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  1. Something similar happened to us a couple of years ago. We wanted to make an offer on a house in Scotland but the solicitor advised us that a closing date was going to be set. He rang us on the morning of the closing date actually 2 hours before and asked us what we would like to offer. We hadnt had time to have a survey or a second viewing so decided not to make an offer. The following week we received a bill from the solicitor for £40 for the telephone calls and letter with the bill.
  2. The EA noted our interest last Monday. Seems to me a bit suspicious that a higher offer was made on the same day we made an offer. The usual way I know is to have a Scottish solicitor to put in an offer in Scottish form but as the market is at the moment EA are passing on verbal offers to the sellers and then having them confirmed by the solicitor when accepted or so this is what we have been told. Perhaps we should have made an offer via the proper route but this costs money every time. Time will tell and there are plenty more houses on the block!
  3. We viewed a property a fortnight ago liked it but decided to make a second viewing appointment before offering. Emailed the EA who noted our interest. Viewed again over the weekend and decided to make verbal offer yesterday. Made offer 20% below offers around price. Property been on the market 4 months. Today offer rejected seller going with higher offer previously received. Is the EA telling the truth or are we being manipulated to offer more? We are cash buyers with speedy completion nothing to sell and the house is empty. I thought in Scotland all interested buyers were notified and a closi
  4. A few years ago when all the properties we were interested in were going to closing dates the final selling prices were usually £30k to £40k over the O/O prices. Now we are making offers of those amounts below the O/O prices. Hopefully someone will accept our cash soon.
  5. We were interested in a property in July last year which sold in October for 5K below the asking price. The property is back up for sale again at 20k above the sale price ! I emailed the EA to ask what improvements had been carried out to justify the huge price increase. His reply was that the property had been decorated throughout, rendered on a wall on the outside and had the bathroom upgraded (new shower cubicle). We are still interested in the property and offered what the vendors had paid in October last year but were advised that another offer had been rejected 7k over our price. I t
  6. The prices may have gone up in Dumfries and Galloway but looking on the DGSPC website there are more than a thousand properties for sale most have been for sale for 2 years or more ! At the height of the selling season spring and summer 2010 there were an average of 66 properties a month selling. This was printed on the front of the property guide until recently. Many of the properties are still for sale without a penny reduction.
  7. We have been without a water supply since Christmas Day. Our landlord has been to visit and as the supply is private (his) he has advised us that the pipework is probably frozen due to the severe weather and we can only wait until it has thawed. We are having to get water from him. How long do we have to put up with this until he has to do something about it? We obviously cannot use the toilet wash etc.
  8. Thanks for the imformation. I think we need an urgent word with our landlord as none of this has been done since we moved in.
  9. Does anyone know if there are any regulations relating to oil central heating? We have rented our property for six years and the boiler and heating system has never been serviced or checked.
  10. We made a cash offer on a cottage two months ago. It was for 10% below the guide price. The offer was rejected and we have renewed the offer but its still been rejected. Its a waiting game.
  11. We made a cash offer on a property a couple of weeks ago at !0% less than the guide price. A couple of days later received a call from the E A advising us that a near asking price had been received by a buyer in the same position as us chain free. We have had some previous bad experience with E As so decided to write to the vendor with our offer only to receive a call from them saying the higher cash offer had now been withdrawn. Yesterday we made our final offer which was rejected today. So its a waiting game, the house is empty, and the vendor has a 2 hour trip for the viewings. Hope they s
  12. We just offered 20% below the asking price on a property which has been up for sale for 2 years. Refused vendor wants asking price which has never moved in the 2 years. We are in the best possible position cash and renting. Estate Agent says she is in no hurry to move...
  13. We are currently renting in the south of Scotland and are considering moving to the Caithness area. Has anyone any information regarding the property market in that area. We are cash buyers and do not require employment schools etc. Looking for a rural property.
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