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  1. its all about the sales now for the exchanges....£4.99 is a whole lot less than £5.

    They are preparing for the time when a single BTC puts you in the 1%...it aint gonna happen, but thats the pitch.

    If India suddenly decides to adopt it or parts of Africa wherein mobile/android devices are starting to become the norm, it could happen.

    It's a massive displacement of wealth. The Chinese make up the largest user-base at around 60% and, traditionally, they like to save their assets. If the west gets scared enough, it could create a domino effect as people rush to adopt/invest.

  2. Interesting thread. I'm thinking of doing something similar to my place. I'm thinking the easiest way to deal with it might be to blur the lines a little. Rather than make it completely open plan, put up a removable room divider. It could be something like giant sliding doors (easy & cheap to have put up and lots of nice choices these days), a half wall with a folding door on the upper part which spans the entire length when closed etc...

    Would be good to hear from someone who knows what they're talking about. What qualifies as dividing wall?

  3. House value: £160k

    Mortgage outstanding: £119k fixed 5.09% 8 years remaining changed to IO current LTV 75%

    10% a year can be paid off balance outstanding any more a 6% penalty, eek!

    Cash in bank and at hand ~£40k

    Is there a way I can mitigate the penalty by securing a better rate. With a LTV of 65% best 5year fix I can find is 3.29%.

    Any number crunchers on here who can tell me which course of action to take please. Thank you.

    I've suggest remortgaging via a broker to get the best deals. You sound like you have enough equity and the bank is likely to overvalue the property anyway.

  4. I've actually been giving this some serious thought for a short while now. I turn 30 this year, I've purchased a one bedroom flat and my commute to work is a one minute walk. I'm on £20/h but there's a lot I don't like about the current atmosphere in the UK. I'll be heading over to Melbourne for my holidays this year with a view to perhaps starting a new life there some time later.

  5. To be honest living in the right safe environment, near a job you enjoy doing, good transport, infrastructure and outside activities is the way of the future....small well designed capsules that are easy and cheap to maintain heat and light, comfortable to live in the right community around enterprising like mined people is the way of the future imo.

    Maybe a communal 'village hall' might be handy for shows, exhibitions, promotions and parties made available for the community to use and rent as and when required.

    Less is more...... ;)


    I'm very happy to see this sentiment expressed on HPC. It's not about having a big house with lots of empty space to fill these days. Use the space you have to the greatest effect. A smaller area provides the affordance of making it look very nice for far less money. Put down polished marble tiles in the smaller bathroom, giant mirror etc and you do yourself proud. Costs less to heat with the main outgoings being the mortgage and service charge if it's an apartment (top floor or nothing)!

  6. My 2 year fixed rate ends in May, I have a 25 year mortgage and am currently paying £659 per month which I've been doing for two years.

    I will have the following fixed-rate opportunities:

    Pay £576 per month with 23 years remaining on the mortgage.

    Pay £660 per month and knock of 3 years, leaving 20 years on the mortgage.

    It'd be nice to have an extra £100 per month but I realise that in the long run I would be paying more in interest. If I go with the second option, I am reducing the interest owed and knocking down the time left. Plus, in the case of option 2, if interest rates do go up, I am better prepared, having paid off more towards the amount owed.

    Clearly, the first option has short term benefits, the other has long term ones.

    Given your life experience, what would you do?

  7. Maybe EAs should try to sell more houses??? There are far too many absurdly overpriced houses on RightMove where the agent/seller seems to have no interest what so ever in completing an actual sale. If it's not really for sale, then why put it on the site?

    This, I have no sympathy whatsoever for EAs thinking they can encourage the stagnancy we're seeing. Get those houses moving or die.

  8. This "we" business is hilarious; you have the koolaid on IV. If you aren't at Goldies or McKinsey, you want to get a bit of a sense of perspective regarding 'votre' position in the global hierarchy.

    Then again, hooray for HPC's latest and greatest troll: Mr Zante. I haven't had this much fun since reading 1,000 .com business plans back in 99.

    Great to see the low hanging fruit is still there for those who look!

    I wouldn't let what I have to say anger you. What I think isn't important enough for that.

  9. As a final comment..... your replies re: your 'expectations' for prospective employees imply that you have no interest in 'investing' in your workforce? and that you quite literally want/expect to recruit people who can be shoehorned into a position perfectly, starting the firing gun and watching then go? No flexibility/willingness to permit any form of 'learning the job' (no matter how rapid).

    You come across as both too idealistic and, frankly, obsessively interested solely in the balance sheet bottom line and nowt else! I'm sure your minions love you.

    Let me put this to you.

    Would you enjoy working in a team of suitably qualified professionals if you didn't know what you were doing and holding everyone back?

    Would they enjoy working with you?

  10. That was my next question. What's the alternative to a good ole fashioned PowerPoint presentation. I was personally looking at having to deliver a recurring presentation to the workforce on the subject of quality. However, company intranet makes perfect sense & saves on multiple presentation time. Thanks for that.

    Have a look at a piece of software called 'Camtasia'. If it's about getting good looking video content to people quickly, you won't find much else better.

  11. You stated it was 'simple data entry' not speed typing. Data entry is about attention to detail, something most PhDs can do pretty well (even history PhDs) given they have to produce a lengthy, detailed mistake free thesis. Someone who is capable of doing a PhD has, in my book, all the skills and more to reliably and efficiently do data entry - especially if they are from the sciences.

    As for the last comment, "if they're too ambitious they won't do what they were employed to do"....Really!!?? Failure to follow instructions to the letter is more prevalent amongst the better educated/more skilled?!! WHat utter b*ll*cks. In any organisation there will be problem staff at all ranks/levels. If someone does not do their job as instructed there is due process to deal with it pronto.

    and as for the 'ambition' bit.....I assume your organisation doesnt care for the future? Doesnt want to recruit up and coming talent for the future to lead, etc.?

    Well, replying to these sorts of comments is fast becoming boring.

    My suggestion is that if you are going for a position, be discerning in what you divulge to the panel. We don't want to hear how you're going to overhaul the workflow of a team when you won't be leading it. Similarly, if you can't exhibit the required knowledge of a simple task (despite being a rocket scientist) then we do not have a place for you.

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