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  1. I voted 'no', but not for morality reasons. I think I'll have other priorities like buying and paying off my own place. Like others have said I might invest in property via other less involved methods.
  2. 30 My wisdom thus far: buying property with friends can work out *very* badly.
  3. Hey, don't tie your emotions to what people on internet forums jabber on about! Do people here talk about doom and gloom? I hadn't noticed. But then if you see a crash as a good thing then the site is already optimistic, right?
  4. Hmmm, I pay 1/4 of my net income, where income includes realised gains in STR money. I consider my rent to be high and know that I could pay less, but I made the decision to live in a nicer area. 1/5 of my basic net income would get me something pretty skanky, but it's doable.
  5. I use xe.com - it has worked well for me so far. If I were to start looking now, however, I'd begin with oanda.com as (last time I checked) their spreads were lower and the website is more professional.
  6. That's comedy. Now... does she remember that you got burnt in the last crash? And £750/month ain't that much for what you're renting - you're probably covering that in capital growth with your invesments. But anyway, the issue is not the money, not that you're investing wisely or not. If you asked her to choose between owning and burning, or renting and saving, which would she take? The burning, probably. So can you compromise? Suggest that you understand her position and that you'd also really like to own again, and perhaps if prices don't look to be diving (in her eyes) by Summer you agree to buy? Can she wait that long for the sake of the family? If not... then maybe there is more to it. It's 1am... good time to offer random thoughts.
  7. Invesco Latin America: Fidelity Japan: ML Gold & General: I only have small amounts in the first two as they were gut feeling speculation. The question is whether to buy more. They're all priced in GBP.
  8. I have the same question, and ditto for Latin America. Something to look into on a lazy Sunday afternoon...
  9. Today: - Went for a walk along the beach with the family - Had family lunch with crackers & hats - Entertained 9 month old neice - Played Pictionary and Rapidough - Watched Bridget Jones on TV It's all building up for tomorrow! Happy Christmas all! Nijo.
  10. Ah, another angry thread. Chill people. The website is called House Price Crash dot co dot uk. It's mainly going to attract people that have a vested interest in a crash. The average poster will be slightly bearish, would like to see a correction happen, is interested in banks that offer high interest rates, likes to read about world economics. This website caters well for those people. There will also be the extremes: those that think we're facing global economic meltdown, those that are bullish, or those that are just bonkers. On any public forum there will be a consensus majority view as well as minority views. Some people will defend their opinions aggressively. That's just the way it is. If you don't like the tone of a thread, don't post on it. It's easy. Just remember to breath and it'll all be ok.
  11. Do you think the same about British people that own land abroad?
  12. Bath, Canterbury, Cambridge, Oxford, York, Winchester, Brighton, Edinburgh... all look like nice places. They'll all be over-priced of couse, but still cheaper than London. Is English a requirement? Stockholm, Munich, Copenhagen...?
  13. I like the use of multiple exclamation marks and IMHO. Keeping it real.
  14. But the trick is to know whether 1.33 is a good price or not. What about 1.2 or 1.1? 1.1 gives you a 10% return, but maybe there's a >10% chance that Chelsea don't win. How do you calculate that? Nothing's a cert to make money. I've made a bit on Betfair - some on the Ashes, some on Chico getting as far as he did and most on the FTSE intras. I like the feeling of being all green and I like laying at 1.01 and waiting for the nice surprise. But you do need to understand the market to see which way the price is likely to move to make a profit. Not the place to put the £500 you've carefully saved up.
  15. I love their logo: http://www.bananasinc.co.uk/ Banana mafia.
  16. Excuse my ignorance, but what makes Wandsworth a prime location? Is it nice?
  17. Better to take the medicine than suffer the illness.
  18. Just a quick comment on this. Although some would like interest rates to rise (to expedite a house price correction), they don't expect them to rise. I think this is shown by the monthly MPC polls. And for the record, the expertise shared on this site, together with my own resultant research, has led me to be in pocket. Nobody should follow everything that is said on the internet. Everybody knows that, right?
  19. I haven't done the complete maths... but if you take the basic mantra as true: "it makes sense if the interest you're paying on the mortgage is higher than what you'd receive on your savings", then: 1. You could also take out a lower interest fixed mortgage and put down a bigger deposit, or 2. If you can make a better rate on investments than you pay in interest it's better to keep the cash and invest it. You would need to keep some float cash in a current account (which could be used in an offset) but any excess STR money that you don't need short term could be put to better use. I won't do the full calculation until I come to buy, but that's my gut feeling.
  20. Do you think it's a bad thing? I run a business - I run it as absolutely straight as straight gets. You should never rely on loopholes to turn profit. IMPO.
  21. What I find alarming is people that think property will spiral upwards forever. Do you not think this would be bad for the economy? What about your friends/family who would like to buy but can't afford it? As for people relying on the equity in their homes for retirement, doesn't that sound like a slightly risky strategy? All their eggs in one cyclical asset basket.
  22. I also have a long position on palladium, based more on the graphs being pretty than any fundamental reason. Up 7% in 2 days (March 06 contract). Have taken some of the profit from gold - will top up again if there's a pullback (I'm thinking January).
  23. We know that house prices are sticky downwards - a house is a sentimental item that owners don't want to see drop in 'value'. That, together with the cashback tricks used by developers to maintain the illusion of stability, suggests to me that 0% HPI is something of a barrier. That reminds me of a 'self-organised criticality' discussion I was having yesterday: skipping the details, that you can build flood defences but when those are breached the resultant flood is all the more severe. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-organized_criticality
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