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  1. What battle of intellect? You've delivered a torrent of verbiage which has communicated precisely nothing of any value. Your bellicose attitude towards the poor is ill-informed trash. Forgo the roses and try inhaling the elucidative aroma of the coffee.
  2. Right, because society is a perfect model of meritocratic processes at work. Nobody ever gets ahead by virtue of anything other than absolute ability, no Siree.
  3. Not your post, the person that described it as a social experiment.
  4. And there we have it. The rich are special and must be treated differently than the Untermensch, who given access to significant financial means will squander it. At least we know where you stand.
  5. Well, if it's any consolation I still think you're a **** and the wages you are paying are a joke.
  6. The context was pejorative, it was not described as such with any positive connotation.
  7. Your knee-jerk objection belies your lack of intellectual consideration of the proposal. The report compiled in Germany based on a CI of 1000 euros a month was basically cost neutral, with massive saving being made by the reduction in staff required to police the existing complex tax and benefits system. In essence what you are advocating is a continuation of a bloated public sector, a ridiculously complex tax, benefits system and pension system.
  8. .The 'it's a social experiment' argument is entirely fallacious. The same argument can be used to deny any change to the status quo.
  9. The figure put forward from the German group pushing the idea was 1000 euros a month. Much less tan many people currently receive in benefits.
  10. The second statement does not necessarily follow the first.
  11. Curiosity is one thing, this is a vetting process.
  12. You unfamiliar with the term 'fly tipping'? It's a big problem now, the removal of any legal sanction would make it a massive problem.
  13. LOL, it gets more ridiculous. So I move to a new area and am then interrogated by the local Gestapo as to my previous conduct. This seems like a rather egregious invasion of privacy, the kind of thing you bemoan when done by a central government.
  14. Strange that this problem does not manifest itself for criminals in society at present. Maybe this guy dumps the waste in the middle of the night wearing a balaclava. The point remains, you have no way to stop him because he has a absolute right to dump where he chooses. He's notr damaging your property, he's simply contaminating the land that surrounds it.
  15. Right, because the issue of people dumping dangerous waste on public land is purely theoretical, never happens. You've revealed another wonderful aspect of InjinWorld, nobody ever moves anywhere, they reside birth to death in the area they were born. I can't move to a new area and expect things like healthcare or the provision of basic social services as. That's great Injin, I'm beginning to think you're a crypto-communist.
  16. How do they claim back against him? They have no recourse to do so. As for the individual dumping waste, he's made a fortune and find that he has no trouble finding people wanting to talk to him.
  17. Evasion. This guy has no kids and his wife fully supports the dumping of toxic waste inches from your homestead. Now, please explain... 1. Why there would be any fone in the first place given you have no claim to hte land. This guy is perfectly entitled to do as he pleases with it. 2. Who enforces any fine that could be made in the event of the toxic waste also destroying your home?
  18. Plenty of people would be waving guns around, because there would be no legal injunction preventing them. As for clean up costs, why? You have no claim to the land, and the toxic waste has not touched any of your possessions. Apart from that, who is going to enforce the fine?
  19. If you ever had to exist in the lawless anarchy you advocate you'd realise what a fool you've been. There is no civil society to be had in which the actions of just one misanthropic individual can completely undermine it. The ridiculousness of the society you dream about can be demonstrated thus... A person makes a living processing toxic and radiological waste. He decides that he could make a much better profit by simply dumping it. Accordingly, he dump a ton if it where you live, surrounding your home and going up to a few inches before your front door. What recourse do you have?
  20. Of course, without these protections you'd have no foundation on which to have built your business. All a CI seeks to do is give everyone the foundation to survive in the society in which they find themselves in exchange for them living by laws imposed upon them.
  21. I see. In support of your social Darwinism will you be divesting yourself of limited liability? How about the protection of the state in defence of your property rights?
  22. Go back to? Was this until recently your preferred mode of defecation?
  23. Another one that hasn't read anything on the subject. If we had a CI in place we wouldn't be engaging in deficit spending.
  24. You keep attributing this idea to me, but it predates both of us. It has its roots with serious and well regarded economists and public intellectuals of all political persuasions. The existence of a CI will not alter the nature of those in receipt of it. The indolent will remain so, the industrious likewise. Indeed, it fosters entrepreneurship as it gives people greater freedom to try out business ideas, pursue formal or independent study, and generally free themselves from the shackles of dead end employment. I'm sure you think the points you've raised are novel and insightful, but they're not. They are the same tired assumptions spouted by those who have not bothered to read any of the literature in support of the concept. Why not take a look here... http://www.citizensincome.org/ ...and you may then be able to muster some arguments that haven't been addressed and debunked a thousand times before.
  25. Furnish me with the relevant directive and if it states as you suggest you're £5000 richer.
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