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  1. Link to bullion by post https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-sovereign-specific-year/elizabeth-ii-young-head-1957-1968/1965-gold-sovereign/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shop&utm_campaign=product&gclid=CKWJ57vmmsMCFQPHtAod8zMAAg
  2. I'm far from an expert but it appears some years have a higher premium than others Hence why bullion by post sell them (currently) at £303
  3. Forum moderators - I'm posting the details up here as I assume there isn't a classified section - please feel free to move Reason for sale - saving all my pennies for a new car and with only 5 gold coins it feels I'm neither in our out of Gold. Based in Cheshire (wilmslow) I want £1,250 for all 5
  4. Is there a classified section ? I have 5 1965 gold sovereigns that I am looking to sell ?? Rather not use ebay or "trade" them in Cheers
  5. This really only applies if you used 100% cash to buy your house, as the amount of gold you could have bought would have been limited to the cash you had (as far as I know you can't get a mortgage on gold purchase...now that is an idea)
  6. Been on the mkt since July 09 - over 3 years Still marketed as a new build...I assume all the appliances are no longer under warranty. Equally 3 years without being lived in (regularly cleaned, heated etc) will have taken some toll . http://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/1-harefield-drive/wilmslow/sk9-1nj/21541407
  7. I have offered on 3 houses in the 3 months. 90.5% of recently reduced asking (new build) 94% of recently reduced asking 90% of estate agent valuation (after their fees) before even came on the mkt (100% cash offer) I was rejected on all three, the first two have been on the mkt for 12 months plus, all be at slightly higher prices. Based on my simple man maths, 8 houses sold in the area in the last 12 months at this price or above, there is currently 30 plus for sale, so nearly 4 years of stock.
  8. ....late £30's to early £40's according to jobs watch (based on just over 300 ads in and around belfast) http://www.itjobswatch.co.uk/default.aspx?page=1&sortby=0&orderby=0&q=Senior+developer&id=0&lid=1131
  9. Quick search of Cheshire planning online suggests it was granted planning to be turned into a contemporary home and marketed (off plan) at £1.7M The planning elapsed…and the locals decided the two cottages (it was originally two separate homes) were of historical value and extension to the planning date was subsequently rejected As my 8 year says…..you snooze you loose detailes when for sale at £1.7m http://www.zoopla.co.uk/property-history/whiteoak-cottage/collar-house-drive/prestbury/macclesfield/sk10-4ap/1151835
  10. good spot - might go and view later this area is awash with over paid for re-development plots
  11. Forgot to add make sure your commute dosent include travelling on the M6 - the section between j15 & j19 is one of the worst for traffic, closures and accidents I have ever known - quick google search will confirm this. I think the problem is down to the hypnotic effect of seeing so many black range rover sports being driven by women with orange skin...or men with two much hair gel - Welcome to Cheshire
  12. Are you not looking on the wrong side of the M6 ? the traffic in a morn & eve can be quite mad going east west etc across the M6 Assuming you new office is east of the M6, I'd be looking in Holmes Chapel, Congleton, Macc etc .........You will get less for your money (although your budget will still go a long way) however IMHO the schools are a lot better ... Cheers
  13. Subject to a mortgage valuation scam in 2008 ???
  14. Place we rent last sold in sept 2006 for £465k has been for sale for couple years with no bids above high £300's Common house price wisdom used to bank on plus 7% a year, so today it should be worth over £650k
  15. Place we rent last sold in sept 2006 for £465k has been for sale for couple years with no bids above high £300's Common house price wisdom used to bank on plus 7% a year, so today it should be worth over £650k
  16. Don't belive the agents - lots of overpriced stuff in wilmslow but also some more realistic priced items STD exec home sold oct 2007 for £550k - sold last sept for £402k (it went to offers over so this was the top bid) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html/nomsite?prop=27488539&sale=30255899&country=england Also 4 bed house, good area/street but in need of refurb for circa £175k - paxford place
  17. I've been looking to buy in that area for the last 12 months (and Holmes chapel / knutsford prior to that) Very little has sold - and I would even less lately unless it is at below 2007 prices. Seen a few propities being marked down ion asking price by over 20% during the pas year. Some new builds have been empty and for sale for coming on three years. I currently live in wilmslow and rent a 4 bed semi, 2 bathrooms, garden - 5 min walk to the centre etc for £1200 a month - based on the rental yield it should be worth around £300k - it last sold in 2006 for £465k and had been on the Marke
  18. Head line should read “House prices to fall in real terms by over 12%” Assuming inflation continues to run at 5% PA, compounded over 5 years this equates to 27% - so 15% “gain” is a real world loss.
  19. I'm looking to buy, will buy all 10 assuming location is suitable (I’m based in south east and Manchester area) I will pay spot (split between HG buy/sell prices), probably worth a couple hundred extra £ plus no postage/ insurance costs, I can do bank transfer or draw a counter cheque in front of you at the bank/ can provide ID etc PM if of interest - cheers
  20. I work within the Tesco group PLC (not bank or retail) the below is all in my humble uneducated opinion. I have all my savings with Tesco (I know all eggs in one basket etc) however this article tipped it for me http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article28905.html Banking Groups (separate Licences) Probability Deposits over £85k are Safe National Savings & Investments 99% Tesco Bank 80% HSBC 75% Co-op
  21. Check light (all rooms) what's it's like during the day with the room lights off Noise Securtity (from theft/breakins) Rodents Cold/damp There is normally a reason they are cheaper ...
  22. perhaps this will help ?? http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article28905.html Banking Groups (separate Licences) Probability Deposits over £85k are Safe National Savings & Investments 99% Tesco Bank 80% HSBC 75% Co-op 75% Standard Chartered 65% Santander Group 50% Barclays 35% ING Direct 25% Nationwide BS 20% CitiGroup 20% Lloyds TSB 10% HBOS 10% Nat West 5% RBS 5% Allied Irish 1%
  23. 5 years living in a great home didn't make money , didn't lose money - this is the way it should be
  24. Some facts – Sold house - Exchanged, complete next week Detached house Herts, bought in Q1 2006, not advertised and not a motivated seller, sold for 13% more than purchase price (less circa 4% we spent in renovation costs) So net gain 9% in 5 years Original buy and current sell costs (legal, stamp, agent fees etc) halves this number to circa 4.5% Compound inflation during the same 5 year period (RPI) is circa 17% So net net net ---- 2% loss over 5 years **The EA value from peak (2207) to trough (2010) was a spread of 21% - fortunately I didn’t believe him on both accounts... Now r
  25. Staged self build mortgage is the way to go http://www.selfbuildabc.co.uk/building/self-build-mortgages.asp Can I ask where you find the details of such properties from...I am looking to buy a part build as well Cheers
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