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  1. There seems to be a lot of people who are now moving to other forums (specifically housepricechat.co.uk - its board is full of new members from here). I've followed this site and the forums, I watched the interview on TV and I think the strngth of the argument was driven home by this sites unity. So we've got rid of a few trolls, but we've lost a whole load of serious posters in this and this forum does seem to be more than a little empty other than the 'usual frequent posters'. There was a time when I really believed that this site could help people see that a crash was coming by providing information, but this loss of posters has changed all that. Just have a look at the post in the off topic discussion on this forum. House prices will crash but it would have been really useful to have an open forum for the masses who aren't involved in economics. I think that this may have harmed the cause and it certainly can't be said that housepricecrash is a free exchange of views as it's now almost draconian in its rules and emloys censorship. I'm afraid it looks like you've just played into LWT's hands.
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