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  1. I enjoyed reading the writings of two great educated thinkers namely a chap named Daddy Bear and Dr Bubb and its was the reason for reading this forum. I now appreciate the reason for their absence. My last reply with respect to the banks gaining access to cheap money to the money markets is my final clue for you all. They cant.
  2. I may be able to offer something of an answer to your question. I sent in my first post the other day were I touched upon the re-mortgage market. Over 2009 the levels of re-mortgage work that I was doing was very low. In fact dead. I would hazard a guess that about 10% of my workload was allocated towards this area. I will be able to give you a more accuarte figure shortly. This signalled to me that people were moving over to their lenders SVR. Since the start of the year 2010, the volume of remortgage work for me has increased quite considerably especially among the following three lenders
  3. I seem to have caused a bit of a stir with my first post. I will continue to offer up my observations for the time being and report what I am experiencing with volumes of mortgage work, and values being achieved in the London market only. For now I wish to give some of the reasons as to why I am bearish on property values over the medium to long term. The simple answer is DEBT and the level of DEBT both private and public. Thers is tonnes of it. Since early 2009 interest rates have been set at dangerously low levels. As a result (a year later) we are seeing the first glimpses in unsustai
  4. Bot there are some people using this thread that are very angry with life. Anyway a few quick replies to some of the questions raised. In due course I will attempt to answer as to how I value a property be it for a sale or remortgage and what I am looking for with respect to providing a value for mortgage purposes. I will also attempt to give my views why I am bearish on the housing market for the UK and what are the views of other surveyors that work around the country. Edit Note: The RICS publishes a monthly report on its members views. These are from Chartered Surveyors working in estat
  5. I have listed below the major players (lenders) and the not so major. RBS & Natwest (off set mortages- popular with City boys) Nationwide Abbey Alliance and Leicester Coventy Building Society - a very strong lender that has come into the market of late especially their buy to let arm Godiva. You need 60%LTV. You still get the few try on desperate BTL owners trying their arm at getting a good rate but they are soon found out, down valued and rejected as their LTV does not meet the necessary requirement. My view on this lender is that they have taken over from Cheltenham and Gloucester
  6. I have been reading this site with some interest for a short while now and have decided to offer up what I am experiencing to date with resepct to the housing market in my patch anyway. As a Chartered Surveyor I am engaged in undertaking survey and valuation work within prime Central and West London for a major surveying firm. As a surveyor I have always been well fed with work from all of the major lenders though with the onset of the recession my workload is way off its peak 2007/2008, So were are we today. From February 2009-September 2009, my workoad boomed largely due to the massive i
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