are up for close to 190k - and they are complete dumps. I pulled out of a Welwyn Garden City purchase after plans to build a rubbish dump next to the residential area I was interested in were published. I get the feeling that anyone buying anything in the UK suffers from a lack of information. All signs point to renting some shoebox for a low price and riding out this phase...
  15. They sometimes quiz you but a lot of the time it's a very casual affair. Gets them out of the office etc... Unfortunately they keep talking when you're looking around and don't always bring important information with them (when does the lease expire). Oh, and a lot of them are of the opinion that if you make an offer they consider to be too low, they won't pass it on despite them being legally required to. "Oh, that was a formal offer?". Anyone can be an EA
  16. Estate agents are legally required to make the offer in writing. Don't trust them though as a lot of the time they don't. It happens mostly when the owner is difficult to contact (renting out the flat he intends to sell). DEMAND that the offer be put in writing and that a duplicate be sent to your address. Short of that, see the owner of the property, ask if they received the offer and, if not, arrange to do it all via your solicitors if it seems reasonable to them. Estate agents are not on your side, their only agenda is to make as much money from an exchange as possible. If they can't even do what is legally required of them then take them out of the picture, it's sufficient grounds to. A lot of the time these people need pushing around.
  17. I just looked up what "gazunderer" actually means, you're talking out of your pooper. I intended to lower my offer before a definite completion date, not at the last minute. They're the ones attempting to trap me into acting out of haste. Go con someone else out of their money. Trying to make me feel bad...bloody hell. I'm sympathetic to the owner's plight but I'm not going to put my finances at stake.
  18. I actually wrote a brief reply to the EA, after he responded to my initial statement of intent to lower the offer, reading "I'll hold on a bit longer then". It was after my solicitor came back to me with a 'forecast' (deadline) that was earlier than as stipulated by the EA that I decided I'd had enough ********. You're an estate agent, it's your job to be economical with the truth/lie. I don't expect useful advice from you.
  19. Absolutely, I don't want the property anymore at the original asking price. I was perfectly prepared to swallow the bad deal until they started imposing deadlines on me after I said I might reduce my offer! 180k for 2 bedrooms hardly. Especially when in the last few months prices have fallen by an average of 5k in that area. You are right about one thing though, my solicitor couldn't complete their report until after they received the remaining information. Not to mention the recycling plant being built down the road, no one told me about that until after I got the results from the environmental survey. I wont lose sleep over this, I just want to make sure everything is done by the book. Ps. Are you an estate agent, as your name suggests. If anything, I'm calling their bluff?
  20. So I set about making an offer on a 2 bed apartment last year, my offer was accepted in October. My solicitor and I have had things sorted for months, waiting to exchange contracts. A few days ago I sent a letter to the EA stating that in light of the delays and market changes that I intended to reduce my offer. I then received a response stating that my frustration was understood and that the delays were due to the management company in charge of the freehold not being forthcoming with critical information and that everything should be ready by the 18th of Feb. I received a letter from my solicitor on Friday stating that the owner (leasehold owner) could not move to completion after the 11th of February and that we should commit to an exchange sorted before then! My response to that was to write back to the EA (today, on Sunday) stating that I have decided to commit to the intention of lowering my offer in light of delays, market changes and a short term deadline being placed on the availability of purchase. It being Sunday, I did not expect a reply to my email until Monday. I was checking rightmove, with the property bee extension, about 10 minutes ago and see that the EA has put the property up for sale/listed as available again. I have yet to receive a reply back from him. If the current owners cannot move to completion after the 11th of Feb, re-listing it doesn't seem like a useful strategy. More like the EA trying to keep the prices from falling through the market. I've sent a letter to my solicitor stating that I want ALL parties fully informed of the recent events and that I expect a duplicate of the letter the estate agent 'intends' to send to the current owners reflecting my reduced offer. On a similar note, I saw that the property hadn't had its availability changed to 'sold' until around mid-Jan. Have they been trying it on and are they breaking any laws by doing so?
  21. I have to act some time, prices have fallen around the area in question - I don't see them dropping further any time "soon". HPC supposedly caused by irresponsible lending on the part of banks, sparking house price inflation. Only way to get economy back to normal, as claimed by this community, is by having house prices fall in line with pre-craziness average growth. Recession starts, no one can afford anything. Companies forced to downsize, people lose jobs and the word of the day is "efficiency". Banks now lending "kind of responsibly", people are aware prices have fallen - provides incentive to invest. Majority do not suspect further crash. Despite houses not selling like hot cakes, demand is still high and a few buyers are "inhibiting the decline in prices" by choosing to buy. Message is, there is no house buyers union and that no one is on strike, causes confusion and staggers the charts. Because big time investors play cards closer to their chests does not mean that peeps have to. Misc variable: US is about to plummet into the depths of hell, impact on rest of world? Predictable outcome = N/A ? Time scales = ?
  22. Thank you, this is starting to make sense to me. But let's say that my property increases in value. I realise that interest rates aren't directly tied to house prices but when interest rates do inevitably go up, wouldn't that still leave everything out of balance in terms of value for money, given that interest rates are the lowest they've been and that when they do go up, the additional repayments are likely to be substantial? I could offset my costs by taking on a tenant, that'd sweeten the deal I suppose. Bit of an uphill struggle this property ladder thing eh? ;p
  23. Help me understand this. I've been around 15 property viewings Found one which is perfect Have roughly 20k deposit Seek to borrow up to 170k (initial figure) Property is OIEO 175k Bank says they can lend me 170k, no probs whatsoever Over 25 years I end up paying 328k ... How does paying 328k for a 175k property make me money? Even if house prices were going up, this would still be impossible to achieve. The only scenario wherein I might be able to make money is if I put it up for sale immediately afterwards and cross my fingers that someone will buy it for 30k extra. I don't understand this game.
  24. Just got off the phone with a lloyds representative and discovered that, with my 20k deposit, borrowing 170k over 25 years means I end up paying them 328k. I'm a little shocked that I would end up paying nearly 3x the amount I borrowed. Does this sound right? Going to get on to Jon Carcol (sp?) in the morning and see what they can offer. That sounds like rather a lot of money if you ask me...but then I am a ftb noob. Criticise me!
  25. It's already started but the problem will never be solved. The only way to fix Hatfield would be to price everyone out, maybe this is the start of that. I know some people think Welwyn is a bad area but I've seen some very nice places. Compared to Hatfield it seems like Heaven to me.
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