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  1. It's about the 4th one down when you search on google. Edit: Unless you're wanting the Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium?
  2. La La Land! Good stuff. And where's Dunroamin when you need her?
  3. Maybe there's too much egg in the economy so interest rates will be increased to 6%.
  4. Funny pages. Another good approximation is 666/212 = 3.1415. That's hell divided by boiling water.
  5. I disagree, though I suspect I'm splitting hairs. Yes, in some (perhaps many) cases it's better for a person to get out there on the job market and start grafting. But it does depend on the person and the industry. You try getting a job as a programmer without a degree and you'll get nowhere... perhaps start in QA and work up to web design, but it's a very hard path. The same goes for any technical occupation. I agree that the new wave of degree subjects are pointless, and pushing 50+% of students through is counter-productive. However, if your son obtains 4 A-grade 'proper' A levels and is capable of studying law or medicine at Oxbridge, would you really recommend against it???
  6. Oh, a veritable mansion. I don't know what you're complaining about. My flat from 3 moves ago was 28 sqm... Billy Shears I like the way you think - hardly ever out of tune. These FTBs could also buy shares in 'real' property, perhaps 1 or 2%. Just think, by the time they're 60 they might even own a whole house of their own. Hang on, isn't that how it works in Islamic countries (no mortgages, see).
  7. Ah, because pride is father of the all sins, "love of self perverted to hatred and contempt for one's neighbour". Celebrate our differences yes, but nationalism smacks of pride and pride is a slippery slope.
  8. Oh, I shall be flying a German flag out of the window.
  9. [cynical mode] Is that really true? It sounds awfully low... how do these schemes work on the rental half? Perhaps it is an introductory rate that jumps to £300 after a year? I can't see how £100 is sustainable. [/cynical mode]
  10. As a quick point, there is no option in the poll for STRs except "I want a crash". I sold my house for personal reasons and started renting because it was right for my circumstances at the time. To be honest I was looking at flats both to buy and to rent so my options were fairly open... in the end I needed the flexibility and decided to rent. See my join date for the timeframe. Of course, I do think houses are overpriced and would benefit from a crash, but I don't think this defines me as an STR. I never went into STR intending to ride the crash.
  11. Indeed, because nobody wants to state the obvious. It doesn't even need to be embarrassing: "This just goes to show that we are failing to meet the needs of the black youths and communities, leading to a culture of underachievement and crime." It's plain to see in academic results and crime stats and other markers, and the more they ignore it or try to find convenient excuses the worse it will get.
  12. I think you overestimate the influence of this website. It's not like we're a huge hedge fund manipulating the market. Property is a juggernaught, it'll turn when it's ready.
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