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  1. just console yourself with the thought that it will be worth far less soon.
  2. that's because people don't tend to discuss their finances, and also that most people don't think their spending is a problem. even when they are in trouble they go into denial, ever seen spendaholics? its not a case of designer clothes and fast cars, its that little 'treat' a bit too often, the expensive holidays and weekends away that gradually rack up the debts.
  3. what about wimbledon tennis? plenty of bored media sitting around waiting for some action
  4. current ftse p/e ratio is 12.8, historically very low. therefore any drop would be a great buying opportunity. good thing i'm not wasting money on a mortgage! http://www.ftse.com/objects/csv_to_table.j...amp;p_encoded=1
  5. currently 44% rise, 43% fall. about half way down the page, in 'Vote Now' box oh yes and there's some article about impending rate rise http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/mortgages/hou..._id=57&ct=5
  6. this seems to be the attitude of a lot of people, mainly homeowners - 'aaw, look at the poor renter, can't afford a home of his own' i know a lot of would be FTBers who aren't remotely interested in buying at the moment. They can all easily afford mortgage payments, in fact most of my more senior and higher paid colleagues rent, but its the more junior (and lower paid) that have bought in the last couple of years.
  7. that used to mean *good* location now it just means any bl00dy location
  8. http://news.sky.com/skynews/xml/article/0,...6475040,00.html
  9. There's confusion in the papers today: Daily Express: "SPRING SPARKS HOUSING BOOM" Daily Telegraph: "Property market 'heading for fall in 2008'" look at the express on sky news, then click next to see the DT front page http://news.sky.com/skynews/picture_galler...58621-7,00.html
  10. Surrey is hardly 'next door' to the City, a good 1.5 hour journey via tube and train from the other side of London, way out in the sticks
  11. scum like you should be locked up - there you go, that would solve your property angst, no mortgage, no rent, free food. I can't believe people on this forum are praising you for violence and hanging around with criminals.
  12. what is your source for this info? I have not been able to find an accurate source for the long term average pe ratio for ftse 100. Most articles I found on the net only go back as far as the late 80s, which was the last time the pe was below 12. That was twenty years ago, not really very 'long term' in my opinion, but that does include a few market boom and busts, hpc and recession.
  13. just because the stock market has had a good run for the past four years doesn't mean it is overvalued. http://www.ftse.com/objects/csv_to_table.j...amp;p_encoded=1 the pe of ftse 100 is around 15, very low. at dotcom height it was 24. suggest that now is a good time to invest. even if a house price crash causes a downturn in the economy, the low pe ratio gives a safety net to allow for a temporary drop in earnings the house price to earnings ratio however is very high, indicating that it may indeed be overvalued. thats all you need to know. once you know that, then you will know
  14. true, I live in wimbledon and it's an ok area (for london), but the area where that house is is a craphole. and Haydons road is on the crappy thameslink hourly service to blackfriars not the three minutely service to waterloo + district line that you get from the main line station
  15. so let me get this straight - you asked a property fund manager if property was a good investment?! that's like asking a mechanic if your car needs a service! what do you expect him to say?
  16. well if you take £750 a month then yes, it does look affordable, but where did that figure come from?? that would just about get you a studio flat on an interest only mortgage in london. probably in some ar5e end area too if you're lucky what about the proportion of income spent on other items - did first time buyers all have mobile phones, pc's, internet connections, cable/sky tv, two cars, high utility bills, high taxes, high petrol prices etc etc in 1990?? what about the mortgage tax relief that was available then? that would have reduced the monthly cost of the mortgage.
  17. and THAT is the whole problem and the reason why this bubble keeps inflating you, and all the naive BTLers think they have a natural talent in seeking out quality property. and the more prices keep rising, the more it validates this claim, when in reality it is nothing to do with skills, just luck. the same thing happened in the dot com boom, everyone suddenly becomes an expert stock picker, until of course it all comes crashing down and they lose everything. But with property its far more risky, at least with shares you don't have to wait months to sell and have mortgage payments to meet in the meantime!
  18. Demographics brings new breed of landlord key points for me: 1. Almost half BTL landlords are under 40 - in other words at the time of the last crash, half BTL landlords would have been under 22, most probably still in school, therefore too young to know the risks involved. 2. Only 8 percent had bought for the regular rental income - these will be the only ones who are prepared to weather a prolonged fall in prices. 92% are investing for capital growth. therefore once prices start to fall the greed will turn to fear of losing what gains have been made, and 92% of BTL property will flood the market.
  19. look in the terms and conditions, if you withdraw before the 6months is up, you forfeit 3 months interest. The general consensus is that interest rates will rise to 5.5, maybe 5.75 by the end of the year. If this happens in the next 6 months, you will be better of with icesave or ICICI also it shows a change of tactic for ING. They introduced the savings account with as the highest interest account around, no frills, no tricks like all th other evil banks, that didn't last long. Its ok if you like switching banks a lot, but they count on the fact that most people can't be bothered http://business.timesonline.co.uk/article/...2483413,00.html
  20. but have you noticed how all the property porn programmes have disappeared from prime time evening slots - its just the daytime ones left now - the majority of viewers will be unemployed, elderly maybe but in any case in no position to be speculating in property!
  21. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/fc21de32-b174-11db...00779e2340.html FSA warns on diversified portfolios An increasing correlation in price movements between different assets is making it more difficult to diversify investment risk and could result in wide-ranging losses if and when economic conditions sour, the City watchdog has warned. The FSA are, of course, just doing their job and reminding investors that there is always an element of risk in any type of investment. But is that a sign that they feel the City is ignoring the risks? Maybe investing in stocks rather than property is not such a good idea if it all comes crashing down together.
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