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  1. I understand your anger and it's a deplorable situation to have to be in. The simple fact of the matter is that, for this position, we needed people with data entry skills - fast typing etc... We don't want someone who is poking away at the keyboard with their index fingers. The misconception you have is that because they have so many qualifications, they're fit for the task at hand. You wouldn't want someone with a PhD working as a road digger, he'd **** it up royally. Similarly, chances are if they're too ambitious they won't do what they were employed to do.
  2. You're completely correct. Insofar as the delivery aspect is concerned!
  3. What makes lecturing so difficult is the required performance from the speaker. Without any sort of emotional investment, people won't listen. Having to do that again and again takes discipline and a willingness to make things dynamic. The 'issue' is that this mode of dissemination is being displaced by online content delivery. Granted, much remains the same but if people aren't willing to skill up to become more technically savvy, they're holding everyone back. In any case, the most difficult part of it is managing time. Preparation, teaching, marking, student support etc... Technology assists this process.
  4. The language I'm using isn't suitable for undergraduates. As I have previously stated, I think I may have overestimated a few people.
  5. 'He', actually! If my language appears too complex, then I have doubts regarding whether or not the denizens of this place are able to understand something as complex as the housing market. In fact, given the situations of many here, I'm certain of it.
  6. Never mind cleaning, have you seen how much dog walkers earn? £10 per dog Get strong arms and a good grip, grab as many dogs as you can and get rich.
  7. It's as you say, lightning doesn't strike twice, we're not looking for fortune tellers. Just the few people who have invested time in desirable skills or who have a demonstrable understanding of their industry (ensuring our students get jobs). Such people do not sit by and do nothing, we consider them to be at the forefront and have to fight to keep them from being poached.
  8. I am also disgusted by the people you describe. We're talking about virtual classrooms right now though. Sometimes you do need people to engage in discussion rather than be talked at by someone.
  9. In the real world (2012), advising the youth of today to forego higher education isn't going to improve their chances. Especially given the fact that most businesses aren't short of applicants with impressive qualifications. That's my feeling anyway.
  10. I think you have it right. Keep in mind however that the increase in fees is to cover the costs incurred by having government funding withdrawn. The name of the game is to increase standards in a very real sense. That means raising entry requirements as well.
  11. I can see the confusion. If you're unable to disseminate knowledge through more prevalent mediums, then you are of limited use. It's as simple as that. Most educational establishments have targets to reach regarding the amount of online learning students do. We're currently competing with publishers seeking rights to award degrees, to that end we need to maintain a very high standard. It's not enough to be be able to stand in front of people and give a presentation.
  12. We never employed you to begin with. ;] Simply put, they are people who are able to identify growth industries before they take off. The stakes are quite high with that sort of thing.
  13. We identify it as something which, at one time, may have been quite niche but is currently growing exponentially. People at the forefront will have taught themselves the skills in question as no one else can. Those same people are in a position to pass on that hard earned knowledge to staff and students alike. The variables are complex and the cues aren't intuitive. You can only identify it once the upward trend starts to appear.
  14. We interviewed a series of candidates for a position which, for all intents and purposes was simple data entry. We had PhDs hoping to fill the spot but, in the end, turned them all down due to the fact that they were overqualified. In other news, given the way things are going, if you're an academic and you don't know how to create a podcast or moderate an online conference, we don't want you. We need people with organisational and project management skills. Cushy jobs in academia don't exist anymore due to the fact that we are not going to waste money on technical support travelling to your office to show you how to create a PowerPoint presentation (which are also going out of fashion fast [thank christ]). Zero sympathy for students who opt to do easy courses. Everyone should find a way to make themselves useful, typically that involves doing something you're passionate about - not something you have a passing interest in. If you're not at the forefront of your field then you will not last in this current climate. This is a fantastic opportunity for those of us who seek to move up the hierarchy and get rid of extra weight.
  15. As an academic member of staff, I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I don't mind much because I already have multiple qualifications and the University is happy to pay for any further studies I undertake. On the other, I remember what it was like to be a student and know, very well, that state of being perpetually broke. Then again, I'm happy to do a lot of online content delivery these days (video conferencing, podcasting etc) so if more students opt to study over a distance, it benefits me in that respect. I still do this from the Uni, I don't work from home. As a local resident, living just down the road from my place of work, I'm happy to see students charged for the mess they make of the local area. Granted, it is only ever the minority of them but it still has an impact. Some students aren't quite aware of where to put rubbish and that's fine, let them pay for it. Maybe, just maybe, they'd take things more seriously. In conclusion, what I think doesn't matter.
  16. Where's a good place to live on this fine Earth? I'm looking for good healthcare, longevity, low crime, fair weather, good education - willing to pay Taxes (within reason).
  17. I'm not buying a house with some possessed child's toy running about the place. All the neighbours would complain about the noise.
  18. Agreed, I'm sitting here in a balmy -2 degrees centigrade. No need to spend money on heating! During the winter months I rent out my property and go live in an igloo to save money.
  19. Summary: "My friend who is £30k in debt and about to lose his house is giving me financial advice". If you listen to him, you deserve everything that happens to you. No sympathy for either of you whatsoever.
  20. If the agreement was as you stated, couldn't you just liaise directly with the home owners given the fact that the EA does not accept your terms? Haven't they just forfeit any commission they stood to gain?
  21. My folks are selling their house to a rich overseas chap who had the intention to exchange prior to xmas 2011. Turns out this hasn't happened because of the solicitor they decided to employ. Seems as though this agent doesn't work on Fridays, sends snail mail rather than emails and won't let anyone else at the firm move things along in their absence. Upon further investigation, it seems as though she's been given the 10% deposit and authority to exchange but she hasn't responded to our queries. Luckily we managed to get in touch with the buyers themselves (after being mistakenly CC'd on part of their correspondence [the solicitor's fault]). Is the firm attempting to earn interest off the deposit which has been given to them by the other party? Is this legal? :[
  22. Via http://www.economicvoice.com/does-having-faster-broadband-increase-the-value-of-your-home/50016662#axzz1IZEd8qO0 Personally, I'd be willing to pay more for a gigabit connection.
  23. I'm just wondering what sort of circumstances would lead to a mortgage being terminated. Short of paying it off that is! What happens if the lender goes bankrupt. Does someone else pick up the admin? Absolutely clueless regarding this but am interested in the 'what if' scenarios. Thoughts?
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