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  1. You can always go for triple glazing, sleep in the front bedroom etc. I know people near train lines and you barely hear it. Probably worth doing a thorough survey and land check. Unlikely, but you don't want them widening the tracks or building massive multi-storey carparks.
  2. My heart bleeds for him. Must of spent his book advance already. Get a job then Sol, you've retired from football years ago.
  3. Meant to say I'm against the ethics of BTL!! Don't flame me!
  4. He's been pretty spot-on to be honest. I'm not against the ethics of BTL, but if you've got a spare £50k, why wouldn't you stick it into BTL? Rentable return and capital appreciation. Your only money would be lucky to beat inflation in the bank. No chance of BTL being taxed, too many MPs playing the game.
  5. Interesting debate on LBC radio at the moment. Listen: http://www.lbc.co.uk/listen-live-3578 Julia Hartley-Brewer discussion if second home owndership should be banned. Lots of the BTL phoning up, "its my pension".
  6. I guess it really depends on the LTV and whats left after covering the mortgages. Maintenance costs are tax deductable and losses can be carried forward. Depends how sensible and organised they are.
  7. Totally understand your logic, in many ways it wouldn't make sense. I expect a nominal increase next year, a token gesture that will do nothing but appease the savers and give Carney a chance to show he's doing something (which he's not) to justify that ludicrous salary.
  8. MoneySavingExpert.com's users are currently experiencing a reality check, we hope to get back our equity shortly. Thanks for your patience.
  9. Too early to call it a trend, prices often slow down this time of year. However, I fancy prices to continue their decline into next year. MMR is a big factor and they can't hold off raising interest rates for much longer.
  10. I get where Wurzel is coming from. Couples get to a point where they think "f*ck it" and have kids. I have a friend who was in a similar position. They work hard and will no doubt provide for their kids, but there's never a perfect time to have kids. You can get your finances in order, but it could all turn to sh*t at any point, with or without kids. From a state benefit point of view, your better off being reposssessed and made redundant with kids, so why worry about it. Agreed though, it could set a significant social trend.
  11. Interesting idea, but Labour happily allowed property to inflate post 1997. Too late. Can you legally stop an investor buying a property? Not sure how that works in a free market economoy. Clearly there needs to be measures making BTL less attractive. You can tinker with tax rules, but the smart investor will find the loop holes. Increasing the supply seems obvious, but they won't build enough houses quickly enough to make a difference. Ideas on a post card.
  12. Yep, sure does. Next government will come in and blame the previous lot for what happened. Whilst yet again, nobody is held accountable!
  13. And Colchester has always been pretty reasonable by Essex standards, I know someone who's just bought a 1-bed flat in Southend for £120k+. Granted, Southend has slightly better transport links than Colchester (two major stations, airport, etc), but still overpriced for what it is. I echo your sentiments, I can't see this madness persisting. Rates will rise and MMR should weed out the chancers, and hopefully no more 'help to inflate buy' nonsense. I'm convinced that this time next year, we shall see a very different housing market.
  14. Still overpriced in Essex, but the half-decent stuff is snapped up fairly quick. Plenty of stock has sat on the market for a while and is not shifting, because its overpriced. Either the sellers are too stubborn to lower their values, or they've overstretched themselves. I'm thinking next year will be the year for fireworks. Hopefully MMR will continue to bite a bit harder, aided by an IR rise (we can hope). If London tanks, we should see a ripple effect. Hopefully no more silly schemes to prop-up the market, post-election. I could be completely wrong though, I'm no expert.
  15. [edit] ...always thought this was quite old. Its probably classed as quite normal now.
  16. Don't think its a case of choice and can't see this changing much. I didn't leave home till I was 27 and
  17. What about inheritance tax, surely pretty hefty on £500k- £1m property? Maybe to the point where keeping the property is impossible.
  18. I've never understood the youths lack of outrage and reluctance to rebel against the system. They've been totally shafted. You might earn a decent wage, but still won't be able to afford a home like mum and dad could at your age (who probably also had a decent pension and no student fees to contend with). They all seem quite happy to except the situation, live at home, or rent to keep the BTL steam train running.
  19. Why not advise council tenants to knock down internal walls and eliminate bedrooms this way, why we're at it.
  20. Spot on. It was never sustainable as just an athletics venue. Should have been built as a multi-functional stadium from the start, now its costing a fortune to refurb it.
  21. Nice to have someone from RyanAir's PR department. Absolutely my error, but charging £60.00 a person (now £70.00) to print a bit of paper for a flight thats already been paid for, I think thats excessive. I personally wouldn't fly BA, but I've generally had better experiences with budget flights on EasyJet, Monarch etc etc.
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