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  1. this is hugely significant. property auctions were one of the 'secrets' that btl wannabees would pay thousands to learn about, up until recently they were overrun by btlers looking for cheap property, so much so that they were all competing against each other and probably ended up paying more than they would if they just went to an estate agent! the fact that an auction can take place in central london and that any properties end up unsold is a clear sign the btl bubble has burst. the thing is, those mortgage lenders can't just sit and wait for those properties to sell at the reserve price, they will have to drop the price fast to get rid of them.
  2. just announced on Channel 4 news, more soon...
  3. when the tabloids say 'businessman' it could be anyone who isn't on the dole or earning minimum wage
  4. rubbish! you don't need a lawyer! just go to the moneyclaim website and start court proceedings online. The landlord is making ridiculous demands and has turned down a reasonable settlement, which counts as a boig plus to you, as you have shown willingness to settle and avoid the courts. also a judge is always more likely to rule in favour of tenants because they know what landlords can be like. Remember - its down to the landlord to prove beyond doubt that it was you that caused the damage. An inventory may be used, but it is not a legally binding document unless witnessed by a solicitor Even if you do end up having to pay, you only have to contribute to replacement costs, calculated from the depreciated cost of the item, not the whole cost of replacement. If the item is not damaged beyond use, then you do not need to pay to replace, only to fix or clean. as for the seat, tenants can not be charged for wear and tear.
  5. doesn't surprise me, have seen a few more 'for sale' signs go up in my area in the last couple of weeks - although a few have now already got sold signs so there are still some muppets around. i mean, look at this for a laugh - almost half a million for a two bed house?!? looks like they've converted the hallway into a living room! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-727...true&pa_n=1 and this is on propertysnake, 3 bed this time reduced by 10% but still £1.4m - price on rightmove has now changed to POA (whatever that is) there isn't even any driveway !! £1.4million and you have to park your car on the street, no guarantee you can park outside your own house! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-641...=2&tr_t=buy how on earth do these houses sell??
  6. If you work for this company, quit now! I think that company will not last very long with that kind of attitude towards its staff. In a way it could be more desirable to have staff who have bought a house - it shows commitment, stability and they are less likely to move away suddenly. However, I would think the opposite would be true for over indebted staff. They may be more likely to demand higher pay rises or leave your company at the first whiff of a higher pay packet elsewhere.
  7. sorry to invade your topic but is this not good news? I'm surprised it hasn't been posted today: http://firstrung.co.uk/articles.asp?pageid=NEWS&cat=2
  8. In the dot com boom, everyone decided that the p/e ratio was an old, inadequate method for valuing shares. It was boring, stuffy, and meant they couldn't invest in all the exciting companies that had great ideas, rocketing share prices ... and zero profits Then the bubble burst, and everyone suddenly realised that the exciting companies that had great ideas and zero profits, were in fact rubbish companies that had rubbish ideas, zero profits and now zero share prices. so the p/e ratio was back in fashion. How could anyone possibly have invested in these overvalued companies with such high p/e ratios? But now, only 4 years after the end of the bear market, I am starting to see the same thing again, but the opposite way round. People deny the stock market is cheap, even thought the p/e ratio of the ftse100 has probably never been this low. The point of this rambling is that the p/e ratio is a very simple tool to measure the value of the market. You don't need to overanalyse it, just buy when its low and sell when its high. And yet people always try to change it, analyse it, spoil it. Its the same with house price to earnings. look at the past. when the ratio is high, prices fall, when the ratio is low, prices rise. buy low, sell high. it really is as simple as that.
  9. every single day. I think every farmer has a right to keep his buishness, whatever it is.
  10. it's not just barclays, all bank workers are thick as pig doody
  11. what on earth is an 'internal balcony'?!!!
  12. NO NO NO NO NO !!!! this is just about the worst thing they could come up with. Inheritance tax is a healthy way of redistributing wealth amongst the population. We will not be richer if this is abolished. Only the super rich will benefit. All you'll get is the rich kids getting even more rich and lazy on the back of their parents wealth, with even less incentive to get off their ar5e and work. We don't need more Paris Hiltons!! If they want a headline grabber, why not pledge to reduce income tax?
  13. A History Of FTSE Volatility http://www.fool.co.uk/news/Comment/2006/c060530d.htm
  14. well the poor spelling and lack of any point to your post or relevance to HPC is probably why you have no replies
  15. thats where whisky comes from, it grows on trees in scotland
  16. safe as any uk bank: http://www.icesave.co.uk/media/terms_and_conditions.pdf Deposits made with Icesave are protected under the Icelandic Deposit Guarantees and Investor-Compensation Scheme. Payments under this scheme are limited to the first €20,887 (or the sterling equivalent) of your total deposits held with us. You have further protection from the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Payments under this scheme are limited to 100% of the first £2000 of all your deposits with us, plus 90% of the next £33,000 of your total deposits with us, less any payments made under the Icelandic scheme. This means that the maximum claim amount as at June 2006 is £31,700. The total financial protection given to you under both schemes is no less than you would receive if your deposit was only protected by the UK scheme. Further details about both schemes can be obtained from our website or by post, on request.
  17. don't get that RB, p/e ratio in 1929 was sky high!! if anything, such technical details didn't matter before the crash, to the people buying, that's why the crash was inevitable. I guess what you men to say is that the p/e is, after all, only a number, and if everyone is desperate to sell then they will ignore the fundamentals as much on the way down as they do on the way up.
  18. sorry, but what made you feel you have to have a go at the English? There's no evidence that these homes are owned by english people. In fact, you go on to say that the top bid for one property was from an edinburgh couple. But thats ok is it? they can be from another part of Scotland but not from England?
  19. translated as "house prices will fall next year if interest rates are not lowered later this year" I don't know where they get the idea that interest rates are going down this year, from what I heard the talk is of at least two more rate rises in the UK, surely europe can't be lowering rates at the same time.
  20. it'll be blue by the end of the day
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