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  1. Chuz I'm with you on this. We are the yang to the yin of Sledge, Van, DrB & co. They couldn't exist without us, you know?
  2. Average rent for 1 bed flats (findaproperty.com): NW1: £1210 SW1: £1782 W1: £1777 WC2: £1635 SE1: £1311 E14: £1262 NW3: £1240 NW8: £1299 W2: £1445 SW3: £1867 SW5: £1521 (and a bunch of other K&C postcodes) That's not an exhaustive list as I got bored half way. But I think there are quite a few flats in that lot. I don't live in any of those postcodes, but somebody must!
  3. I think it's not unusual ("round these parts"), not that it's normal. The IO on a 5% mortgage on my flat is still more than I pay in rent (gross yield 4.6%). So I agree: BTL doesn't make sense to get into at the moment. My point to the OP is that this holds true even for flats that rent for £1000+.
  4. I do. As do many of my friends. I don't think it's that unusual (round these parts).
  5. Well it's gone now, I think. Unless I'm looking in the wrong place? Or maybe something clever on my laptop has removed it for me.
  6. I hadn't actually noticed that it was there. Makes no difference to me either way.
  7. Doesn't everybody have 8mb these days?
  8. One accounts (and similar) have higher IRs than fixed ones. I'm not convinced they're all they're cracked up to be but it's been a while since I looked into this. Edit: It might make sense if you have all your savings in the bank and pay higher rate tax. I'm thinking more along the lines of investing to make... let's say a long term average of about 9%. Then I'm better off having a large fixed rate mortgage and not paying it off with my savings.
  9. Nor me. 8mb probably helps.
  10. Excellent documentary - I saw it last night. Highly recommended. I experienced those rolling blackouts in LA at the time. Eye-opening how it happened...
  11. Sure, I'm in. There could also be mini-meets in different places to try and make it inclusive.
  12. Sorry for my n00bness in asking this question, but I'm interested in discussion on "all the shorts unwinding" and "the mother of all short squeezes". I've seen snippets in these threads, but I'd like to read more. Can somebody point me in the direction of some summary article? Thanks!
  13. I think this is quite an important point. Assuming that there are bull markets in various asset classes at various times, for the average person on the street property is the only one they can take advantage of in a geared manner. Yes, they could gear on other classes, but the likelihood of them being interested enough to figure it out is tiny. Like that advert for one of the banks... this guy saying "Should I put my money into an ISA? Unit Trust? What does With Profits mean?" etc. It would take him about an hour of reading to figure that stuff out, but he's happier to pay L&G (or whoever it is) %% to think for him. Property though, they all think they understand, partly because they have to live somewhere so it's already part of their day-to-day experience. So for the average person on the street, at any average point in time cycle-wise, property is the investment that they're able to make the most gains from. Whether that's true at this particular point in time is another matter.
  14. Indeed. But in a period of flat HPI it should be possible for your ability to save to race ahead of HP's, gearing notwithstanding. Negative HPI is even better of course. If you can do that indefinitely (highly unlikely) then renting is better even in the long term. However, given the cyclical nature of housing and other markets it would seem that there are times when it's better to be here and other times when it's better over there. Purely from an investment pov.
  15. Quite - if you look at my area (Greenwich) the YoY is -4.5%. Digging deeper, terraced houses are recording -15.9% but detatched at +79.9%. That's clearly just a low volume blip - it's based on 11 sales. I note that Hackney has +119.8% YoY for the 6 detatched houses recorded.
  16. Yeah I saw that ant trapeze display a couple of weeks ago. Good stuff.
  17. Do you know anything about food production & supply?
  18. Good luck to them, though I see it's already dropped from 10p to 5-7p. So it'll finish at around 3p then, eh? BTW, to really cut the cost of living you need to move closer to work, sell the car then walk/bike to work. More healthy too!
  19. Oh come on, TTRTR's a top bloke. He just has different opinions about stuff. There are less constructive posters on here....
  20. And I've been sitting in the park enjoying a freshly squeezed carrot & apple juice (healthy!), laptop by my side. STR cash earnt 49% net last tax year, while I'm paying 4.5% gross yield on my rented flat. My own business running very nicely thanks, looking to expand into the US soon (but not in US$ ). BTL sounds like a nice proposition and I'll keep my options open, but it doesn't currently look attractive, IMVHO. Life is good, thanks. Anything to criticise?
  21. Hehe, they're all useless. ... and for various people in this thread, it's "cheque".
  22. Er no, I run my own business and had the same reaction as the others. It all depends on the type of business.
  23. Seems to work for me. Of course you could always be a forum ninja and type [ b ] yourself [ / b ].
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