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  1. For the kitchen I never included the price of the appliances or worktops. Its up to yourself what you want to pay there. I found getting prices off 3-4 different people when it came to each job, tiles, kitchen, etc and putting them off each other help put the price down. The lowest kitchen price compared to the highest price had £10,000 of savings. You could cut the price of the house way down by going for lower specs. I'm not saying my house is the top end, its the way I want it to be. I hope all goes well for you.
  2. Sorry Gavin about taking so long to get back, in the process of setting up the internet in the house. I see what I can pull out here when it comes to cost 1) can you remember the cost for the septic tank and the utility connections? £2100 or £3000 for the septic tank that may include or may not include reed beds I have to find the receipt to confirm sorry about that 2) how much was the solar panels and the underfloor heating? The plumbing came just over £13000 thats underfloor, bathroom, etc. The solar panels cost £2450 which I applied for a grant with and got an extra £400 off so total £2050 Solar panel-£2050 Total Plumbing-£13000 3) how much did you spend on your kitchen, bathrooms and tiling? £5500 for kitchen plus utility, £2150 for tiling and £4500 for tiles 4) how long did it take and how did you find managing the project yourself? It is not easy. Can be very stressful at times. I had a good friend who was looking over my shoulder to make sure I did not do anything wrong. Hope this helps
  3. The cost is excluding VAT as you claim it back at the end of the build or the contractor does not charge vat I got the site for under £90,000 so all in it did cost around £248,000 for site and building cost. I will admit that I did not purchase the site out right and did need help from the mortgage company to purchase the site and then build. This did prove problems as all mortgage companies would not offer the mortgage unless I owned the site outright. I found my mortgage through a brokers. My experience was excellent with this one but not sure how other would fair out. Found me what I needed and made sure everything went smoothly. BM Solutions are the company I have the mortgage with (only company that will give a mortgage to buy and build site, at the time). I will admit I’m stuck with them for another 14 months only if I want to pay the massive penalty fees that come with it. Since I have completed so quickly I did contemplate paying these fees to get on a better mortgage but I was not saving in the long run. Hope the above helps.
  4. Its been awhile since I’ve been on. Going through a lot of post. Just to see if any catch my eye. Just about to get the completion certificate for my own house. I have kept a close eye on my building cost the full way through it. Hope this helps. 2 story house 2500 Square feet 4 bedrooms 3 receptions Block house Dash finish All interior completed in solid oak doors, skirting, etc Solid oak staircase Under floor heating Solar panels Completed to what I consider a high standard throughout This included drawing up a set of plans and all associated costs that go with submitting them to planning, building control, etc (did not use an architect) Not including fireplaces No garage as yet No driveway No fencing or planting to date Will complete at later date Total cost was under £158,000 A contractor will take their cut if you go down that road but they can take away a lot of the stress and hassle that comes with it. As previous posters have stated the cost will depend on how high of a spec you want to work to. I tried my best to keep to as high as I could afford. Remember it does cost money to get a set of plans made up by an architect. There are lots of hidden cost that will always crop up during a build, some of mine are listed below. The above cost does include the following Water connection Electric connection The drainage might not be good so reed beds will be requested Septic tank (which I know I had to pay big money for since they wanted whatever waste coming out of it to be bottle as Ballygowan water) BT connection EPC test Hope this helps a bit. Any questions feel free to ask.
  5. Sorry Belfast Boy I did not put in all which was included in the heating system. I've listed them below. Wood pellet stove Installation of wood pellet stove Solar Assisted Air Heating with integrated HRV and hot water £10987.00 Underfloor Heating
  6. Sorry folks that I have taken some time to get back. Was busy sorting out stuff. Got plans and contracts signed for site all this past week. I’ve decided that the heat recovery system would not be the option for me. I do not like trying out something that I can not find out enough about and has not been proven that its worth it. Also I was made to believe that you did not need any other type of heating system which I couldn’t be further from the truth. I sent in for a quote and the top deal would cost £30,000 something which I would not have in my back pocket. If you want more details of the quotes just say and I’ll post details. I’ve still decided to go with underfloor heating but using oil. I did want geothermal but it would not be cost efficient. Reason being there are 3 types of geo you can put in and only one of these solutions I could do and it would not be cost effective. I am installing solar panels which are heating the water. Since there has been talk of water charges I am also installing a tank that will collect the water from the gullies and feed it back into the house. I have increased the wall cavity and will be putting plenty of insulation in.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. Lock and load I know that the building inspector will have the final say but it wont stop me from trying. I’ll be looking into the styrene backed plasterboard and I was always going to insulate the ass out of the house. Good suggestions thanks. Goldbug9999 Inflation has not got that bad yet and if it does it might be cheaper to use it for toilet roll, would be more efficient. Thanks Aptid Still trying to figure out is a ground source the cheapest way by the time you put in the cost of installation, equipment and the cost of your electric bill being doubled. Over insulating sounds like a certain. Thanks Pyracantha Before putting a certain heating system in I will check out what the soil type is like to see if it works well with the heating system. Thanks Housestag The back of the house faces south so the sunroom is planted there. I was considering in using this positive and putting on solar panels to the back roof to use this energy. I do not think solar panels are good at providing electric so might look another use for the panels (heating water). I will be putting in a stove that will help heat the water. Still trying to find a good pair of slippers but will keep looking. I do not think planning will let me get any closer to the house closest to me. Thanks Paulf I am looking into ventillation heat recovery. I am not too sure how it works but I think it’s the same thing that I was checking out at the self build show. It does sound good in practice but is it worthwhile? I will agree of the mental factor of doing away with the heating system altogether. I would use it as a top up supply as you have said. It has been pointed out to me that the ground source does double up your yearly electric bill something that could pose a problem. Thanks for the reply 1888 I will be going with the wood burner but just have to find some wood to throw into it. Living beside a forest would be handy. Thanks SS I have been talking to a few people over the last couple of days about the geothermal systems and people are saying it doubles up your electric bill. That’s on top of the cost of installing it which is very expensive. I will be heading to a house who has it installed at the weekend. So I’ll see what it is like. Not even going to consider the turbine, eye sore. I’ll keep ‘Scoffiel Specialist services’ in mind. Thanks for the help. Sophia I will be linking the wood burner to the heating system to help heat up the water. As like yourself I just have to find the wood to put into it. Thanks Belfast Boy the heat recovery ventilation also fascinated me but more my better half. It must be a female thing because she also likes to leave the window open at night. One of the stalls advertising the heat recovery ventilation did go over a few things with me. They did say I could use solar panels to help out. He told me to send in my plans and they will tell me the best way to heat the house. They emailed me today so I have forwarded my plans. I’ll keep all informed on the outcome. Thanks for the reply. Leftofcentre the workshop is running a bit late for me but it sounds good and being held in an area I know well. I will be insulating like crazy and looking into the heat recovery system. Do you have any detail on the underground heating and heating recovery system your friend went with. I will not be offended if you do not want to indulge us with this information. Thanks Brian for the links I will consider going to the workshop. Paulf I will be trying to make the house as air tight as possible so ventilation system could prove good. Also thanks for the link, I will take time checking through it. Thanks Yet again thanks to all the folks who have replied. It is very much appreciated.
  8. I am trying to be as efficient and energy saving as possible when building my house. I am looking for suggestions or experience of heating systems that people have came across and which have been good. I am looking under floor heating but do I go down the line of geothermal, solar panels, a combination of both or do these have hidden problems with them. Can anyone give me the best solution to this problem. Thanks
  9. Yes I would be, the Banbridge side of Lurgan but I still commute to Belfast for work. Will take me just over 40mins but I'm happy with that not adding on much more time than I'm already doing. Also I get to share lifts with a friend so makes the journey that bit easier. I know 40mins is not everyones cup of time but I enjoy it. Gives me time to wake up. Yes site was cheap compared to other areas.
  10. Have been off this site for a few months because it wouldn’t let me log in. Changed email and added 35 to user name to sort this tonight. Just to say I’ve bought and happy with everything. I did not go for a house or new build because I still think they are over priced so I bought a piece of land and all in I should have my own 2 storey detached house for around £223,000 and this is done to high spec. I will agree its been a bit of a process getting this up and going but things looking good and far better value for money than buying an already built one today. This is if all goes well. I know prices of sites are different from area to area but if you can get one its worth putting the time in.
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