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  1. You might be right about the Aussie guy, I can't remember seeing him too often, it's normally the guy with no neck I seem to catch. I don't think the BBC are the mouthpiece of the Labour government in particular, just for whoever is in power really. If the Tories get in they'll be a few changes at the top and the rest will fall into line pretty sharpish.
  2. It was simply transparet sloblocks in the way that they reported it. It had to be 7.15am when they read out the emails, making a point that they were seemingly picking out a 'random' selection from a pile of printed out emails from people who were all orgasmically delighted to have been made redundant. The emails were supposedly in repsonse to something they had been talking about earlier that morning. They read out 6 or 7 of these emails. I just find it hard to believe that some, if any at all, of those emails are genuine and aren't just made up. They've been caught doing stuff like that cou
  3. There's no possible about it. This was their second news item this morning as they had the Australian economics guy sitting on the sofa over enthusiastically going into great detail about this 'story'. So some people have an opinion that is different to some other people and suddenly this is a major news 'story'. It's a joke.
  4. The Australian guy on the BBC was almost creaming himself over this story this morning, it was ridiculous. The BBC propaganda is pretty transparent really. They've gone to great lengths to mention how great it is to be made redundant on two seperate mornings this week that I've seen. One morning they read off several 'viewer emails' from people praising the day they lost their jobs and how it was the best thing that ever happened to them. Absolutely ****ing sickening.
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