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  1. It would be hard work fixing a price for goods and services. If I know you will provide bread in return for gold than I will sell diesel fuel for gold and use that to buy bread and you then pay the arms dealer in gold and he comes to me to buy diesel etc. The pricing would be complex as every area would have it's own market forces and stock levels. Peoples average income would also be variable.
  2. £1,548 a month, if only landlords had a charity that paid out every month no matter what the rent was.
  3. 2007-11-02 Johnathan Davis bbc ulster, arguing Northern Ireland house prices will fall 50% in the next 4-6 years, that was a scary figure back then! http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/media/jonathan-davis-bbculster-2007-11-02.mp3
  4. According to that site it;s already been sold http://www.pattinsonauctions.co.uk/ViewProperty.aspx/109833 END TIME:29 June 2010 BIDS:3 TYPE:2 bed Terrace CURRENT BID:£41,875 £41,875 + £5.000 Buyers premium 5% (minimum £5,000) + £875.50 VAT on Premium £47,750.50 I don't know if that's a good price or not but it's near £48K all in
  5. London is one of the top for public sector employment but the article implies it's low. In terms of workers London has by far the most, as a % of the population it's just above average but as a % of those in employment the lowest. Even more interesing for the sad like me, London has High unemployment, low economic activity, high economic inactivity and low overall employment. London has the lowest employment rate of all regional areas (apart from Northern Ireland who skew all statistics) http://www.statistics.gov.uk/statbase/Product.asp?vlnk=1944
  6. They can pay them £10 Million each and spend the rest on a jelly walking competition for all I care. It's not my money so the BBC can do what they want with it.
  7. Maybe China is going to start dumping more coal abroad.
  8. Does jobs lost mean people losing their job or a hiring freeze, jobs closed when people leave, retirement positions closed or frozen , maternity leave uncovered, temps instead of perms, It's all very complicated.
  9. I'd prefer to be the person who hires the cost cutter to do my job making sure I stay in employment and can claim a bonus for cost cutting.
  10. Bunker looks bigger than I thought, could be a nice place if you had a light aircraft to get there.
  11. Feels more balanced at this level, if I had to trade goods then now is a good time to hedge the exchange rate on any new business.
  12. Not if the child is no longer a child by the time the claim comes through. Although the new adult may be putting their first claim through on the same day for housing, council tax and unemployment benefit with the added bonus of pregnancy.
  13. Author Nigel Stanley is the TUC's head of campaigns and communications. Suprised he found the time.
  14. "The gold will be a good doorstop, and the guy with more guns than you (and there always is someone who does) will soon have both the guns and gold." How do we go from today to end of days and then stay there with no time passing before or after the "event" that causes this. By his reckoning food would only have value as a weapon the day after inflation started rising. The guy with guns would come and take the worthless gold and refuse to trade with it, he would in fact use it as a doorstop.
  15. Looks like the usual scam. But if the house is worth £3.2 Million why would anyone take the cash prize? Thats a third of the "market value"
  16. London has about 21% public sector employment , i'm not sure £15,307.50 Gross/ £12,486.38 Net is enough to live in London though.
  17. There should be more money but fewer workers if productivity exceeds demand. The less productive the higher the wage costs of each unit. The UK overall productivity http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=133 If you graph employment numbers against manufacturing productivity in the UK it looks like a big X Still China has 40% in agriculture which used to be 70% 40 years ago and we have under 2% and could feed ourselves if needed and used to have 40% of the labour force in agriculture a hundred years ago. Eventually it should be Agriculture to Manufacturing and then Services which is where the UK is at. But I don't know what China will end up paying it's workers if they aren't needed for anything, a bit like the UK.
  18. Buying with cash is fine, buying with a loan from a bank who seem to go insolvent and ask to be bailed out is another thing. (RBS, LLoyds, HBOS, Northern Rock etc)
  19. They said people would make mistakes interpreting the data so how does consultancy and non consultancy balance in the month of December 2009. Is this outsourced work which would have been done and what are the goods and services.
  20. China can't keep productivity down and I think they will have fewer people employed and a lower cost per unit in wages but slightly more money for those still working. Just like the UK 40 years ago we had 7 Million employed in manufacturing but they produced much less per worker and cost more for each unit in wages.
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