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  1. I asked the EA about this tonight and re the contract etc. I was told that there is a rolling contract month to month so they have no entitlement to stay on for several months and that we would also recieve the security deposit from the sale if there was damage etc. As the EA is acting as the reciever I am hoping this is definitely the case. We have put our offer in anyway.....
  2. Thanks to you both for your advice. I have some misgivings but am hoping for the best - will definitely ask solicitors re experience with repo's if all goes to plan.
  3. I read the posts in this site many times when trying to sell my house, I finally managed it and have been renting for a year. I have taken the advice of many of you and discovered rateable value etc...... We have just taken off our offer on one house because the vendor refused to budge and we have now found a repossession which is being marketed by BTW. Has anyone any experience of this type of sale? The bank want £135K, it's rateable value is £125K and BTW have indicated that this price would secure it. It's in a great location but has a tenant at the moment (who has bid £116). Is the
  4. I am considering buying after selling next year and have been amazed at the terrible attitude of the estate agents I have dealt with to date. Maybe you should ge into consultancy, because they could do with some good advice! I have put in an offer on a house to be told they would phone me back that day or next and didn't get a call until two days later. I was so incensed I told the vendor I would only deal with the other agent (it was on with two) from now on. Today I spoke with the same agents about another house and someone was to phone me back with more details - and of course didn't bo
  5. Yes, I think we will wait and see. The EA said the the other bidder had nothing to sell. Now I remember why buying houses is such a nightmare. We put a call in today about our fallback house, BTW never even returned my call! Give me strength!
  6. Thanks Doccyboy, I just said 'thanks for letting me know' to the agent, and will do as you suggest and get a friend to call tomorrow. She said the vendor had turned down the offer and wants £170. I was thinking that I should wait and see if this other bidder increases their offer, since the vendor turned them down....
  7. I haven't heard anything about Blackrock tbh. I would advise a move further from Glengormley, maybe Carrmoney? Jordanstown may be too expensive. Have you looked around the Old Carick Road, Brambles development etc?
  8. The size is due to outhouses that have been converted, the rest of the house isn't overly big....Re Aylesbury I wouldn't be too keen due to sher size of the development. Apart from than I heard that the majority of Newtownabbey's housebreakers live there! But that is total hearsay so if anyone reading is a resident please don't attack me! Anyways, any thoughts on the veracity of my alternative bidders??
  9. Not telling in case you bid for it!!! Only kidding!!! It's near Ballynure.
  10. Sorry to butt in and tell me if I should create a new thread rather than add to this one, I was just reading this and since the other users seem to know the Newtownabbey area I was hoping you might give me some advice too. I have been a long time lurker and finally sold my own house last year, this is my first post so forgive me if I ramble..... We are now renting and didn't intend to buy for a bit longer in the hope prices would continue to fall. We have been persuaded onto the market again by a house which is at asking price of £175 - over 3000sq ft, rateable value 105K but set befor
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