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  1. Rather than trying to make friends, why don't you instead devote your time to attempting to address the incongruities in your arguments. Your belief that the entire working population of Britain can have their wages arbitraged away to subsistence levels, yet grubby little Arkwrights like yourself can still prosper, is sheer unadulterated hubris.
  2. You assume wrong. Gulags were essentially labour camps for prisoners, they housed people convicted of genuine crimes (murder, rape) and those convicted of various non crimes (demonstrating against the state). Given the allusion that I was making involved the state having declared war on the unemployed, stalags seemed a better fit.
  3. Nothing dodgy here at all. Poorly educated black youth who has never had a job lands position with city firm on £17.5k a year with training prospects. Utter ********, and a cruel misrepresentation that further vilifies the unemployed.
  4. More unemployment porn tonight. I'm not sure that the fact that people can readily be found work when well connected people pull strings, and have a film crew in attendance, says anything useful about the reality of unemployment.
  5. $7500 government subsidy to deduct from that price. As for the mustang, it's hardly a family car is it? Compared to a entry level BMW 5 door it compares very well indeed.
  6. You're showing your ignorance. The car always runs on its electric motor, a small petrol driven generator kicks in after 40 miles to provide an additional 250m+ range. Something like 80% of commutes in the USA are under 40 miles as a round trip, the figure is probably even higher in the UK. As a result for most people the petrol generator will seldom kick in, and when it does because electric motors are so much more efficient you get a much higher effective MPG.
  7. It's a real shame that the first viable electrically driven saloon car will struggle to find buyers. The GM volt is a very solid offering, and the price is much lower than many predicted, but with corporations seemingly hell bent on impoverishing their consumer base, it's going to struggle to find buyers.
  8. The 'Mad Max' films are a pretty good model for what a totally free market would look like.
  9. But as you've readily accepted, we're never going to have truly free markets, and so provisions like the minimum wage need to exist.
  10. The governments vilification of the unemployed, cheerily backed by the MSM, is creating a deranged and thoroughly baseless resentment in wider society. An army of spoilt middle-class whiners are now convinced that the unemployed are the reason the economy is falling to bit, and consequently there is growing support for ever more punitive and spiteful measures against claimants. This won't end well.
  11. No. The proposal involves making them out of a special textured glass that would give better grip than tarmac even when wet, andwould be about and be 10x as hard wearing
  12. Read about this ages ago. Would be a totally decentralised power grid.
  13. Complete drivel. You denying a problem does not mean it does not exist. Most unemployed people scrape by on between £50 and £65 a week, do you really think that this state of affairs leaves them unmotivated to find work?
  14. Not when other fixed costs are accounted for. I mean what of savings? What you are proposing involves living wage payment to wage payment, with no contingency fund whatsoever.
  15. "The number of vacancies for the three months to June 2010 was 486,000, up 10,000 over the quarter. The sector showing the largest quarterly increase was wholesaling, retailing and motor vehicle repairs, where the number of vacancies increased by 11,000 on the quarter to reach 95,000." http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=12 As I understand it the statistics are gathered collated from the job centre and several large private employment agencies. The methodology used has been criticised for a long time for generally overestimating the number of jobs in the economy due to the imperfect way duplicate advertisements are filtered.
  16. Are you offering to lend all these people the capital? If not where do you suggest they get it?
  17. And you never will be, no matter the evidence presented, because you've got a chip on your shoulder that means you can only see unemployment as a personal failing, and not a sign of the health of the wider economy.
  18. Right, but these aren't generally stable accommodation situations. I spent about a year renting rooms in houses and moved 5 times in that period. It's not a home, it's little more than dossing in a spare room.
  19. So by way of proving your point you proffer accommodation that fails to do so. So add bills and council tax and you're looking at more like £100. You also seem to disregard any other costs like those associated with travelling to work, clothes, and so on.
  20. What single room accommodation can you rent in your area for £50 a week? I'd says that amount is the upper limit of what a single person on minimum wage could afford to pay to rent somewhere; the question is what if anything is available at this price point.
  21. http://intensiveactivity.wordpress.com/2010/08/07/getting-a-job-channel-four-next-tuesday/ After the fairy jobmother comes 'getting a job' with Emma Harrison of A4E fame. Yet another series predicated upon the assumption that all that stands in the way of the unemployed finding a job is effort.
  22. I think the plan is the Chinese do. Corporate America has been aware for a long time that they've basically run the population into the ground as consumers by continually pushing to lower wages, destroying the union movement, and using outsourcing as a way of creating perpetual job insecurity amongst workers. American workers will toil like the Chinese did to make stuff for Chinese consumers to buy
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