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  1. The term "Sleeping Partner" may be appropriate in this instance.
  2. Byron, Peter Way lives in that well known, and crowded, town called Denial. He huffs and he puffs his way through interviews without ever having a full grasp of either the facts or the seriousness of the matter. I genuinely believe he needs a medical assessment in order to identify how anyone can live their life being so dellusional. He IS Mr Anti Midas.....and he has ruined so many lives in the process.
  3. Which court is hearing the bankruptcy petition?
  4. It's only a matter of time before Peter Way claims that 40 of those chairs @£2,500 each have miraculously disappeared from the restaurant...the same way as all that kitchen equipment was cunningly slipped past the London security staff while they were on a fag break! I'm beginning to wonder if David Copperfield is employed there!
  5. The Langland Brasserie has been taken over by the owners of Mamma Mia's in Swansea. It has an Italian flavour to it and the manager is acutely aware that the service has to drastically improve if they are to win back the customers who have deserted it. The previous staff are still there but I get the impression that they'll either have to shape up or be shipped out pretty quickly.
  6. Agree, it does...but just look at those plastic chairs!! Straight out of the Quadrant bus station waiting room!
  7. I hope you're right Charlie. I spoke to PW pre Xmas and he was all bullish about taking it over but, as you say, probably more of his never ending ********. The Langland Brasserie has huge potential, especially with the large car park and great views but, just like the Penthouse, it has been run by total incompetants to date, unlike the Surfside cafe which is extremely basic by comparison but offers a much more pleasant and efficient experience. They do what they do very well without any pretentions.
  8. Just walked passed the Langland Brasserie...it's been closed for a few days but re-opens tomorrow under New Management!! Anyone know who has taken it over? Please DO NOT say Mr Way!
  9. How about opening a high class restaurant with a mouthwatering menu, comprehensive wine list, welcoming ambience, in a great location with stunning views and having top notch staff who understand the concept and importance of delivering the best possible service? Now, wouldn't that be something we'd all appreciate? Let me know if a suitable premises ever comes on the market!
  10. It's probably safe to say that he will not last 10 months let alone 10yrs so will he be allowed to sub let it? ...that is always supposing that someone would want to take on the place with a complete refit required. Is Earthquake the Landlord or did someone else acquire it and lease it to Peter Pan?
  11. Jezza, can you confirm whether Way actually purchased the restaurant or has simply leased it? If he did purchase it...is there a mortgage involved? It is difficult to fathom how in this current economic climate he could secure funding with such a dodgy track record.
  12. He applied for every licence going! including an Adult entertainment licence and Alcohol to be served from 7am licence. The Council were quite happy to give them all to him but thankfully some residents objected and they were not granted. Agree with you about fixtures and fitting...they are utter tat. The venue mirrors Mr Way...totally without class and/or style
  13. It actually speaks volumes that a clueless conman managed to secure the restaurant in the first place. I know that other "serious" restauranteurs (and chains such as Pizza Express) looked at its viability and concluded it simply would not work. The developer has a lot to answer for with regard to the design and pure functionality of the top floors and access to and from them. Peter Way's licence precludes people walking in off the street and having a beer in the shoody bar area (or holding area for taxis as he would describe it). Unless you have a dinner reservation (or resident) you are not
  14. I hear from reliable sources that in the unlikely event of the restaurant remaining open for another month that Martians are planning a heist on wages day in March.....
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