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  1. You American computer, assembled in China, and with most of the components manufactured there. Your Nokia phone, with most of its components made in China.
  2. We can't do manufacturing because British citizens can't live on £200 a month.
  3. Huh, you been under a rock for the last few decades? Japan dominates much of the consumer electronics industry with a population of around 130 million people, and with a significant percentage of the elderly. China is a nation of some 1.3 BILLION people, with a much younger population on average.
  4. http://www.technologyreview.com/computing/26596/?p1=A4 Oh dear. A few years and the 'national processor' will be on a par with whatever Intel and AMD have to offer. Won't be long before both companies start moving R&D to China, leaving a bunch of people once considered immune from outsourcing with a skill base that is rapidly devaluing.
  5. Indeed, we have pertinent examples on this forum. Both Bogbrush san and SNACR have complained that the minimum wage has hindered their ability to exploit staff, and argued that their personal exposure to tax liability should be diminished.
  6. No, a human one. To what truth do you refer in this instance?
  7. It's only a point to those that accept the precept upon which it is predicated, namely that the very existence of a 'state' is wrong. As a consumer of Injin brand kool-aid it may therefore be convincing to you, but to the reality-based community it is not.
  8. I think you'll find people have realised that rising to the bait means allowing Injin to derail yet another thread.
  9. You won't be making use of any public infrastructure at all?
  10. Figuratively it all fell out of the sky.
  11. The overwhelming sense I get from your posts on this subject is one of someone frustrated by their income and rationalising it as a fait accompli; declaring yourself as one not willing to work the necessary hours. The reality is of course is that generally the higher a person's income, the fewer hours they work, so your case falls at first inspection. We've all seen this dynamic at work before in which people delude themselves that whilst the rich many have money, it somehow brings them nothing but misery. It's nothing but a psychological defence mechanism deployed to defend your ego from desiring what it will never have. You are broadcasting on a public forum what you should be confiding to a psychiatrist.
  12. In which case your jeopardy is double.
  13. Not really, no. Does passive income have the same impact on the work ethic of the rich as it does the poor.
  14. I'm not advocating anything in this regard, I'm just curious if this proposition is applicable in all cases.
  15. Does this same moral proposition apply to monies collected from passive investments by the wealthy? Clearly if your contention is that money for what is in effect nothing is corrosive to work ethic are you advocating a marginal tax rate of 100% on such income?
  16. In the context of this discussion why is my generalisation 'bankers' any less valid than your use of 'underclass'? Both are fairly nebulous terms, and yet I doubt there is anyone following this thread not clear to the kinds of people in each group we are referring. In what sense is my agenda to make the rich people poor? Unless of course you are referring to the fact that a CI would give people much more bargaining power, and as a consequence it may well be that businesses like yours would not be viable.
  17. The issue here is that certain misanthropic blowhards here refute the validity of any and all taxation. They want a stable society with infrastructure conducive to running businesses, but they're not prepared to pay a penny towards it.
  18. What's with all this 'underclass' business? A CI goes to all of voting age, it isn't some special dividend paid only to tramps and winos. The middle classes are being manipulated by the globalists into directing their ire towards those that have the least to do with their inevitable drop in living standards. The middle classes are just more human capital for the globalists, to be exploited, chewed up, and spat out. Why is it people can so readily get themselves into a high dudgeon about some poorly educated baby making machine being supported by the state, but seem rather mute when it comes to bankers. It seems to me that malfeasance from people with solid middle class credentials, somehow seems to slip beneath the indingation radar, more readily than far more minor infractions by those deemed to belong to a lower social order.
  19. By paying a bunch of knuckleheads a fortune to kick a ball around a large lawn.
  20. You've admitted on many occasions that you realise your little dreamland will never happen, so why bother advocating it at every opportunity? A CI is a practical possibility that could garner widespread support .
  21. In what sense would a LVT and CI ensure the poor remain so?
  22. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1322726/James-Caan-regrets-offering-buy-baby-girl-Pakistan-village.html Could be an interesting sideline to his scammy business selling worthless seminars to empty-headed wannabes.
  23. You extract value from your staff
  24. Not with a LVT in effect in won't. Also, there would be no generous housing benefit system for landlords to milk, so market rates would have to drop to accommodate what a person with only CI could afford.
  25. You're stuck on this puritanical idea that everything must be earned. Of course the definition of 'earn' varied depending on where you are in the income pecking order. Your staff earn their money by physical effort, you earns yours as a consequence of that effort. Have you earned your money?
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