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  1. Give 'em a vote with 3 options. Leave the UK, be part of the EU Leave the UK, leave the EU. Stay in the UK, ergo leave the EU. Then let's see what they really want and be done with it.
  2. I've always thought he's been in the running for years. Not sure why, just something about him.
  3. Just found this on my iPad. This is what we were up against. If you aren't planning on staying long perhaps you can get away with giving it a lick of paint.
  4. Agreed about the health issues. We left there two years ago now. My kids haven't been sick since we moved. They had recurring problems when we lived in that damp mouldy house, particularly their chests. It finally came to a head for us when the rain would come in under the front room window and I found my curtain pole on the floor one morning because the wall was so wet and crumbly it fell out. Landlord claimed he couldn't afford repairs and then somehow afforded to leave it empty for over a year when we left, seemingly not missing the £675 pm rent. It's recently sold for around 260k. Good luck with that I say.
  5. I agree it looks like condensation. We had this problem in our previous home. It had a flat concrete roof in the utility space just off the kitchen. The kitchen had a window but there was a conservatory built on to it so opening it only meant cooking steam went in there instead. The utility ceiling would get so wet it would drip on your head and not long after we moved in it started looking exactly as you picture. It was a result of the warm air in a house with five people living there hitting a very cold uninsulated roof. It was only a small space and we rectified it by putting up some kingspan and then tongue and grooving over it. The landlord reimbursed us. Another thing we found helped in other part of the house where we had similar problems was to use kitchen and bathroom paint.
  6. We have loads of Himalayan balsam along the route where I walk the dog. There are only a few houses along the route valued between 500-900k and I noticed in the summer that it's crept into their gardens. The council don't seem bothered about it running along the riverbank. Not sure how big an issue that particular plant is compared to knotweed.
  7. Because of floor space. In July I previewed and ordered for SS15. Some brand's SS lines arrive as early as December. Not far into January and whilst SS is still arriving I'll start forward ordering for AW15. The reason Next will be having this issue is because they're AW lines are already coming into stores but the weather is still too good for anyone to be interested in buying as you've said. Companies such as Next would have forecast and booked their orders with the manufacturers and organised the deliveries months ago.
  8. As you predicted. It appears it was "snapped up" the same day http://www.dailymail...-North-Sea.html
  9. I thought the council contracting companies in now to do their work. I didn't think they bothered employing their own workmen these days. Recently, some council homes up from us have been refurbished, new kitchens, bathrooms central heating etc. Talking to one of the tenants it was contractors that were doing it all, the council were just overseeing it.
  10. The thread isn't about Amazon. I've noticed a decline in service but I thought it was just me that felt like this simply because I run my own business and always try to offer the best service possible. My standards are high. I always strive to help my customers the best way possible for example with special orders on stuff they can't get hold of, particularly in quantity. Some of this stuff is available to the big high street chains and I've been told a number of times lately by customers that they are being advised that lines have been discontinued simply because the shops can't be bothered. It's the apathy that gets to me the most when dealing with shop staff or call centres. There aren't many people on that extra mile.
  11. I had this problem too. I can't change my avatar for something festive
  12. The unit I'm looking at is approx. 1800 sq ft and the business rates are approx. £9200 with a 40ish% discount. I see.
  13. That's not what I'm seeing. I'm currently moving to new premises in Wales and the business rates are dependant on the number of sq ft. There is business rate relief, which I believe is 40% but is it's still a lot to pay out for what feels like nothing. I looked at a place twice the size where the rent was manageable but thy time you added on business rates and the insulting maintenance fee which covered mowing 10 sq ft outside the unit it doubled the cost. I would have taken a shop in the high street but the rents are ridiculous. It would seem that the people who own these empty shops and units would rather they stayed empty than get someone in paying a reasonable rent. Our town centre is mostly a ghost town with charity shops.
  14. I wasn't convinced that the vendor had come down by 15K though. That couple looked daft enough to pay more than it was valued at as long as they were paying less than they offered originally. Would be interesting if we could find out what they did pay for it. I much prefer Secret Agent with the truly deluded and there sh!thole houses. I also like to see Phil in a polo top, he looks like he does a bit of working out.
  15. Not sure how your customers save money unless what you are saying is that you offer your goods cheaper because you're not VAT registered.
  16. Just had some work done this morning by a chippy who tells me he has 2 apartments which he's trying to sell in SA1 area. Apparently the high management fees of approx 2k per property are crippling him so he's selling them, not sure why he thinks a young couple would be able to afford them either. He's found a buyer for 1. He says that with the government helping out with this loan guarantee he can only see prices going up and there's money to made in the rental market. He has 8 properties and is planning to buy up and flip more with the imminent increase in Welsh house prices. Makes me want to weep.
  17. Me three. I still can't reckon that MT did anything as terrible to the UK as those two bastwards. I wasn't comfortable with the dancing in the street at Maggie's death but I'm loathe to criticise as I have my best bottle of Blue Nun chilling for the future. I will always maintain that they changed this country beyond all recognition and not for the better.
  18. I'm glad you added that as I was just about to say that it's what many are living through now but I can't agree it's down to MT this time.
  19. Now get down the market on Sunday and sell it on at a profit.
  20. Personally, I wouldn't want to go to Barry but it is probably the liveliest followed by Llantwit. I like Llantwit and we did look at a few houses out there as you get more for your money but I don't like getting to it and the travelling to school, work etc wouldn't have worked for us. It does have plenty to offer though with the shops, beaches and a mix of housing. If my kids weren't settled at school I'd have shifted sideways to Dinas up by St Andrews Major somewhere. A friend of mine moved from Dinas to Rhoose and has a cracking social life there too. I would say most villages in the Vale are fairly small and quiet and it's a bit of an aquired taste. Personally I love it, and I can play it as snooty as the best of 'em. We're completing on a house between Cowbridge and Bridgend the end of Jan. TMT, I like your comment re the broadband, so true. We're moving away from a crappy 2mb to BT Infinity at 56 mb. My eldest can't wait.
  21. The one in Cardiff Bay is closing down. Huge banners outside and I'm sure more will follow.
  22. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-35895790.html This is my favourite.
  23. I can't offer any words of wisdom except to say you must do what you feel is best for you and your family . You can see how long I have been a member and like you I've been patient, working and saving hard. Today we've put an offer in on a house. It's the first time we've done it in all these years but we've found a place in a great location, still in school catchment for their current school, plenty of space to grow into, kids will get their own rooms etc and whilst I'm terrified of what may happen I don't feel I can continue in my current situation. I have rain coming inside of the house, I've spent 6 months trying to get the LL and letting agent to sort it out. I'm not prepared to move my kids into another rented and so we're biting the bullet. We've calculated that we can pay an additional £500 pm off the mortgage if we pay the combined total of what we've been saving and our current rent. I feel like I'm coming out on the boards and like a traitor to the cause. I know many on here will think that's the wrong decision but we could see ourselves there for the next 20 years and believe now it is the right choice for our family.
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