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  1. You haven't missed anything. The tax advantage is with owner occupiers (more so as their mortgage is paid off). An owner occupier pays no tax on their imputed rent so has no tax bill to be reduced by deducting allowable expenses such as mortgage interest.
  2. Indeed, it isn't correct. As I pointed out in post #15 they can use PCC to eliminate the reverse tariff.
  3. One wonders if today's Economist journalists own as many UK properties as thier former colleage, Chris Huhne?
  4. If you need to ask, you can't afford it.
  5. The problem is that the Raspberry Pi Foundation wants to make a political statement, but doesn't seem to understand manufacturing economics.
  6. Another uninformed thread with a false premise (two actually). The UK is the World's sixth large manufacturing country with output close to its all-time high (reached in 2007). Import duties are determined by the EU and not the UK. The author of the quoted article doesn't seem very informed either. There is an established procedure for eliminating 'reverse-tariff'. Here's an explanatory article... 'EU provision removes duty on electronic components'; http://www.hktdc.com...-components.htm 'Processing Under Customs Control (PCC)': http://customs.hmrc....ocument#P18_900
  7. Yes. 'Randall: What to expect in 2005' [published December 2004]: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4078787.stm
  8. Oh come on; a Burger King Whopper has to be assembled from component parts.
  9. And you believed them? What do you think Local Authorities will do to replace Council Tax Benefit? Universal Credit doesn't include that - it's being 'localised', but with 10% less money than now and a requirement that pensioners don't lose any benefit, so in effect a 16% cut in resources to cover the benefit for working-age recipients. Currently, Housing Benefit is withdrawn at a 65% taper with Council Tax Benefit at a 20% taper on top (hence the 90% marginal rates when other benefits are factored in). Here's a good overview of the problem... 'Localisation issues in welfare reform - Communities and Local Government Committee' : '3 Council Tax Benefit': http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201012/cmselect/cmcomloc/1406/140606.htm
  10. Not high inflation; currently we have deflation - the money supply is falling. The price rises we see today are due to the inflation (of the money supply) over the previous decade.
  11. If under 40 when the loan was taken out it's written off at age 50, or if over 40 at the start it's written off at age 60 (another cliff-edge complexity).
  12. If an ex-student (with loan) was to be employed via such a "private firm" and took most of their money as a dividend rather than a salary, would that enable them to avoid repaying their student loan?
  13. Caucasians can too if their ancestors had 'takeaway' skills.
  14. Universal Credit is NOT in anyway a Citizens Income. Firstly, it will be paid per household (so NOT a Citizen's Income). Secondly it will be highly conditional (so NOT a Citizen's Income). Thirdly it will be means tested (so NOT a Citizen's Income). Compared to Tax Credits it's a big step in the opposite direction away from a Citizen's Income. It doesn't include Council Tax Benefit so for most households the marginal deduction rate will be little different. UC is a disaster in the making.
  15. So you can't get in if you're on the fiddle?
  16. Be a skilled fish fryer and prepared to work long hours in an 'English' Chippy.
  17. Nothing was invented in India and came to us via the Arabs (also invented independently by the Maya). The Greeks had no use for nothing as they performed calculations using an abacus.
  18. Next she'll be asking for her Christmas bonus to be sent to her cat's bank account in Monaco.
  19. Your powers of observation are somewhat lacking. There are over 30 million Income Tax payers in the UK. 'Numbers of taxpayers and registered traders': http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/stats/tax_receipts/table1-4.pdf
  20. That's what they should be doing. Today's price rises are due to the inflation (of the money supply) caused by the excessive private-sector borrowing of the last decade. Now those borrowers are paying down their debts money is being removed from the economy. More new money needs to be created to replace it.
  21. Modern Li-ion batteries should last rather longer. Although non-removable, the iPhone (and iPod) battery is readily replaceable by an Apple Authorised Service Provider and many other Apple dealers (or a tame electronics hobbyist with a fine tipped soldering-iron). Apple's experience with the iPod demonstrated that the plurality of the market prefers smaller form factor over field replaceable batteries. 'Battery iPhone 3G': http://www.appleiphonerepairs.co.uk/Apple-IPhone-3G/Battery-IPhone-3G.html
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