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  1. I wasn't aware that I had, but that said your answer to all economic woes seems to be to suggest people retail goods and services.
  2. Britain has been called a nation of shopkeepers, and clearly Bogbrush san believes what was said in jest can work in practise. The ultimate folly of neoliberalism is epitomised in the argument put forward by 'Stars' that demand for goods and services is created by the provision of those goods and services.
  3. You have it wrong. It's more like only 1% will be needed as technology will have drastically cut the need for human labour. You choose to attach pejoratives to the other 99% because you have an ideological worldview which equates joblessness with laziness.
  4. Or do what Standard Oil did which is sell at a loss to destroy competition and then jack the prices up. So whilst consumers in one area got a good deal for a while, they'd pay for it in the long run.
  5. Another twit drunk on Ayn Rand kool aid. Let them go on strike, indeed, let them amass on some secluded island on which they can bask in their collective magnificence. Meanwhile, the world will still turn, and they will be replaced. Their sense of being irreplaceable is naive hubris.
  6. Not in the short-term, but Standard Oil did not act in this way to help the consumer, they wanted to freeze out competition... "Rebates, preferences, and other discriminatory practices in favor of the combination by railroad companies; restraint and monopolization by control of pipe lines, and unfair practices against competing pipe lines; contracts with competitors in restraint of trade; unfair methods of competition, such as local price cutting at the points where necessary to suppress competition; [and] espionage of the business of competitors, the operation of bogus independent companies, and payment of rebates on oil, with the like intent." ...the fact that they ultimately failed is neither here nor there.
  7. Damn right. The 99% will eventually realise what a rough deal they have and revolt. The gilded existence of your 1% has a price, and that price is not pushing the rest of society too far.
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_Oil#Monopoly_charges_and_anti-trust_litigation About the worst example you could have used to try and make your point.
  9. What exactly is 'proper competition'? Seems a very nebulous term, especially given that the aim of any true Capitalist is to destroy competition and to ingrain a monopoly. What you seem incapable of understanding is that the equilibrium of a free market will always decay as the winners in the market use their success to tighten their grip. Monopolies (actual or defacto) are a guaranteed consequence of free markets. In allowing the state to intervene to control the formation of market monopolies we essentially accept the one monopoly of the state in preference to the numerous monopolies the free market would birth.
  10. You're parroting neoliberal nonsense. Production discovers latent demand, but the act of production does not of itself create demand. This is why huge amounts of money is spent on market research, so that companies can discover what there is a demand/need for and then attempt to bring something to market that meets that demand/need.
  11. By living in what is essentially a Capitalist society we are all by default Capitalists. In effect you're arguing for a larger population.
  12. They got as close to that poisonous ideal when slavery was legal in most of the Western world. Read the works of those that fought against the abolition of slavery and you'll see arguments not very far removed from today's neoliberal blowhards. These ideologues make specious arguments in defence of laissez faire Capitalism, but frequently demand exceptionalism for themselves and their cronies. The savages of the free market are deemed to be good medicine for the proletariat, but not for those whom the proletariat toil.
  13. Actually, dentistry will be pretty much finished within a decade. A single injection can bring about development of a new set of adult teeth, and regenerate all requisite supporting bone in the long-term endentulous. This is under development now, despite the best efforts of the dental establishment to derail it.
  14. Of course it's to blame. You've been here long enough to realise that surely.
  15. It's called Capitalism. You start with a free market, and you end up with corruption at all levels.
  16. Funny, isn't it? Low skilled workers are flung on the free market, globalized wage arbitrage pyre, but apparently doing this to higher skilled workers is unfair.
  17. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1307103/Meet-Treasurys-new-junior-adviser--Oscar-aged-7.html The trite nonsense he comes out with is hardly worthy of the fanfare. His faux precociousness smacks of desperate tutoring by parents living vicariously.
  18. It's shocking stuff, lots of nonsense from him all over youtube. He seems to have missed the report that corporate America is sitting on enormous sums of money, unwilling to deploy it as the domestic market is shrinking,
  19. http://rate.forbes.com/comments/CommentServlet?op=cpage&sourcename=story&StoryURI=forbes/2010/0913/curing-unemployment-federal-uncle-sam-scrap-minimum-wage.html This is essentially the argument the twerp writing this article is making. I'm guessing he isn't volunteering to live in a neighbourhood in which the impact of such a policy would be felt. Here's a video of this idiot... His homepage... http://www.artcarden.com Seems he's attached to the mises institute, and promulgates a lot of their conspiratorial craziness.
  20. http://www.build.co.uk/construction_news.asp?newsid=115699
  21. http://www.dwelle.co.uk/ Unbelievable that anyone would consider paying thousands for a glorified shed.
  22. Another promise broken. He made great play out of his claims that he would pursue charity work after office and would not be touting himself on the lecture circuit.
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