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  1. You can sell the funds and keep cash in the ISA for a limited amount of time. I'm not sure how long you can get away with this but it cetainly works in the short term. Otherwise you could look at moving into safer areas like gilts, bonds, etc, many of which will be discounted. I have yet to look into how they all work as I think equities still have legs in them yet, but that's the direction I'm assuming would make sense.
  2. Excuse me? When did this forum get so snobby? Nothing wrong with a state education in my experience...
  3. Commodities funds did >75% last year so it depends which sector you're in.* * "Last year" being the key phrase. I don't think they'll be so hot this year.
  4. Tech is pretty funny. Germany and Japan?
  5. My parents and brothers all want prices to fall. Parents and brother 1 because they can't reach the next rung in the ladder, brother 2 as an FTB on £15k @ 25 who can't afford to move away from parents. And they read the Express too.
  6. Me neither - nasty cold & cough. But no plans are on hold as a result of renting. There are three things to aim for in life: good work, good living, good sex. I currently have 2 of those, and one of them is my flat.
  7. My savings (deposit) have gone up faster than I would have made geared in property. Does that count?
  8. Kitco for gold. http://www.kitco.com/charts/livegold.html http://www.kitco.com/LFgif/au75-pres.gif -- not inflation adjusted.
  9. Erm, two thirds earn less than the median? How can you reach that conclusion?
  10. 96%, but I wouldn't have this income if I weren't in London, where costs are higher. Pfft.
  11. I think I want to live in a place called Mousehole. And I was born in Cornwall, as were all generations of my family that I can trace back. I just happen to live in London at the moment.
  12. Houston wouldn't be my first choice in the US... but I guess that's why it's cheap. I tend to like cities starting with "S". BTW: http://www.city-data.com/top11.html
  13. You're assuming he's paid off the mortgage already. He could also have bought in 2004 and have only a few ££k in MEW equity, in which case he still needs to mortgage in the US and the UK downside is more risky. Meanwhile, if your assumption is right, he could also take the hit on the price and sell in the UK. This would leave him riskless over here and in a similar cash position as the MEW scenario. The question is whether he feels the ££k extra from MEWing at the top is worth the % in interest payments given the downside risk ("he thinks the house is only worth £250k post-crash"). Long term there are upsides, of course, so it depends on the situation.
  14. I'm sure some people would avoid it. As long as it's a small minority it shouldn't matter.
  15. Maybe you should make a poll. I think last time it came out 45% FTB, 35% STR, 10% OO, 10% Other, but that was a while back (and a small sample). Perhaps the demographic has changed.
  16. I don't think we're 'supposed' to be anything. We're just not a good sample, that's all I'm saying.
  17. I don't think HPC forum readers are a good cross-section. The fact that we sit around all day posting on an internet forum must tell you that.
  18. I don't think they see themselves as a different 'class' though. And it's not inevitable that the UK will become 'similar' as people in other countries rent by choice, not by necessity. Different kettle of renters.
  19. Maybe we need to behave more like lemmings. I think that would solve a lot of problems. What's to be gained from a crash? It makes the gaps between the ladder rungs smaller. I was at my parents this weekend and we discussed house prices a little. To my surprise I discovered that my parents (owned their house for 20 years, paid off mortgage) and my brother (owns his first house with wife & baby) would all prefer house prices to decrease. They shared the same reason - they can't afford to move up to the next rung. It makes sense for average HPI to equate to wage inflation or economic growth. The current spike needs to be corrected back to, say, 2001 prices. Whether you call that a crash or a correction depends on your perspective, but we were doing ok in 2001 so I don't see that we need to suffer a huge recession in the process. Easy come, easy go. Anybody that sees property as just a place to live shouldn't have a problem with this. Brain isn't switched on - random post.
  20. Sorry to be pedantic: Bullfrog were bought by EA years ago. Molyneux jumped ship and formed Lionhead, which has now been bought by Microsoft (as was Rare). I expect Molyneux to do a repeat performance and make a new company in Guildford within the year, unless Microsoft use a hands-off approach.
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