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  1. You've been reading the Daily Mail haven't you? Please point us to the European directive that says any such thing and is applicable in the circumstances outlined here. I'll wire transfer £5000 to an account of your choosing should you manage to do so.
  2. My scheme? You flatter me. We have plenty of evidence both theoretical and practical that a CI is not inflationary and that it actually boosts productivity. You can't muster a single theoretical or practical argument suggesting otherwise. All the criticisms ultimately boil down to the expression of a puritanical work ethic generally espoused by people who have barely worked a day in their pampered lives. The rich simply cannot stomach the idea that their workers could down tools and live modestly off of their share of the wealth of the nation.
  3. A citizen's income is a practical possibility without the advent of a civil war; your suggestion is not. A CI is not inflationary as it does not involve inflating the money supply. It redistributes, it does away with a myriad of other benefits and a complex tax system. The proposed Robin Hood tax could fund a good chunk of the shortfall from other saving required to pay the circa £800/monthly figure that is most frequently put forward.
  4. Indeed it would. So where is your evidence it would be inflationary?
  5. A citizen's wage isn't inflationary, so they won't be significantly disinsentivised . Surely the rich would welcome being able to emply people for whatever they are prepared to work for? A citizen's income obviates the need for a minimum wage, if a company can find staff to work for £1/hr that's fine. It seems to me that implicit in your objections to this idea, is the acknowledgement that people like you make their businesses work with the aid of a benefits system, that keeps the poor under constant threat of sanction.
  6. Does the wide availability of oxygen diminish its usefulness? All wealth is a decree, because it is backed by a decree of law which enforces property rights. Find me one example in which a citizen's income has caused inflation.
  7. Not sure what you're getting at there, please clarify.
  8. Financial security does not seem to make all rich people lazy, why would it do so to those of much lesser means?
  9. Many other large tech companies intend to follow suit. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-callahan/googles-tax-avoidance-so_b_772080.html
  10. And how would this be policed? It would end up costing more than the value of the labour received.
  11. Yet nowhere a citizen's income has been tried has this happened, the results have always been positive. Clearly your always going to biased against such a scheme being a minimum wage employer who has demonstrated nothing but vitriol and spite for those in his employ. Rather than spout your usual uninformed drivel, how about you find an example where a citizen's wage has been inflationary.
  12. The same incentive that sees multi millionaires still seek employment.
  13. The context to that requires that you saw another thread in which someone suggested something similar.
  14. So you support the current byzantine benefits system?
  15. It would deny people like Bogbrush san the delight of seeing legions of unemployed people scouring monied neighbourhoods offering to take dogs for walks, wash cars, and shining shoes. That's what monied class is really looking forward to, a working class so demoralised and humiliated they'd end up as little more than chattel.
  16. Not ventured out from under your rock recently?
  17. Opposition comes from different groups... 1. Civil service deadwood 2. Globalists that don't want to see their little game of wage arbitrage ruined. 3. Those that fail to understand that unemployment is only ever going to go up from this point on.
  18. Right, but the same jobs in the North pay about 16k, so you can't win.
  19. Financial means should never be an obstacle to the most able pupils getting the best education.
  20. Bluntly, it's intended to humiliate and demean. It's the same with the ridiculous role playing interview exercises. Make people feel uncomfortable, remove any vestige of self-respect, and then you have yourself a compliant drone.
  21. Never attribute to malice that which can be more readily explained by stupidity.
  22. An investment has to at least match inflation, and more ideally exceed it. So what Mr. Glover wants is for houses to become ever more expensive relative to wages. Just another V.I moron from the Daily Fail.
  23. I wouldn't pay 35 quid for it. Looks fit for demolition.
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