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  1. i think metrolink have missed a trick there. all those new lines in the suburbs are great but they will all share the same stretch of track in the centre. The metrolink is too infrequent and overcrowded - its even worse than the tube, at least with the tube you only wait 2-3 minutes at rush hour compared to about 10-15 mins with the metrolink. Increasing the congestion in the centre will make this even worse. it would be a far better plan to criss cross the lines in the centre, like the tube in london, then each new line gets its own route to the centre, which would relieve overcrowding on other suburban routes. i mean come on, town planning can't be that hard as for the casino, is it any surprise that they choose one of the most depressed, poor areas of the country? regeneration my ****, the aim is to get all that dole money back into the hands of the rich where it belongs
  2. wouldn't that be bad for BTL? inflation erodes debt. negative inflation if it results in lower wages means you have to work harder each month to reach the fixed payments on that 5% loan.
  3. I heard that if you do any work on a leasehold flat that increases its value, you have to pay half of that increase to the freeholder, even if you don't plan to sell the house! sounds a bit dubious to me but I'm only relaying what I've heard (from someone who bought a leasehold fixer upper)
  4. the reason the banks are so happy to lend the money is that they can sell off the debt to the hedge funds and derivatives markets, so in effect the ones taking on the risk are those investing in the hedge funds, not the banks themselves. then again, if the banks themselves are investing in the hedge funds, the City will probably implode.
  5. So the best solution they can come up with is to build more homes?!? What a cop out! Surely it would be better for everyone if they just engineer a house price crash, forcing the greedy baby boomers to sell up their BTL properties and second homes. That would free up plenty of homes for the rest of us, plus there would be no need to build new houses. is there any way you can reject their response?
  6. wasn't it the 1849 gold rush, as in the San Francisco 49ers? maybe you're mixing your bubbles, getting confused with the 1929 Great Depression?!
  7. "The global economy is set for a good 2007, leading economists have forecast..." seems odd that 'leading economists' (if such a thing exists) would shrug off the threat of rising inflation in most major economies and global house price bubbles. everyones just too confident at the moment. somethings bound to go wrong http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6294661.stm
  8. the bank will LEND you £91k, you will BORROW it and you say you're on above average earnings? your boss is an idiot
  9. This is crazy - almost 700 grand for a plot of land http://www.hamptons.co.uk/index.asp?showpa...RefNo=WIM060033
  10. wow - what a bunch of paranoid morons!! i think you've been watching enemy of the state too many times! ..or maybe i'm a government spy, sent to check up on you.... how do you sleep at night??
  11. Has anyone else noticed the abundance of TV adverts for estate agents, I've seen loads of ads for Rightmove, Primelocation and Haarts in the last couple of days, and not just during the property porn programmes. Is this normal at this time of year? does the new year usually have a seasonal uplift in market activity? Or are they trying to ensure they get a large slice of the action when sellers come to the market en masse in the coming weeks and months? The market will slow to a crawl when the HPC is in full swing and there will be fierce competition - just look to the US where EA's are going bust at record rates.
  12. a few people I work with - FTBs - bought last year, some in SW london, others east/se london. I've noticed how these people are suddenly working much harder and staying in the office much later than they used too!
  13. not wanting to sound like a smart*rse but looks like I was right.
  14. Don't pay a penny!!! You do not have to pay for any of those things (except perhaps the change of locks - if it was your fault you lost your keys) every landlord tries it on with the dirty carpet and curtains thing - I think it is in some landlord handbook somewhere. You are not legally obliged to pay for the landlords cleaning!!!! and don't waste time arguing- you do not have to put up with this crap. The onus is on them to provide evidence to take money from you, not the other way round - remember, its your money, not theirs. If they can not prove that you left the property in a worse state than when you found it then there is no case. Here's what to do: 1. Write a letter stating clearly what you are owed by the landlord. State the reasons why you are not responsible for each and every item they want to charge you for. If possible, contact the previous tenants and find out why they had a dispute - if the landlord has tried it on before then this will support your case. In this letter, say that you will not contact them directly again regarding the matter, and that you will start court proceedings within 14 days if they don't cough up. The next letter they receive will be a court summons. 2. If they don't pay up within 14 days, start court proceedings. Go to moneyclaim - https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/csmco/index.jsp this is the online county court service, far easier and quicker to use than actually going to court. Thats it! Get as much evidence as you can in case they have no brains and actually want to go to court, the court is highly unlikely to give them any money, and will probably judge in your favour immediately. they have seen it all before and almost always rule in the tenants favour. I was in the same situation myself last year. The b*st*rd tried to charge me for cleaning carpets and curtains. I was furious - I had taken damn good care of that flat and left it in a far better state than when I found it. I threatened to take the landlord to court but the weaselly b*st*rd paid up before I got the chance. I wanted to screw his chance of ever being able to let a property again! PLEASE follow through with this. I have seen so many people give in but it is your money and the landlord has no right to keep it. ok rant over
  15. thats a buying opportunity - according to recent reports, the markets had actually priced in a rise, so investors are not shocked. markets will recover quick from this
  16. The rent I pay would only just cover an interest only mortgage on the same property if I were to buy it. So in effect, I would still be paying rent, but this time to the bank instead of my landlord. The only difference is that my landlord will fix (and pay for) anything that goes wrong. The bank won't do that. At the end of a 25 year mortgage, most people will have paid double the price of the house in mortgage payments when you take interest into account, so a doubling of house prices is about right, it just covers the payments made over that term, with no extra capital gain. Anyway, the point of this website is not that long term renting is better than buying. The point is that RIGHT NOW, houses are overvalued and prices will soon fall to a long term average (or below). If you want to buy, wait until then, and you will pay off your mortgage sooner, retire earlier, and be much better off than if you buy now.
  17. Why is Russia getting the blame here? Belarus has been paying half as much as its neighbours for russias gas. If my neighbour was charged less for gas than me then I'd be pretty pissed off.
  18. since when did victorians need even one garage, let alone two!
  19. there is growing opinion that radioactive fallout is not actually as harmful as we are led to believe http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,191721,00.html
  20. I wonder who would have the rights to all the oil and gas reserves in the North Sea if Scotland were to break away? That would be enough to keep scotland going long after the lights have gone off down here. And what about the fish stocks? You can't get cod in Glasgow chippies cos it all comes down to London - even though its all caught in Scottish waters. Oh yeah, and you can buy a castle for the price of a london bedsit...
  21. There is a 'have your say' on yahoo forums for the news about house prices rising at their fastest rate for four years. so come on HPCers, have your say! http://uk.messages.finance.yahoo.com/Finan...p;m=tm&rt=2 EDIT - you need a yahoo account to reply to the messages
  22. so what happens at windsor castle that you need 24/7 views?
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