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  1. I use Everbank for all my different currency accounts each account is protected to 250k US. Have also used UKForex to transfer between banks.
  2. Keep us informed. I would also like to know if there are a a lot of landlords having problems renting in this area.
  3. I am seeing nothing come down in Chorleywood yet. I have underbid on a few terraced properties and got nowhere. About the only price range where I think you may get a little bit of movement is the over 600K range as there seems to be more on the market.
  4. I know this area very well and would like to buy a 1 bed in Shad itself. I have sat on the fence for maybe 5 years and it seems like this area keeps going up. Every time I have thought they are overpirced and they still go up. Flats I looked at 3 years ago at 325k are now all over 400k. Right now I am not seeing a drop at all in Shad SE1 itself. As for SE16 Bermondsey and Rotherhide I also don't see much going down in value at all close to the river. Its a very nice place these days. Anyway I am still sitting waiting hoping stuff goes down. 250k for a decent 1 bed is actually not that expensive with the walking proximity to the city etc compaired to other areas a similar distance away.
  5. My company has frozen wages and stopped matching our private pension contributions. 9000 employees.
  6. I live in the US right now and its a small US IT Security company I can PM you details Its surprising but there are quite a lot of opportunities stateside to relo to France, Iyaly etc. We have given up the thought of ever moving back to the UK......... I will be based in Sophia but cover the SE for France, Geneva and Milan so can probably work from home a lot. Last year we had a good look around Grasse and even considered the south Luberon or AIX at one stage. Funnily enough I just got a email today saying a house we had looked had in the Luberon was just dropped 100k to 475k, it was 625k last year. If we could get one of the smaller houses with a pool around the Tourettes area at 50% off we would be very happy. What specific areas of the VAR do you feel will be good buys? BTW on the subject of property taxes are some areas higher or is it pretty much the same rate everywhere? Thanks,
  7. Thanks for the informative replies. My company has an office in Sofia Antipolis so we were considering moving close to that area. On seeing a couple of websites about the Lanquedoc it looked interesting at first but on closer research it now sounds like it wouldn't suit us even if it is cheaper. We also live in the US right now so Nice is the only airport in the region with direct flights. I hope you are all right about the 50% drop. When I last looked in the Grasse area a decent house was 800k plus.
  8. Thanks for the detailed reply. Maybe Languedoc is more risky to a large fall right now as many of the Brits who bought in are more "place in the sun" scratching for a living types as opposed to more settled people on the Riviera. Looking back 10 years there was a much bigger gap price wise between the two regions than now. So is it fair to say a 50% drop in Languedoc may correspond to a 25%-30% drop on the Riviera for villas etc?
  9. Out of interest what are the main reason the Lanquedoc is less favoured than further east along the coast. Is it weather, culture, transport links, fashion or what?
  10. Be very carefull with this. I know for sure if you clain bankrupcy in the US and still have UK assets hidden they can come after you in the UK. Its happend to some people at my office and they ended up have their UK wages garnished at source. Its also considered criminal as you would have to lie in the Florida courts when you file bancruptcy. I would also be very surprised if they wouldn't chase you to the UK with all the data sharing now going on. Is the house in the same name as your UK assets? One way may be to file a quite claim on the house in the US and put it in another name. Make sure you take legal advice in FL first.
  11. All this is so true. Last time I was in Ireland two years ago every potatoe head was bragging about how smart and rich they are.....................The country will now retreat to its real place as a beer soaked backwater.
  12. Stick with the dollar over the pound. The pound is already falling again.
  13. I would say the number one priority is to get savings out of the pound. Personally I think the dollar is still the safest if things really get bad over here. Gold may be already too high and it scares me a little that mags such as moneyweek have so many articles written by VI in gold. I guess a lot also depends on how old you are, for some it may make sense just to sell up and move overseas and rent.
  14. Como, Tuscany etc will always be expensive because they are established distinations and a large percentatge of the worlds rich would like to have a property there. Calabria however is an unknown market which is why it is cheaper in comparison. Personally I would still say it may be safer to buy a much smaller place in a mroe established area.
  15. Just got an email from an agent today regarding 2 properties we looked at last April in the Luberon near Apt. One 4 bed new build has had its price dropped from 625 to 550 the other an older one from 595 to 525, looks like finally agents are dropping prices but very slowly. Also a lot more on the market aswell.
  16. A friend owns a high end building company nearby in Harpenden. He recently told me the phone pretty much has stopped ringing since December and once his latest projects are done (kitchens etc) he will be in trouble.
  17. I can echo these comments we were looking in the Menton/Sospel area and have decided to wait. One agent I know pretty well says we were the only UK people she has talked to in the last quarter. As others have said the agents windows are not yet showing a drop but a large one must be coming. I am also noticing a lot more vacant properties fro sale than before. Could they be bank repos or similar?
  18. Its game over for the Euro led by the Potatoe Heads and Spaniards. UK is also fekked and with the current immigration levels may convert to the Pakistani rupee rather than the Euro as a olive branch to Muslim extremists. Would put money into $$$$ IMHO. If Obama plays it right the US will steam ahead again.
  19. Yes maybe especially if you are in Westchester County where we are looking..............we have lived in the US before and came back to the Chorleywood area a few years ago but on balance prefer the US.
  20. Chenies is fantastic but its hard to find a decent place there. It has two great pubs as well. Its very close to Chorleywood for the tube. A couple of overpriced 18c townhouses have been for sale on and off for years opposite the cricket ground but are tiny and the land is shared and has been the cause of numerous disputes. Sarrat is not so desirible due to no train and its council estate, however its still a good place to live. I would recommend you look at Chorleywood. IMHO its better than both Amersham and Berkhamstead and has a better train service. Depending on what side of the village you live in it can fall in either Herts or Bucks. House are falling in value by the way in all these locations. Our old house in Chorleywood was on the market for 4 months and has just been reduced 8%. We are planning to sell up soon and move to the US and are figuring on getting about 20% less than the valuation our agents gave us two weeks ago......................
  21. If there is no grammer or private schools all we will have is an underclass in the UK.
  22. Interesting this as we are in the same boat. Bascially Labour have destroyed our local schools so we either have to pay private or move house in a year when our oldest turns five. Why is it better to go for primary years than seconday if you only had the money for one? I would have thought the other way round?
  23. I live about 5 miles away from Chesham and would seriously not recomend the town. There is a reason lots consider it a dump and we aren't all crazy. Its just that Chesham is no way as nice as all the surrounding areas and crime ridden in comparison. The only community I see there is either Muslim or Chav. Take a visit to any of the town pubs and walk around then compare with surrounding towns. Even better go shopping at the supermarket in Chesham and then Amersham. The tube is also a nightmare compared with Amersham which has two choices of fast trains including the mainline which is the same price. This will save you 30 mins a day each way. Schools are also way worse in Chesham because of the above comunity issues. Cheshan Bois is much better but doesnt have a good rail link. I honestly would rather a smaller home in a better location or rent a bit longer.
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