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  1. This one looks like a bargain though. Love what they've done with the bath.
  2. And for your delectation: Bayswater, using the old "toilet in the kitchen" trick Any better price per sqm than that?
  3. OMG. You can fit 4 of those places into my 1-bed flat, not even using the bathroom. I should subdivide...
  4. Deposits should be paid back WITH INTEREST, as mine have been in Germany...
  5. I've thought about this a bit too. It would seem, in theory, that they can be equivalent: - Own a property, get capital growth, pay it off in 25 years, live cost free. - Rent a property, invest spare cash, make the same gains in 25 years, live off the investment income. I suppose it's like renting with an endownment policy... However, when you buy a house you gear yourself up with a mortgage. Thus, completely accidentally, you make more gains than if you had invested your cash in an otherwise similarly performing asset class. In a period of HPI, a non-geared investor of equity has to make 3x (say) the HPI % to stay equivalent. In that last couple of years this has been more than possible, but during 'boom time' your average person is better off gearing to the hilt and putting everything on property.
  6. I wish they would be more forthcoming about the area of a flat too - looking at new builds or BTL conversions there is a trend to squash as much in as possible. Sub-30sqm is really not practical. Anyway, welcome to the site. Glad you learnt your Foxtons lesson without too much pain.
  7. I guess you could MEW to invest the capital in better performing sectors (which beat the mortgage rate). I don't think many have the balls to do that though... Edit: ClassixUK is replying to WW not me.
  8. Coincidentally, my landlady phoned yesterday to say that she "needs" to sell my place. I have first refusal at £300,000. It's a 1-bed flat in SE London. Needless to say, I refused (though I considered offering £200k). Thing is... at £300k you'd need to rent it for what? £1500pcm? I'm not paying anywhere near that.
  9. See also: Halifax records first drop in house prices since May http://news.ft.com/cms/s/b0d69dea-9943-11d...00779e2340.html
  10. Does the Thames Gateway development plan extend that far down? I know that from about Woolwich and eastwards they are building an absolute TON of new flats. Oversupply?
  11. Hang on hang on, all bickering aside (slightly ott as always from the bears), what's the % on that return? Are you sure we'd be better off? Not everybody can gear up so they have a million kicking around.
  12. On again at 9 with an interview with some VIs:
  13. Paying off the most expensive debt is the obvious choice, but it depends on your situation. What is your attitude to risk? What is your age? How diverse is your existing portfolio in terms of risk and asset class? How much does £100k represent as a proportion of your total capital? How liquid does the £100k need to be? If you were to divide your portfolio into [low risk | medium risk | high risk] where do you think you are now and where do you think you should be? You can always divide the £100k into portions: - Cash / debt repayment - Premium bonds - Equities / metals (ISA allowance to start with) - Perhaps even a VCT or 3 The idea is to maintain a balanced portfolio within the risk profile you're comfortable with. Not all people on this site have the same risk level, nor therefore the same advice. This is all obvious stuff. Specific advice? I intend to look more closely at Latin America, revisit Eastern Europe, monitor Japan [all in discounted fund form], wait for a gold pullback and consider premium bonds as a cash alternative.
  14. I thought that was a great little show, especially the very last episode.
  15. Yes, save my ISAs. Not that I lay into TTRTR - he's a top bloke, for a LL.
  16. I was offered a mortgage in the first year of my business - no returns were available and any accounts could easily have been made up. They signed off on 5.5x based on my word alone. As it happens I made what I said I would make, but the income was so irregular (today I received my first income since October) that I would have been in cash-flow trouble with those 5.5x payments in some months. Just say no.
  17. I did exactly the same thing: expecting it to go on up and thinking I was safe with a 10 point stop. Same dates and figures too. It took some furious day-trading to counter that, which I've since banned myself from doing as I don't get any 'real' work done. I think the only system you can use to avoid this is called 'experience' (or possibly 'luck'... or both).
  18. As long as it takes. In fact 'wait' isn't even the right word - I'm perfectly happy renting. Perhaps I could turn it the other way around: if house prices drop and bottom out I'll buy, and then I'll be *waiting* until they peak before I can STR and get back off the housing ladder again.
  19. Ah, those were the days. I used to live on the harbour with a panoramic view of the bridge, opera house and city skyline (McMahons). Ok, it was a 1-bed flat, but it was £350/month and I was being paid in the UK. Rippa! Anyway, Melbourne did actually seem to offer more than Syndey (except the weather - but for that go to Brisbane). What was the name of that area? St Kilda? Is that any good?
  20. STRUC Sold to rent - unforeseen circumstances.
  21. Well some are predicting a crash, but others are simply hoping for one. For those that simply believe that property is too expensive there's no point pencilling in a date - if it's still too expensive in 2007 then it's still too expensive. If property prices and rental costs were (guaranteed) to stay static from here on in I'd be perfectly happy to stay renting*. There you go, there's an idea for a poll. * Until MortgagePayment < (Rent - CapitalGrowth), which is currently 0.
  22. You know it's not written in stone that you have to buy property. Many people get married, have kids and live happily ever after in rented accomodation... just not the English for some reason. Honestly, you're not living up to your contrarian avatar very well. Donnie Darko would never follow societal dogma.
  23. What about currency accounts? With that much you could open something offshore - spread the risk away from sterling.
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