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  1. As a matter of interest in what area specifically were you looking?
  2. Are there two WGCs..................................
  3. I think high house prices have caused a lot of anger and resentment in the UK. Not just with FTBs either. Most people I know with expensive houses still are broke or maybe I should say house poor and very resentfull of being forced to pay so much for somewhere to live with space for a family.
  4. Not this time. US taxes are going down and lots of jobs being created in the private sector. Complete opposite in the UK. Plus you still need to earn at least double in the UK to buy an average house compared to the US whereas in reality people make a lot less. I think this time the UK is in big trouble.
  5. That sound about right to me by 2007 in the UK. I still don't know why they just don't tax profits on a prime residence that is owned less than 2 years like in the US. It would stop the boom and bust property market overnight and only VIs would suffer plus raise some extra tax.
  6. Well I can tell you is that my company is mutilnational and we are finally seeing massive budgets being released for projects in the US. Remember that US companies have been making tons the last few years with no investments and a lot of wealth has been built up. So in the US we are hiring big time. As for the UK the only work we are seeing is government sponsored hence in the UK we will probably be letting people go soon. The national deficit just doesn't seem to impact the US people on a street level where sentiment is very good right now. As for predictions US end the year at 4% UK end the year at 4.25% As for housing the US is still way cheaper compaired to the UK in proportion to earnings and most people have fixed rate mortgages. In the real world a mechanic in an average US city can afford a 4 bed house easy, try doing that in England..........................
  7. However in the long term many economists agree that the dollar cannot keep its current value and must devalue at some point to pay for the huge american debts. The US national deficit is actually going down not up for the last few months.
  8. The US economy is in the crap, it's only government and personal borrowing that's preventing a crash over there: just like the UK. A year ago I would agree but now no way. The US is on a big up swing and other than a few coastal areas property is still very very cheap as a proportion of earnings compaired to the Uk. Dollar will also start to move up against the pound and euro.
  9. Definately a better place to live especially if you can get a job with an international firm. Take you time with buying a house and learn a lot, other than a few areas being hyped by the Times etc its a pretty stable market so you may be better off renting a while.
  10. You kow I spend a lot of time in the US and there is a big difference. All the immigrants I meet in the US love the country the flag and are very patriotic etc. It just isn't the same in the UK people come here, get welfare and want more. Also I think you generally have a better class of immigrants because of the way you process them via the green card sysytem etc. This encourages motivated hard workers to apply. I mean seriously I have never seen polish gipsies harrasing people at Penn station like they do at half of our Tube stations. So yes I agree with what you say generally about worldwide immigration but still believe we in the UK have taken in the bottom of the barrel.
  11. All the attacks are going to do is bring London property down quicker, pretty much everyone I know hates the place now because it is full of the 3rd worlds trash immigrants and their social problems. More and more people are going to try and move to rural country areas where they don't have to endure the nightmare that London has become and their kids don't have to mix at school with immigrant scum. So my prediction is property will go down quicker now and as for jobs well.......... London is really only enjoying low employment because Labour have thrown all our tax money into wastful government etc. This money will run out. More and more private businesses are already moving out. Combine this with a more acceptable work from home culture and London has got big problems. I also think a lot of tourists will be put off the place, both local English ones and International.
  12. A large proportion of property near to the stations is BTL and people may be beginning to dump some due to the oversupply.
  13. Don't worry I would even stop for petrol there. By the way it wasn't London overspill, it was the slums being reduced to rubble in the war and having to rehouse the slum people to all the N Herts dumps.
  14. In the US this is the case already. Owners pay council/property tax renters do not. So for instance if you had 10 flats rented out you would be paying 10 lots of council tax. Some pros and some cons to this in my opinion.
  15. Why don't houses that are sold within 2 years of ownership attract capital gains like in other countries. Real owners have nothing to fear and speculators, EAs etc do. Seems totally fair and would stabilize everything!!!
  16. You know I happen to think the Chorleywood, Ricky, Amersham is really good if you still need to commute to town. I grew up near Radlett but prefer it over here now. Couldn't stand the congestion in NW3 or Highgate anymore. As mentioned before all these areas discussed will do much better in a downward hosing market I feel.
  17. Still a lot I'd say at least 400k for anything decent within walking distance and it won't be great at that price. More realistic is 500k+ in Ricky and 600K+ in Chorleywood or any of the villages. These house still seem to be selling although lots more on the market.
  18. Stuff is finally coming down here. 3 terraces were for sale in my area 2 years ago for between 380k and 400k all were taken off the market with no sales. One went back on again and taken off again another back on at 360k down from 385k. As a matter of note the main agents in town built a horrible house in the spare garden of another concil house they owned That was on the market for 350K for months finally dropped to 320k still no sale so has been rented out for 1100 a month so they have lost big time what a shame. still maybe not as it only cost them about 100k to build and the land was free.
  19. They make their real money from the kick backs from speculators and builders etc. I find it interesting that in my area the agents are selling their own houses right now.
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