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  1. I would be interested to see what the figures are for when their next mortgage 'deal' was taken out. I done the same when I took out the mortgage. Mortgage was 2 year deal with 35 year term, used the 'saved' money to get some repairs / decoration / furniture done to the house because we weren't sure how much things were going to cost etc as we'd never had a house before, no bank of mum and dad to rely on either. Money we didn't spend went into a pot and was paid off the mortgage at the end of the two years. So we where no worse of really. Next term was 20 years as we knew where we were
  2. If a house sells within a week I'd imagine that the seller got reasonably close to what they where looking for, or you think they would have held on for another week at least wouldn't you ? New owners where moved in and all before the month was out. This seems to be the general consensus among my friends and the people I work with who are all around 30ish, probably about the usual first time buyer age now I would expect. They mostly think the houses they are looking at are decent value, they don't want to rent any longer and they can get a mortgage. So they are looking to buy and so ar
  3. I bought about 2 1/2 years ago now. The same kind of house directly behind me has just sold, had an asking price of £20k more than I paid 2 1/2 years ago and it is without a conservatory and garage. It was sold within a week of the sign going up. I had a good deposit, mortgage in principle, no chain and was clued up and ready to buy. Everyone else with offers on the house I bought had none of these. The seller had reduced the house to the 'minimum' price to generate interest and to get a bidding war going. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for him it never happened. A fair bit of t
  4. Well just to give all who give me advice on this thread an update and what I've done. Real life buying experiences seem to be few and far between ! We bought 2 months ago, detached bungalow in a nice area in Bangor, will never really need to move. Was on the market for near 3 years. Started off at £290k (thanks propertybee) it's RV is £170k and worked it's way down to £150k in the end. The vendor just wanted rid of it for personal reasons and cut £30k of the price to generate interest and get a bidding war going. He actually got what he wanted, had quite a bit of interest and quite a f
  5. The vendor agreed to the request and instructed the agent to stop marketing the property. If he'd have asked for a deposit I would have give him one. Yes, if i'm spending X thousands on fees and commiting to the sale I do expect the vendor to show faith in me actually. How is it fair that other viewings could take place so allowing others to jump in after I've wasted a few months and a few grand, or does this only work the other way around in your opinion ?
  6. Hello ! I have put an offer in for a house and the sale has been agreed. Part of our condition was the house would be removed from the market. It has gone marked as sale agreed / sold on propertynews / pal and their own website. Estate agent said this is it 'off the market'. I didn't agree and we had a bit of an exchange on the phone, but they won't budge. If I didn't stipulate that it had to come off the market as part of the deal I imagine the house would be sitting as it is now, sale agreed / sold ?! But we clearly told them it had to come of the market and even the estate agent
  7. Are any local media outlets quoting the actual figures ?!
  8. There moving a bit in my area, North Down. Just having a nosey about spotted this: *THE OWNER WILL ACCEPT THE FIRST FINANCIALLY SECURE OFFER OF THE ASKING PRICE* http://www.propertypal.com/79-dunlambert-drive-fortwilliam-park-fortwilliam-park-belfast/55881 How about nooooo
  9. Nothing to do with RV but not worthly of it own thread. http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r=1&c=711&s=98762106&i=1&p=PNC531972&fp=1&sort=added Check that with property bee. Went from £119,950, POA, been sale agreed and for sale again a few times, so what do you do ? Surely after the last time it fell through the wise thing to do is shove the price up to £149,950 ! That'll have it shifted in no time at all ! Fixed price aswell of course.
  10. So was I at the beginning, but that one does appear to be a lost cause. Some of them just can't see sense, debating with that one just seemed to be pointless in the end There are some sensible ones over there also tho !
  11. Well I'm still here ! I've sat tight and didn't buy anything ! Houses I've been looking at have indeed dropped another £10k-£20k since the start of this thread. To be honest i'm actually more nervous about buying a house this year than I would have been last year. Seems everyhing is on a knife edge at the moment. What's everyones plans, waiting till prices reach RV ? I've read some saying they have already, but I've not seen them that's for sure. I can't imagine myself buying in the first half of the way anyway, but I imagine the pressure will be mounting from you know who ! Cheers
  12. Nobody will shift me before the middle of next year at least ! Can you get 6 month rentals or they all 12 really ? Looks like alot of us are in the same boat getting our ears bent by the other half !
  13. Hi again, Thanks for the replies ! I'm not in a great rush myself, same can't be said for the other half tho That's why I was considering renting out a place for a year
  14. Thanks for all the replies everyone ! It's taken a fair bit of saving to get 20% raised so far, ideally I'd want 25% before buying. According to the ulster bank website max loan calc they'll give me £168,000.00. I'm looking about a £150k house at the most, I wouldn't be happy borrowing my max with interest rates only able to go up. I'm in the North Down / Ards area, but I've still seen some decent drops on propertybee in 3 bed semi sort of thing I'd be looking at. Staying at home with the parents sounds good for the finances, but the big 3 0 is looming for me and I'd like to get away be
  15. Hi everyone, I've been lurking about here and the main board for quite a while but haven't posted before. Anyway, me and the girlfriend have about a 20% deposit for the kind of houses / price range we're looking at. I'm very reluctant to buy anything at the moment especially before the end of the year with the budget / cuts to come. I think I've been reading the main board too much tho, with all their talk of still 30-40% drops to come I have gotten a bit spooked ! We've already had those drops over here, close to 50% or more haven't we ? How much more do you realistically expect them
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