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  1. As a consequence of repeated deletions of posts I've made without any explanation, and having my account altered such that all posts require moderator approval (again without any explanation), I cannot continue to contribute here. Indeed, this very post will itself require moderator approval.
  2. It's the old exceptionalism at work again.Having significant wealth seems to require that an individual be elevated above the laws by which the proles are bound.
  3. http://videocafe.crooksandliars.com/heather/rand-paul-gets-pissy-eliot-spitzer-asking-
  4. There's enough rubbish on freeview that those that much watch television in the day are catered for. Why can't the BBC either run educational programmes or nothing at all?
  5. I suspect it is because it works against the interests of those looking to pluck the unemployed from the dole queue. Aided by the venomous spite of the right wing press, the intention seems to be to get the unemployed so brow beaten, that they'll tolerate pretty much anything from an employer. It also serves to keep those in employ in line, lest they wish to join the dole queue. What is entirely absent from this discourse is any mention of how half a million jobs (and a good percentage of them will be fake vacancies) can meet the job needs of a few million unemployed people.
  6. Dear Daily Mail readers, it is not the fault of unemployed persons that you are... Fat Ugly Impotent In a job you hate earning a low salary Marred to a woman you don't love Frustrated with the tedium of your very existence A failure Venting at victims of our broken economy will not ameliorate your troubles.
  7. There seem to be 2 types of coercive activity defined by free market fundamentalists. Once comes under the aegis of the state, and in their minds is the nexus of all evils The other is that employed by those of wealth and power to exploit people and resources to further their position in the 'free market'. Seems to me to be another example of the Capitalist imperative to destroy all competition playing out. These people aren't arguing for an end to coercion, they just want a monopoly on it,
  8. Hoist by the petard of your own illogic you spring this new argument on us. If simply demanding more money was for ones labour was all it took, there would be very little poverty.
  9. Your theory seems very much at odds with CEO remuneration. Whatever metric by which they are rewarded it certainly is not scarcity of suitable candidates.
  10. Yep, but, I say screw them. The American middle class sat back idle whilst those beneath them were squeezed and relocated into ghetto as a consequence of globalisation. Now the middle class is getting shafted by the same process, all of a sudden they decide it's a moral outrage.
  11. Boo hoo, our crypto-klan organisation is being called racist.
  12. In fact for a group supposedly calling for a smaller state, it is strange they are seeking to use the power of the state to enforce religious nonsense in schools. Their core agenda is a the creation of a theocratic state.
  13. Nothing more than a bunch of cretins in the thrall of vile demagogues like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. The same overbearing mawkish patriotism was the seed from which the Nazi party grew.
  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1325560/Im-better-benefits-says-BBC-benefit-cuts-victim-REFUSES-work.html
  15. I don't know his business well enough to be sure of that. Not a problem though, as the business world is replete with people remunerated on a basis far removed from their ease of replacement. Have company executives become consistently harder to replace over the last few decades? The rate at which their pay has increased would suggest so.
  16. No. His capital and infrastructure secure him from easy replacement. A position secured by applying the remuneration metric in question.
  17. That's because you hold yourself to a different metric to determine remuneration. Your staff are paid based on the ease with which you can replace them. The easier they are to replace, the less they get paid..
  18. As time is the commodity we all trade your distinction is moot.
  19. Of course. A truly free market is like a fragile quantum state, destined to collapse once subjected to human action.
  20. It clearly does not. One party is subjected to a valuation based solely on the ease with which they can be replaced. The other there is a relationship between the value they create and their remuneration
  21. How can the agreement be honest when one party applies a metric for determining renumeration to the other that they fail to apply to themselves?
  22. Given freedom some choose to employ that freedom in the pursuit of violence against others for their own financial gain.
  23. If there was no historical precedent your counterargument might hold some weight. How frequently though have we seen persons deemed to offer little value to their host economy abused?
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