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  1. Its storage heaters by the looks of it (not Obel) and my use of it may be intermittent as in away for a few days or a week at a time. Does this make E7 expensive. Since for example if I was to come back after a week away in the winter would i have to either leave the E7 on whilst away or wait until the next day to get heat again?
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys. Good to hear from folk who have experienced E7. Some more research to be done.
  3. I'm considering buying a flat with E7 heating and having no experience of living with E7 I'm wondering what exactly I should find out beforehand. Also any ideas on how much more expensive it is than oil/gas and the other pros/cons? Would be working from home the odd day, but mostly just the usual time outside the 9-5 job spent at home. Appreciate any help or advice.
  4. That's a good point. How much do apartments generally pay for the lease? I would have thought the lease price was fixed for a long term period of 10+ years, or to move in line with inflation, no?
  5. Just looking at some of the apartment prices and they seem reasonable (20-30%+ below RV). Would you buy a city centre apartment? Any blocks in particular that you would avoid/represent good value for money?
  6. Can anyone confirm if this foundation certification is still required if you intend to build the house with cash funds and then take out a mortgage on it when its completed?
  7. Sorry, partially finished. Thanks for the help!
  8. Can anyone advise if its possible to borrow money to purchase a partially built house (kitchen & bathroom incomplete)? The house is for sale via administration due to the developer having gone bankrupt. The agent selling is looking for £275K. I have £100K deposit so would need to borrow approx £200K. The agent stipulates its cash offers only, but I would have thought self build lenders may be able to finance something like this, as a bridging type finance until the interior is complete and a traditional mortgage could be obtained? Any thoughts guys?
  9. Thanks again Telford. Good to know about the NHBC requirement. I have simply FPP granted at the moment - haven't involved BC at this stage at all, so no yellow cards etc!!?? I thought BC only get involved when you actually start, in order to sign off the various stages?
  10. Perfect, thanks Telford. Pity they are a bit vague on it, but I guess a call to the local planning office, as lurking suggests, will clarify a bit.
  11. Hi Guys, Can anyone advise on how exactly one can secure FPP that has been passed, before the expiry date. My understanding is that you simply need to have foundations in place which have been signed off by BC. The FPP then has no expiry date. Is this correct or are there other requirements? Cheers, GT
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