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  1. **update** We have recieved an email from him calling us pathetic and other such names for threatening him with the deposit scheme if he didnt pay up (thus meaning that of course he didnt protect our deposit). But, hey ho, he is returning it to us in full. Result! Many thanks to everyone on here for helping. Moral of the story is not to give in to these LLs money grabbing demands. B
  2. Thanks for everyone's help on this. I feel a lot more confident now. Letter sent yesterday asking for the return of the full deposit. Ill keep you posted on how it goes. B
  3. Many thanks again everyone. He has emailled back to say he thinks he is being fair for taking the money for the freezer because the (8 year old) vacuumn cleaner broke down during our tennancy and he didnt charge us for the repair (!!!) We will have to do something further, which, I was really hoping we wouldn't have to, we will send the letter as suggested. Should we also ask about the deposit protection? The last contract we signed was March 2010 even though we have been there 5 years.. I just want to put as many things in as possible to try and just get him to give it back.
  4. Thanks all.. We were expecting it from this landlord, he isnt the most reasonable of men (in fact the initial email from him saying we were getting the whole deposit back minus £50 cleaning surprised us as we always expected him to try and pocket some of it). It is very annoying as we have treated the property extremely well during our 5 year tennancy, went above and beyond in cleaning it, have never once been late with rent etc etc, and left it in spotless condition, practically as we found it with very, very minor wear and tear that I would consider to be under what would usually be expected of a tennancy of our length.. Anyway, we have sent a polite reply back, telling him that there was never a freezer draw, only a pull down door that has come away (quite normally I think for an appliance of its age), and that we would appreciate our deposit back, as per his email of 4 days ago. Will have to see where it goes from there. If he still gives us aggravation, we will send out the email gilf suggested. Many thanks.
  5. Hi all, As always expected we are having deposit issues now we have come to the end of our tennancy. The LL sent us an email at the end of last week saying that we could have our deposit back in full apart from £50 to pay his cleaner to give it a onceover (which is quite annoying as we spent two full days scrubbing the place spotless, we wouldnt have bothered if we knew he was planning on making a deduction anyway). We agreed for an easy life and he said he would send the cheque out once he had taken the money out of his savings account. Arrive into work this morning (another tennant has moved in over the weekend) and he wants another £100 out of the deposit for a replacement freezer drawer. The draw he wants replaced never existed, it was a drop down interior door, that was cracked when we moved in (the freezer was 4 years old then) and gave up the ghost halfway through our 5 year tennancy, it doesnt impact in anyway the functionality of the freezer. We considered it wear and tear, the freezer still works, and is now near on 9 years old anyway, so we didnt bother him with it at the time, it seemed like a non issue, I guess that was silly. How should we deal with this now? Is he being unreasonable? We dont really want to give him the extra £100 out of our deposit, we could do with the cash and feel that he is trying it on, especially now he has new tennants in the property and had agreed on returning our deposit 4 days before. We know the deposit isnt protected as he has already mentioned that it is in his savings. We moved in before the deposit schemes came into place, but he has made us sign a fresh yearly agreement every year, so I guess he should have had it protected once the law came into place after we signed the agreement that year? As it stands we would rather not go down that route, it is nearly Xmas and we have just bought a renovation project that we have our hands full with. Any advice gratefully recieved..
  6. being sold through Savills.. http://www.savills.co.uk/residentialsearch/propertydetail.aspx?pID=N248857
  7. I just dont get why developers continue to build them, they are a failed experiment. One big new block in my area (centralish London) that I have been watching with interest in the last 18 months is a great example of why they dont work. Of course for the developers to build this block they had to provide their quota of 'affordable housing', so this particular block has been sectioned up. First two floors are straight council properties. Second two are 'affordable housing scheme part buy, part rent'. The top two are private sales. Each of the three sections has a seperate entrance and the private flats are on the market for £355k for a one bed. They must have sold one or two of the private flats tops, out of about 25 flats. They went on the market in February. Now the bottom floors have started to move in, up goes the washing lines on the balconies, the grubby old net curtains, of course the whole block now looks like it has been lifted out of an estate. Any chance they had of selling one beds for £340k have now gone from slim to non existant. They are still advertising them in the local paper every week though. I guess eventually they will either give the private flats up to the council or the part buy scheme, but what about the stupid mugs who paid top whack for their flats? Gutted would probably be an understatement. Anyway, punchline is the same company have recently announced another similar project down the road!??!
  8. Oh, they have (had) pots of money to give out. There are a number of different 'funds' hence all the staff, ranging from the cinema funds where the big boys go to scrounge and the funds for kids to make their first short films to try their hands at directing. They are saying £15m on the BBC news, but some years I think their funding has been closer to £30m. I am assuming wages are on top of this.
  9. I am a newbie poster, but have been lurking for years.. just wondered what everyone thought of the UK Film Council being axed? I have worked with them for many years (not for them luckily) and I have always thought them to be a massive waste of our cash. They encourge UK film makers to make complete dross in order to tick all their boxes so that they can recieve funding from them (the taxpayer). And I've never quite understood why UK tax payers fund 'directors' from France etc to make their first short film. Shame for the 75 people that will be out of work though. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-10761225
  10. Thanks everyone for the advice so far. We have agreed a purchase price for the property and our solicitor is going to look over the lease extension docs to make sure it is all looking OK. However, now our LL is saying he wants to keep a large chunk of our rental deposit for 'fixtures and fittings'. He has even threatened to come and take the cooker out of the fitted kitchen if we are not prepared to pay for them. I dont want the hassle of an arguement or replacing the appliances straight away, but to be honest we are the 3rd tenants, the appliances he is talking about (fridge/freezer, dishwasher, oven, washing machine, sofa and dining table and chairs) are pretty aging and we would have replaced them in a year or so anyway, especially the sofa which is certainly at the end of its natural life. I dont mind pay a small token amount for them, but dont want to be ripped off, which I feel like he is trying to do. It is a difficult situation. Has anyone been through anything like this? Any tips? B
  11. Hi all, We are FTB and I wanted to ask your expert advice as I don't want us to make a mistake due to naivety. Our LL is selling up and we would like to buy the flat. It has been valued by an EA at £280-285k. Problem is it only has a 71 year lease (the flat was valued as with the lower lease). The lease extension has been valued at £12,500 to add 54 years to the lease to take it up to 125 years. We are now a little confused as to where we stand. With a lease renewal you are expected to pay the freeholders costs, however, would a seller not pay these at the beginning of the extension process before putting the property on the market? I am a little concerned that as sitting tennants we are going to be railroaded into paying costs that would have been met by the seller if we were going through regular channels. Does anyone have any experience or insight into how to proceed in this circumstance? Thanks. B
  12. Hi All, What do people think Cam/Clegg and Osbourne will do to Stamp Duty in the emergency budget if anything at all? The main reason I ask is that our landlord wants to sell the flat we have been renting for the last 4 years (spooked by CGT). We weren't planning to buy for a while and have been taking a wait and see approach, but we have found a mortgage (we have a 25% deposit) that will be less in monthly repayments with a 5 year fix than we pay in rent or that we would potentially pay in rent in any of the properties up for let in our area. This has made us tempted. Annoyingly the LL wants £20k over the Stamp threshold and as we are FTB that would mean paying £8k odd instead of nothing.
  13. I wanted to thump Yvette when she said that 20 today's 20 and 30 year olds should have to retire later, but today's 50 year olds shouldn't have to. I suppose that is because they need extra time to spend all that equity they have built up in their homes, whilst 20 and 30 year olds will still be renting or paying off their mortgages when they are 65 so they'll have to keep working.
  14. Happening in my area too. Two sold signs up without a sign of the for sale bit, but both properties had gone under offer at asking price within days of them coming onto the market maybe the agent didnt have a chance - gulp.
  15. We looked at these schemes and then went to the bank where we had a mortgage in principal to see what they thought. Basically they thought that if we went for this scheme then they couldn't lend us money for it. These schemes are a waste of space. A total con. They wanted over £1500 a year service charge, but there was nothing included for this. When we have looked around private blocks for that you would at least get communal hot water or something, even a gym or concierge, but at 'affordable housing' it is a payment every year for no tangible benefit. This was enough to put me off, although there were many more problems as well.
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