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  1. This rather confirms my views that maybe we're in for a stagnation rather than a crash :angry: Properties are up, but vendors are not reducing prices and it looks from your data as if people are starting to buy again. Crash could now be a dream
  2. Oh dear oh dear oh dear KOTC, so you're putting the views of a company called mouseprice over The Times? Next you'll be placing the views of Halifax before the BOE. . . . . . oh wait a minute, your (non)views are all starting to make some sort of twisted sense now Perhaps you might like to also have a look at the Hometrack site: Hometrack.co.uk Consumer Report Methodology Particularly the section which says: Now this is the personalised version of their report but I wonder are you actually saying that mouseprice is a more valuable source of information on how Hometrack compile figures
  3. As usual lies selectively edited and spun by KOTC: Source of hometracks figures below, you'll note they are based on price achieved: MSN on Hometrack Times on Hometrack Can I suggest you might like to "get out there" and "get a feel of whats going on"? It can't be healthy staying indoors with your Lego fantasy landlord kit
  4. Hah! Your choice but that's what its about - informed choice.
  5. Having just had a second thought about it I think it did died due to trolls. We had a lot towards the end and I believe the quote from the Webmaster was something like "We had to close it because it's time to grow up. Now that we're getting publicity we cannot have people coming on here and reading all these abusive posts. So the new forum must now require registration".
  6. Agreed - but at least this way you have a choice - Ignore or have fun baiting the troll
  7. I think it's time the HPC had a Troll Alert thread. In my experience Trolls eventually trash forums as the more successful a troll is getting replies to his/her posts the more they will post and the more other Trolls are attracted to post. We shouldn't label everyone as Trolls and this mustn't be used without consideration, but it'd be useful to have such a thread so prevent trolls as early as possible, and before their posts grow. Should they be banned? NO that would be draconian. However, you canhelp support this forum by simply choosing to ignore their posts, you can even do it automat
  8. Guys, KOTC is not scared KOTC probably doesn't even own a single property In reality this is probably a 12 yr old kid in a bedroom somewhere. His posts are simply designed to inflame other posters, that's why he takes so long writing them. If you reply you simply give him what he wants, he has no interest in the property market so just ignore him, we have an excellent tool to do just that, just Click Here and Choose Ignore User Like Guy says: DON'T FEED THE TROLL
  9. Read my post, especially the line "... I posted a little to the old forum under the moniker JD...." Then try to guess why our registration dates are about the same! Credibility is everything in a forum where no one knows who you are. If you appear to have been protraying a false image posters will start to ignore you. Finding the exact post where you stated this or that is unimportant, as long as it is likely that you did say it, then that is enough. Therefore the real question is: Are you attaching too little importance to it?
  10. Check the date on my moniker and you'll see I joined three days after you, I posted a little to the old forum under the moniker JD. I'd say check your facts but TTRTRs the 'Sweden Debarcle' shows you to be a stranger to that particular word.
  11. TTRTR that has to be the worst excuse I have ever heard. You first say "prove it", then "well maybe I said it", then "I said it to establish credibilty"!!! Why say you're from anywhere if you were so worried? I've certainly never said I was from the UK, people just assume it. No as has been demonstrated by this thread. How does saying you're in the UK, then saying you're actually in Sweden increase your credability????? I'm afraid that about settles it for me: TTRTRs sadly not what he says he is.
  12. The plot thickens! Still a fake bull's better than no bulls, and you can't have a discussion without an opposing point of view, so we do need them.
  13. In reference to TTRTRs thread: House Prices to Plunge by 25% Buy to Let Landlords Flee Market Ahead of Crash Fears All old news from old articles but I think this proves the point - anyone can find an expert who agrees with their pov. No one knows the end game until it has been played., so why should it hurt??? You've slipped TTRT, your old threads used to be informative. Or maybe your standards have just slipped because of your entrenched position? Flexibility is the lifeblood of business - hedge your bets, make the informed play and jettison old views before they start to conflict with t
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