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  1. They should have stayed at home and waited in for offers to be delivered.
  2. Cask Marque is concerned with cask (real) ale. The correct temperature for serving real ale is cellar temperature: 11-13 degrees C. No Cask Marque accredited pub should ever serve "ice cold ale". I've always found it to be a reliable indicator of beer quality. Every Cask Marque pub is also required to provide a free tasting sample on request - so you can try before you buy. What is Cask Marque? http://www.cask-marq...id=35&Itemid=55 Beer Temperature http://www.cask-marq...id=21&Itemid=26
  3. Aren't these jobs mostly in manufacturing? Will the goods they make be replaced by imports? What effect will the closure of these factories have on other UK based component or material suppliers? These may not be the only jobs lost.
  4. Carefully formulated so it disproportionately helps middle-income families in marginal constituencies.
  5. He'd better make sure that he sabotages a few sales then. That's the thing about means testing: it incentivises people to under achieve.
  6. It isn't. 'Housing Revenue Account Manual': http://www.communities.gov.uk/documents/housing/pdf/138964.pdf
  7. Actually, for the council houses, it's the opposite: it's the surplus on the Housing Revenue Account (£198 million in 2008, now around £500 million) - effectively a tax on council house tenants - which helps to fund Tesco's cheap and free slave labour. 'Campaigning council plans to use CLG officer in HRA protest' [August 2008]: http://www.insidehou...6500606.article
  8. Central London bars have to pay central London rents. The Houses of Parliament were bought and paid for centuries ago. £2.40 a pint is a big mark up on cost. Even with London wage rates they should be able to make a large profit. They don't even need to spend any money on advertising.
  9. I don't see any grounds for saying these bars are subsidised. £2.40 for a pint of beer is hardly cheap. If they can't make a good profit at that then they are badly managed. My local Wetherspoons charge £1.95 a pint and Sam Smiths pubs £1.58 a pint.
  10. Saying that we need higher interest rates when the economy and money supply growth are flat on their backs is baffling.
  11. Saying that we need higher interest rates when the economy and money supply growth are flat on their backs is baffling.
  12. Either that or he'll fall down some invisible stairs in one of these invisible houses and become....invisible.
  13. That's just another piece of uninformed HPC tosh. Tax Credits count as income when calculating CTB and HB. 'How tax credits affect other benefits': http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/taxcredits/payments-entitlement/other-benefits/affect-on-benefits.htm
  14. Poverty pimping is a huge waste of money. Another failed idea imported from abroad. Even the title of this article travels well... 'Work for the Dole doesn’t work, so why is it Coalition policy?' [April 2011]: http://theconversation.edu.au/work-for-the-dole-doesnt-work-so-why-is-it-coalition-policy-784
  15. They even need to do that. Any business today with a public profile is innundated with speculative applications.
  16. Even on HPC I'm surprised you found 223 people to endorse such a catalogue of barking mad policies.
  17. Setting up the Debt Management Office was another. They've done a sterling job (pun intended) of managing the nation's debt and pushing out the average maturity to almost 15 years. It's one of the main reasons why UK interest rates can be kept low and a financing crisis avoided. I do find it amusing that their office is in Philpot Lane.
  18. While protesters are in the vicinity they could nip over to Portcullis House and voluntarily 'water' the fig trees... 'MPs spend £400,000 of taxpayers' cash on 12 fig trees for their offices': http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-24035322-mps-spend-pound-400000-on-12-trees-for-offices.do
  19. We just don't know. Maybe they are owner-occupiers in a terrace house with a small mortgage (or ex-council RTB). It's all speculation.
  20. What? I think you've got the wrong idea of Universal Credit. Essentially, it's just an amalgamation of some existing benefits and Tax Credits. The Housing Benefit component will be calculated and paid in a similar manner to the current system - to claim you'll need a valid tenancy agreement and proof that you are actually paying rent. If you live in a tent or campervan you won't get any money to house yourself. You would be able to claim for couch-surfing if you pay rent as a lodger. Rather than allow claimants who rent somewhere cheaper than the published LHA rate to keep some of the saving, the government have moved in the opposite direction and abolished such Excess Payments (a particularly stupid move which even their own advisory committee can see will tend to push up bottom-end rents).
  21. Given that the article is on MSE it would have been useful to have seen a family budget. As it is, we don't even know the size of his family.
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