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  1. Such is the mendacity of neoliberals that they are now trying to suggest that socialism is somehow to blame for this mess. Governments giving massive amounts of taxpayers money to private banks with no strings attached is not socialism, it's crony Capitalism writ large..
  2. Wrong tense. It collapsed some time ago.
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/6932643/Freeze-minimum-wage-to-help-British-youths-stay-employed-says-CIPD.html All this is going to do is further ingrain a problem that already exists, employers taking on younger workers and ditching them as soon as they cross the age threshold for higher rate minimum wage. The rate should be singular and apply to all.
  4. Satire is supposed to be funny. Labourlist is just sad, very very sad.
  5. http://www.labourlist.org/differences-policy-appraoch-labour-conservative-economy Laughable, unbelievable, and typifies the kind of snivelling sycophants that involve themselves with Labour.
  6. The free market gambit seems to be hastening towards its end game. We are now seeing a recrudescence of social ills long considered banished, and many people are realising that the free market altar at which they worshipped fostered a simulacrum of prosperity, but not prosperity itself. Unfortunately it seems no matter the number or extent of the failures of laissez faire Capitalism, there is always a confluence of cynicism and stupidity ever ready to defend it. The boom and bust cycle into which Capitalism locks us is getting shorter, and this trend is likely to continue as we lurch from financial crisis to financial crisis, always carrying with us the accumulated burden of previous financial folly. I had dared to hope that the scale of this bust would be sufficient to finally slay the free market Diabolis, but sadly my panglossian outlook failed to take full account of just how stupid people can be.
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