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  1. Just to say, CEBR forecasts make Michael Fish look like a genius In 2007... A leading think tank says Britain's housing boom will continue in 2007, with average prices rising by more than £1,000 a month. The latest forecast from the Centre for Economics and Business Research says: 'Despite recent rate rises, house prices will continue to grow in 2007 and 2008, with annual house price inflation this year expected to hit 7.6 per cent.' But the CEBR is forecasting slower growth in 2008 and 2009, when house prices will probably increase by just 1.5 per cent and 3.9 per cent respectively. Howev
  2. Just to remind folks what they said in 2006! Following last week's big property market story where a leading economist predicted sharp falls in house prices within the next two years, another economist is arguing a house price crash is "very unlikely". The Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) has come up with five reasons why there will not be house price crash, in contrast to Morgan Stanley economist David Miles' predictions of significant falls in house prices (full story). Jonathan Said, senior economist at Cebr, argues there will not be a crash because demand far exceeds su
  3. How about sticking it into a pension and seeing and immediate 25-40% gain thanks to HMRC!
  4. Only 17,000 votes lost? Sounds like CGT hikes are guaranteed. Anyway, I hate tax as much as they do but if I pay 40% on my hard earned income why not the same on investment income? Seems only fair!
  5. Don't agree. The poor are looked after by social housing. Those on 'low income' could afford to buy a modest home if prices lower. One of the reasons they were pushed up was surely the BTL 'investors'. Don't know any who see themselves as hosuing providers to the poor!
  6. Can you explain why house price falls would be disastrous for the wider economy? I think the opposite. What matters to the wider economy is turnover, not house price values - that's my point of view.
  7. Yes, not a great advert for investment advice is he?!
  8. Hasn't it started already - 20% falls, more in some places... I know prices recovered a little last year but wasn't that due to the 'quantative easing' crap plus trashed currency that buoyed prices up?
  9. That's one hell of a story! To answer your question my understanding is the answer is no they don't but when you want to buy and negotiate on price surely it all helps to be able to demostrate that you are a serious buyer and everything's in order. A mate of mine who works part time at an EA says that some people go as far as pulling together a file of info for th vendor showing deposit evidence, mortgage approval, rental agreement (FTB) etc and it really helps them accept a low offer!
  10. Your re are assuming that the Government can steer the economy whichever way it wants. I don't think so. They've managed to keep the bubble inflated short term but it simply isn't sustainable as far as I can see. Can anybody explain how it is? If they don't get a grip of debt inflation will get out of control as sterling weakens further and the bottom falls out of the bond market, thus forcing up the cost of borrowing. This will wipe out house prices. Or something like that!
  11. Ah, I think you're confusing asking prices with selling prices! Also don't forget LR figures do not include repossessions or auction properties - they think it 'distorts' the picture!
  12. 'Don't miss life. It will pass you by'. This is something I don't get - the idea that if you do not 'own' a house you are somehow missing out. I have so many friends who are desperate to own their own house and seem to think that until they do they are out in the cold. Luckily I have many more who just don't care about that, who are having fun and really doing something with their life. One of my friends is spending two years living with orang utans, helping some programme to keep them from extinction (not for me I must admit) but really doing something she enjoys. Another mate is going
  13. How can HPI keep going? Prices fell 20% then made a 9% recovery (on the 80%)... hardly surprising. To think that it is all over seems to be wishful thinking - I just can't see anything other than further falls. I see lots of price drops of Rightmove... even in an apparently recovered market.
  14. I've only just joined this site and it is really funny to read your post cos from my point of view the market is dead. Of course this is only a temporary situation and interest rates will be forced up, either by inflation or by a crash in sterling. That is when the market will fall apart. I know so many people who are just keeping their head above water, Prices will need to fall by 40% for the market to get moving again - ask the majority of first time buyers, who need to be in to hold the market up! The average house needs to cost around £100k before the market will stop falling but it w
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