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  1. It's the implicit endpoint of your ideological outlook. If people are to be valued based on the ease with which they could be replaced for another equally competent individual, then those with few skills may well find their maximum value to the markets is as dogfood.
  2. It's 'Nobel'. The comments made will make sense now.
  3. No, you obviously misunderstood,
  4. So, how long has he been working for you?
  5. Easiest way to stop them is for jobs to pay better wages.
  6. My point was that HGV driving has never been paid as if it is unskilled work.
  7. Because HGV driving isn't, nor has it ever been, a minimum wage job. Almost by definition a NMW job is one that any nominally functional adult can do, as a consequence there is a glut of labour available to fulfil these roles. Without a price floor imposed, we'd have people fighting over the right to work for free, in the hope of future paid employment. That thought might make your dick hard, but it's an unacceptable outcome for wider society.
  8. Let's make no bones about it though, relative to living costs the NMW is peanuts. It's a sign of just how many borderline viable businesses there are in the UK that employers have lobbied so hard for it to be lower.
  9. Yes. SNACR is likely already in receipt of a great deal of indirect subsid,y as I guarantee a large percentage of his employees are having their low wages topped up by the state.
  10. The key to trolling is to be subtle.
  11. Then you think wrong. 2000 applications, some 700 from graduates, for a few minimum wage jobs. This was reported on this very forum, and it is not an isolated example. Remove the minimum wage in the current employment climate and the offers people would be free to refuse would be 'work for free and we might think of paying you at some point in the future'. What with phoney internships and dodgy apprenticeship schemes there is enough of that going on already.
  12. It's the hypocrisy from people that on the one hand want social protections removed from those at the bottom of society, whilst availing themselves of the significant protections in place for those at the top.
  13. It all seems ideologically consistent with the core hypocrisy: The worker must chance their arm in the fires of the free market, those they toil for are to be provided with an oven mitt.
  14. I agree. The minimum wage should be scrapped, but only when the planning monopoly is abolished.
  15. You've formed your opinion by reading reactionary nonsense in 'The Telegraph'.
  16. Billions? Not even close. Here's a installation in the UK of only 25 offshore turbines.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burbo_Bank_Offshore_Wind_Farm Enough electricity to power 80,000 homes.
  17. If the reason you're giving me the £100 is to cover work I'm doing for which parts cost £60, the rest being labour, then yes, I am poorer as a result. However, this is all just disingenuous semantic piffle. The economic reality is that they have less than they had under a prior established relationship.
  18. Presumably the same reason many shops still pay the minimum wage they don't need to for checkout staff.
  19. Hence 'poorer' and not 'destitute'. A reduction in financial means in the absence of an exchange for something of value makes a person poorer. A company slashing staff wages without reducing hours or offering something else in return is making its staff poorer.
  20. So all Tesco's have to do is reduce their staff wages to 25 pence an hour, and tell the pitchfork yielding mob that they need not worry as they have not been made poorer.
  21. Right, so someone working for a company gets paid £500 a week, the company decided to cut this to £200 a week, According to your logic the worker has not been made poorer.
  22. So you agree with me then that the inevitable trend is to fewer jobs being available in the economy. In which case isn't it rather pointless to talk about the fecklessness of the unemployed when the real issue is there aren't the jobs there to meet the needs of the unemployed population.
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