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  1. If you plan to stay there 15 to 20 years, then paying 5% less or more isn’t going to be the end of the world. I would try and find as many similar properties as you can to guide a fair value...saying that at a ask price of £539k seems silly not to stick to a top price of £499k (just under the 4% SD threshold) Cheers and good luck Remember ... a house (home) is much more than a financial transaction... Something the HPC wishes (just like the get rich investors before them) seem to have lost sight of
  2. Post or PM some details - location , deposit paid, deadline to complete, market value today (realistic) I know someone (cash buyer) who might buy your position from you..if it is simply a funding issue shouldn’t hurt you too much …if the valuations have shot massively south then perhaps a different story. cheers
  3. So the guys that stole all the money were never found ....only the guy that handled it two years for handling seems fair...would like to have seen someone get 10 years for the real crime (theft)
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