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  1. Battenberg

    Donald Trump

    I'm with you on that. I don't feel I've got an┼Ěthing left to lose now.
  2. Battenberg

    Donald Trump

    Yes, that's what I thought but whilst we will most likely never know her opinion I'd have though a state visit would have been run past her first.
  3. Battenberg

    Donald Trump

    Can I ask, do my fellow posters believe that the PM would offer a state visit without first having had the go ahead from the Queen? Today's media reports suggest that Teresa May has put the Queen in an awkward position however I find it hard to believe that this wouldn't have been discussed before the offer was made.
  4. Battenberg

    Donald Trump

    If you turn up as a vagina your just going to be molested.
  5. Battenberg

    Donald Trump

    I'd be bl00dy furious if my kids are having to listen to one of their teacher's political views. It's one thing to have a balanced discussion but I don't want them pushing their own PoV on my children. Im glad the petition has now passed th 100k mark. I checked it upon waking this morning and it was only 68k. Left me feeling a bit despondent. I've bunked off early from work today. Just nuking my lunch and those old winge bags, Loose Women, were talking to Nigel Farage. The milk in my tea curdled and the increase in my blood pressure put me off my food.
  6. Battenberg

    Donald Trump

    AFAIC, this is also an insult to all the American's who voted for him.
  7. Battenberg

    Donald Trump

    This ^^ I feel like I've woken up on another planet. The country is going mad. I'm sick to the back teeth of all these protests.
  8. Battenberg

    Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2017

    Can't believe the cut backs on the number of catagories for 2017. We could pick 3 this year. I blame Brexit. Senior - Bridget Bardot Junior - Cheryl Cole
  9. Whereas mini Babybel are deelish.
  10. Battenberg

    Scottish Independence Referendum 2

    Give 'em a vote with 3 options. Leave the UK, be part of the EU Leave the UK, leave the EU. Stay in the UK, ergo leave the EU. Then let's see what they really want and be done with it.
  11. Battenberg

    Massive Drop In Online Sales For Ebay, Amazon, Play

    Ebay refund anything where you can't prove it's been delivered. The fact it's second class is irrelevant.
  12. Battenberg

    Massive Drop In Online Sales For Ebay, Amazon, Play

    I'm wondering if being named on eBay's rich list has brought them to someone's attention. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3170820/How-rake-17million-year-without-leaving-spare-room-eBay-rich-list-ranks-30-Brits-ve-fortunes-site.html
  13. Battenberg

    Exit Poll Shows Tories On 316, 10 Short Of Majority

    I've always thought he's been in the running for years. Not sure why, just something about him.

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