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  1. Satch, I know. And I would likely lose. But it would put them through the headache we have been through. Don't worry....I will not really sue. I just find the lack of any real ethics tiring. It creates a culture of tenants expecting to be screwed and thus treating the landlords with distrust and antagonistic behavior at the outset. And what prevents landlords from "getting offers" every time? It is disgraceful.
  2. I am tempted to sue just for the principle of the thing. Seems like the more people let this type of thing go the more it happens. No, we didn't offer below. We agreed on the asking price, which is what the current tenants pay. Went through an estate agent, so we have no direct contact with the landlord or I would call him now. Can't even get that satisfaction, which is why I am now tempted to sue just on principle alone. And I agree completely, not sure I would want to live there with this kind of landlord. Now I have to deal with getting my deposit and first month rent back in time
  3. We made an offer on a flat in London. The landlord accepted it. We received the contract through our estate agent, signed the contract, gave all of the required documentation to our estate agent, and gave them the deposit and first month's rent. Just received a call that the landlord has received other offers and now either wants us to pay more or won't give it to us. I am guessing the answer is no, but is there anything we can do about this? Landlord didn't sign the contract but orally accepted the offer with estate agent. I am sorry, but are there no ethical landlords out there? We are
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