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  1. Wot a load of bolloox,ive just melted down 2 soverigns and am going to cut em up in biddy little bits and scatter them over my garden,hey hey all my prayers answered,
  2. I agree funny isnt now those two morons are now in power all they can talk about is "austerity", "cuts","savings",etc etc,rewind 2 weeks ago it was all brushed under the carpet,bring it on,
  3. Jesus!!!!!!!!!!! the solicitor holds the deposit,dont give it to them untill the last minute if you can,and dont use a nigerian solicitor,oh and I would wait another year before buying you could lose your deposit big time when houses fall.
  4. I was on property bee,house in Devon,on for 2 months started at £795k reduced by £100k,thats erm £50k per fuking month,either the owners know something,or its a labour politicians 2nd home,I get the distinct feeling that its all going pear shaped,lots of reductions,round here,however some idiots have houses on for sale that have been on the market for 3 years!!! its the second drop looming
  5. fast forward 30 years,they still have the ships but the government own em,rusting hulks,used as jails as the UK has gone something like "escape from new york" due to the credit crunch
  6. ACHTUNG,off topic,sky news Gordon "the fat one eyed corrupt turd" Brown has resigned with immediate effect
  7. Sticking by the Jean paul Rodrigquz (wots his name) graph,recon end of the year will see a marked decline in prices,I mean come on the whole financial world in the sh1t and houses defy gravity,corrupt government propped em up,the props were not designed to take that much weight!!Also I feel a different sentiment about houses even from people who own em,who wants to give their siblings £50k each in todays money for a starter home!All housing bubbles end roughly the same....where they started,my only concern is the time period eg japan if thats the case we are all well and truely fuked.I will buy a renovation project at auction and throw out the TV/radio/ignore the papers
  8. You sound like like an angy gay renter,perhaps "ben fron brighton" may be more suitable
  9. Blue Loo... in excess of 28000 postings,jesus what will he do when we do reach the bottom of the "great HPC" is he aware there is porn on the internet
  10. 1) Would not dive in now,there aint millions of people with hundreds of thousands in cash to hand/will ever get a mortgage. 2) have never missed out,sold up 2007 rented ,banked just under a mill (saw it coming) been in houses/property since '91 im 40,done new builds,BTL,refurbs etc etc. 3)Morgages,dont need one,would not get another one,and no they aint cheap you pay 3 times back dont ya know! plus massive hike rate shortly. 4) Deposits,ummm only if you have worked very hard. Worked very hard,never claimed any benefits,listened to my late father,never had a credit card,drive a 10 year old Civic,why not,got a wife 3 year old and a baby on the way,looking after my kin,the world gonna get real bad in the years to come. Why dont you "dive in"
  11. Well spotted,looking good,I am of the strong opinion that this is the second wave that is well overdue.Recon by the end of the year the fun will really start.
  12. Umm very strange i used to rent HMO to people,and they all had their own lock/key to their room,I would/could not work any other way,is your house registered for HMO,the local authority will tell you,eg wash hand basins in rooms,fire doors,stairs boarded out for fire regs,i would never live in a house that i could not lock my room.Even if he says yes you will have to give him a key like all other rented houses/flats/rooms
  13. I feel sorry for you buying in 2007,thats when your problems started,I sold up in 2007! I hope you are getting at least 30% off the new house you are buying I am of the opinion that houses are now going to do what they should have done, go down to affordable levels,stagnate for years then bump along,I would bite on the bullet and move in to the house you own and forget about buying a second property I would consider owning two financial suicide,you really are in a bit of a pickle,Ive been in property for 20 years my late father for 40 years luckily I listened to him,he had seen it all before.Remember you will have to pay tax on rent,maintenance charges,void periods,letting agent fees,and CGT when you sell,not worth it,you will have all that greif on a depreciating asset TIMES 2,thats the money side of it,you will have to decide the "heart" side for yourselves.good luck
  14. Oh dear over 900 scousers without jobs......nail everything you own down were doomed,and as for the image above of those 2 chavs,recon that all of that "type" should be melted down and turned into candles
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