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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04416sq 24.34 in Simon Hughes from the Lib Dems; "I think one of the things on the ground, that links immigration to the debate, and which UKIP play on, is the lack of affordable houseing for many children of many families, and because there is a legacy of failure of Labour and Tory govenments in not delivering that, we are reaping, actually a whirlwind on that policy" I think some MPs are starting to panic about their jobs come the general election and are paying lip service to what they have heard on the doorstep.
  2. Hi Folks, the plot thickens... I didn't really suspect foul play from the estate agent and so I managed to get hold of the Asset management company that disposes of property on behalf of the finance company.(different company from the bank) It took some cajoling, as they didn't want to talk directly to me, but eventually they stated that the bank had accepted the lower offer even though it depends on a mortgage that could fall through. They had actually told the other 'bidder' what value they would accept, this was £1500 below my offer. After my second bid, my cash offer is now 4K higher th
  3. Thanks for all the honest feedback folks. I had a careful look round the estate, at different times of the day and night, spoke to the neighbours who were a mixture of tenants and Owner occupiers, and decided they were all fine. I decided the Wates construction wasn't really an issue for me on this plot of land, I'll just save the money I would have spent on rent until I have enough put aside to pay for the repairation, if any in the future. So, I put in an offer, lots of too and froing, bidding up between me and another party, and finally the estate agents say that the finance\asset disposa
  4. Please help me with a dilema. I'm currently renting a house at £500 per month, which is very cheap for the town I live in. I've seen a house locally that I could almost buy outright for cash(plus a small loan from my folks). It is bigger and has a huge garden with lots of land to the sides.(Probably enough room for 4 'modern' rabbit hutches) the only problem is it is of non standard construction, a Wates house that has been improved by the council by surrounded with bricks in the 1990s. i.e the concreate members are still there underneath. I'm getting fed up with renting a tiny pokey house
  5. Thanks for all the replies folks. The date for the 'renewal' of my periodic tenancy in April came and went and I'm still in the house 2 months later. So the whole thing was a trick to try to extort renewal fees and rent increase from me. Pretty disguisting behaviour really, it basicallyb amounts to pay up or your out of the house. I did take it up with trading standards and Citizen's advice Beuro(seem to be the same thing in the end), who were quite keen to help and advise how to go about challenging the letting agent and landlord. The telephone guy at CAB told me that he previous cases o
  6. It's a bad do tho? Seems like the kind of thing a more vulnerable person would just pay up on. Too whom can I complain? Thanks for your advice Rozza.
  7. It actually says; 'Your tenancy expires on XX-Apr_2013 but if yo so wich it may be possiblet o extend your tenancy, subject to the landlords prior approval.. blah blah and payment of a fee of £XX. ... If you do not wish to extend, or we do not hear from you within 14 days, we will assume that you will be vacating the property on the last day of the tenancy being XX-Apr-2013 shown on the agreement and on the section 21 notice and arrangements will be made for checking the inventory and handover of the property. Nothing in theis letter negates or waivers the Section 21 Noticw previously serv
  8. By the way, I did receive a section 21 notice when I originally moved into the property.
  9. Hi Folks I've received a letter from my landlord's letting agent informing me that my tenancy expires a certain date 2 and a bit months hence. It goes on to demand a fee for renewing the contract with the landlord, should the landlord feel like renewing the tenancy. If they don't hear from me they will assume I am moving out on said date. The problem is, I have been in the house for 5 years, after an initial 6 months AST the contract switched to a periodic tenancy. at that time the Letting agent kept bothering me for a renewal fee, but I ignored them and have heard nothing from them since
  10. how about one of these; http://www.locksonline.co.uk/acatalog/Templock_Key_Black_Temporary_Door_Lock.html#size That way you don't have to modify the door. Only looks tamperproof, rather than fortknox stype security, but thats probably all you are going to get with an internal door. Don't mention to the landlord about the tenancy deposite protection scheme, just start proceedings now to recover 3 times your deposite from the Landlord. It is an automatic award written into the deposite protection scheme rules so there is no risk. I'm not sure, perhaps other on here will know for definite,
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