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  1. Of course by jumping on the union busting bandwagon the middle classes have ensured the union movement is so moribund, and largely under the control of industry,y that there will be very little effective opposition to the dismantling of many middle class professions.
  2. You want a free market in labour, here it is in action. Funny how many mouthpieces for laissez faire free market capitalism are up in arms now the kinds of jobs they might be making a living from are at threat.
  3. If I were Mr Tate I'd consider getting out of the country for bonfire night.
  4. http://www.retail-jeweller.com/in-business/retailers-label-minimum-wage-restraints-unfair/5017889.article This coming from the mouthpiece of an industry with amongst the highest profit margins in retail.
  5. The MSM have got themselves into such a frenzy about 'cuts' that it has escaped their notice that practically no cuts are going to be made until 2013. The narrative going into the election from the Conservatives was that very significant cuts had to happen very soon,and yet now it seems they can wait. http://www.wheredoesmymoneygo.org/cuts/summary/ Not exactly the savage cuts advertised.
  6. People choose to trade in sterling, there is nothing stopping you doing a deal with your local grocer to pay for goods in whatever medium of exchange you choose.
  7. What monopolies? We have very few state enforced monopolies. We have plenty of de facto monopolies in the private sector, but these are the inevitable consequence of a free market system. Capitalists don't enter a market with the ambition of coexisting happily with competition, the aim is to destroy it, and use their position of power to create barriers for new entrants.
  8. This is clearly an attempt to reverse the situation where over half of school leavers are pursuing higher education.
  9. The housing bubble is simply the current manifestation, and something of a sideshow. If we had a sane housing market the bankstas would still have decimated the economy. Consumer mortgages are the tip of the iceberg in terms of banksta activity.
  10. The fate of the wider economic World is but a trifling detail to these gilded Capitalistas. Habitual cocaine use has incubated such crass hubris and megalomania in these people that not a quantum of remorse is to be found in any of them. Those that have defenestrated themselves have done so out of self pity when their chickens have come home to roost.
  11. 'Heselden died in 2010 from injuries apparently sustained falling from a cliff whilst riding a Segway'
  12. Why is one deemed a socialist for merely pointing out that the autophagous nature of free market Capitalism dooms it to collapse?
  13. How about taking heed of one of the quotes from that shrill harpy you so admire? You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality. -- Ayn Rand
  14. Our resident Capitalista blowhard 'Bogbrush' epitomises the phoney entrepreneurship that has taken root in the UK. The UK is now infested with parasitic companies that want access to the domestic market, but they don't want to pay a single penny in wages to UK workers if they can help it.
  15. http://liverpool.gumtree.com/liverpool/66/64261366.html So that's an entry level' position, yet requires 3 years experience, and a significant skill base.You'd be better off taking a 16k call centre job, less stress and no more tedious.
  16. It's a reasonable conclusion based on the way government has worked past schemes. The workfare programme is also effectively voluntary, assuming you don't mind losing your benefit for not taking part.
  17. Oh I'm sure people could refuse, and promptly get their benefit claim stopped, which from the perspective of the government sorts the problem out anyway. What exactly would they learn? That India is a filthy diseased shithole. That in most parts of the country drinking the water will likely kill you. And don't so quickly decry so called keyboard revolutionaries, as every revolution has begun with a group of people expressing discontentment, and their words are the seeds of later action.
  18. It's universal, everyone of voting age is gets it. Agodd explanation here http://www.cutthecrap.biz/blog/memes/taxation.html Although the figure he uses isn't realistic. It would have to be around £150 a week.
  19. You're free to do any paid work you choose, all a citizen's wage does is afford everyone a basic standard of living.
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