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  1. since he now owns only 28% of amstrad, he has obviously been selling out for a long time, and it is only one company, so this is hardly 'calling the top in shares as a whole' as you put it.
  2. you can probably get the debt written off by taking them to court and claiming for stress or something. it'll probably help if you are pregnant and have some children, as that makes you more valuable to society
  3. fast forward a few years: If the bank of Mummy & Daddy is on-tap and offspring have no shame: both mom & pop and offspring are in negative equity. parents mewed own house to pay for offspring's deposit, so the crash has been a double whammy. not only that but mum & dads retirement plans are b******ed cos the btl holiday home they bought in Bulgaria has been empty for two years and they now can't afford to pay the mortgage on it. Everyone else: now settled in nice spacious homes in the nice part of town. the mortgage will be paid off within 15 years after having put down a huge deposit thanks to all those years of working hard and saving up. Also they are looking forward to early retirement having squirreled enough away in the pensions funds and isas in the abscence of a mortgage to pay. also thanks to those years of working hard they have now reached more senior positions at work and are getting paid an obscene salary. all it takes is a crash, could happen tomorrow
  4. I would say if anyone is hoping to pick up a bargain in the Great UK Housing Sale, just wait until Halifax and CML issue reports saying that the housing market will continue to fall for another ten years (should happen after 2-3 years of falling prices). That will be the clearest signal that the bear market has ended.
  5. 1. how can they be first time buyers if they have not bought a house? 2. since when did graduates rush out to buy a house when they finish uni? the average age for ftbs has always been mid to late twenties.
  6. last time I saw the ftse fall 11 days in a row was early 2003, it then embarked on a bull run lasting 4 years. aah happy days
  7. besides the main story, I can't believe what this woman said. So most of these large family houses in the area are occupied by elderly couples?? No doubt mewed up to the eyeballs to enjoy a lavish retirement at the expense of the next generation.
  8. gearing only makes a difference in the short term, you still have to pay off the mortgage remember! and as for the baby boom, they don't take into account any future, or current, baby booms, which we may indeed be experiencing now, perhaps caused by the 'feel good factor' of high house prices?
  9. another fool caught by the halifax spin!!! their new forecast means they only expect at the most a 1% rise for the next 6 months, an annualised 2% rise, less than inflation and laughably low compared to recent hpi. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/mortgages/art...e_id=8&ct=5 and also to complete your education, check out the headlines from the last crash in the hpc wiki, halifax continued to forecast rises even when it was clear that house prices were falling through the floor with no end in sight!
  10. thats funny, i was watching the Money Masters video at the weekend, which has this to say about the BIS: roughly translated into english, they claim the BIS itself decides when to expand and contract global money supply, causing economic booms and depressions for the financial benefit of its owners.
  11. i live in sw19, about half way between the centre of wimbledon and south wimbledon station. the for sale signs have definitely made a comeback in this area after a couple of years absence. and along with that there are a lot of to let signs, not just flats but large houses - some have been 'to let' for over 6 months now, won't be long til they go on the market. anyway, doesn't bother me, i'm moving to scotland in september, away from this sad property obsessed city.
  12. don't mean to pry into your affairs, but if thats true your missing out on a lot of good deals by sticking with the same provider for all these products. ow crap i'm starting to sound like martin lewis all your eggs in one basket and all that
  13. ok gordo, you got that? to tackle the shortage of affordable housing, why not stop GIVING THEM AWAY. 'high intellect' my ****
  14. the fact that they appeal to impressionable wannabe apprentice contestants who think they are an executive because they wear a suit. these young men are usually single so don't need a double bed, and are pri*cks so don't need a spare room for friends to come round
  15. don't be fooled by the old london pay scam. the streets are not paved with gold.
  16. move along - nothing to see here. Morgan Stanley are full of crap. 'A return to fundamentals'??? the ftse 100 is fundamentally low on p/e and yield values at the moment. any return to average values would send the ftse soaring! these guys get paid craploads to spout this nonsense.
  17. maybe its different with agents, i've always had the landlords doing inspections, I suppose the agents are getting paid to do the inspection
  18. well they do have a right to check that their property is not being smashed to bits. I think you'll find most landlords would leave you well alone if they can see you are treating the property well, so what are you doing that makes them so nervous?! if you are bothered by frequent inspections, I find the best thing to do is give them a list of jobs they need to do, eg things that need fixing, painting, etc (make sure it is their responsibility to do it) and then you won't hear from them again!
  19. maybe he already sold out before the crash. anyway, whats this guy all about? whats wrong with having a little btl in st helens? so much for supporting the local economy WOODWARD, Shaun (St. Helens South) 8. Land and Property Estate in Oxfordshire from which rental income is received. Flat in France from which rental income is received. Flat in London from which rental income is received. House in New York State from which rental income is received. Land plot in West Indies.
  20. thats the trouble with these bloody hippies - they have no understanding of the concept of money. if they are lucky enough to get a windfall, they just piss it up the wall (or smoke it)
  21. Costa do good coffee as well - they actually put some coffee in their steamed milk, unlike starbucks
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