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  1. As an update: I send a letter to the landlord. He contacted the agent and now I got a letter from the agent that says the landlord is happy with the tenancy going periodic under the condition that I sign a note that says that I have to give 2 month notice. (no mentioning of a fee) I am happy with giving 2 month notice as I will know quite in advance in case I have to move for job reasons and I see no reason not to notify the landlord.
  2. Hi, I have been renting the same place since June 2007. Before the end of the first year I got a letter from the letting agent for renewal. I signed the extension form attached to the letter and renewed for another year. Before the end of the second year a similar letter arrived, but this time the letting agent wanted £90 for this service. I ignored the letter, didn't sign anything, didn't pay and didn't hear from the agent about this matter again. Now, I got another letter from the agent that asks for the renewal of the contract, for a fee of £90 and states that if I do not renew I
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