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  1. Channel 4 messed up last week with the FTSE100 - it was on a down day, but they showed it as having risen over 100 points! I don't know why they bother with it, anyone who really cares would know the value of the ftse by 7pm anyway
  2. so the papers have started using 'txt' language then? is this to appeal to a younger audience?
  3. BBC scotland news just said that house prices in edinburgh have fallen 5.6% in the last three months. Not heard that anywhere else..
  4. erm, not banking shares merv! northern rock? barclays? rbs? this is a banking crisis, affecting specific banks that are exposed to sub prime, cdos etc. no reason why that should affect other share prices. great analysis there merv, so there is only downside risk because share prices have risen?? and since when did emerging markets in bongo bongo land lead the global markets? earth calling merv! where have you been for the last few months? look at all the banking shares! hang on, whats this? lower growth next year... ah-ha!! now we get to the bottom of all this! you are just preparing the ground for your rate cuts to save the UK housing market!! why didn't you just say that in the first place instead of spouting all this nonsense about stock markets.
  5. yes, I live in Glasgow, but not for long so maybe I just don't see what you see. I didn't say religious bigotry didn't exist in Scotland, just that it is no worse than religious hatred towards ethnic groups in parts of England.
  6. yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. those were all the reasons I moved here. There is no more religious bigotry here than there is in the East Midlands, or East London. It takes big balls to move against the herd, which is why most people in London woud freak out at the thought of moving elsewhere, even though they all hate everything about life down there. The rewards are definitely worth it. As for the whole thing about Scotland being subsidised by England. As a higher rate tax payer in Scotland I too am subsidising the filthy poor in Glasgows east end. I'm also subsidising parts of London! So I would definitely agree with a change to more local taxes, but I then you would find working Londoners would end up paying more than anyone else to subsidise their own lazy benefit scroungers. And dont get me started on the 'London' Olympics - paid for by the Scottish tax payer!
  7. thats mortgage interest, not the whole repayment. If you include that its more like 28% i reckon, for a 25 year mortgage. me and the wife spend 13% of our joint takehome pay on rent. bargain!
  8. mortgage payments? making ends meet? its easy as 1 2 3...
  9. its not a new build but a tiny one bedroom ground floor flat in my block near Glasgow was sold in august for £103,000. it went for about £76k three years ago. Thing is I don't think the buyer did any local checks, there is a huge empty plot of land next to this block, and a developer recently applied for planning permission for 96 flats! The phrase 'over supply' springs to mind.
  10. I moved up here (glasgow) from London two months ago. Although there are a lot of people here who have jumped on the housing bandwagon, I have heard more people say that renting is better than buying at the moment, its not a good time to buy, wait til prices fall etc, etc, than I ever heard in six years in London. People up here just aren't as obsessed with houses as they are down south. just because its not a 100 floor glass skyscraper doesn't mean its not a sound profitable business. I saw a program on telly (it was in gaelic with subtitles) about the whisky industry. They can't make enough of it, there's not enough distillerys to keep up with demand, mostly from China these days. not to mention oil, gas, etc. anyway, I'm no economist, but there are far more detached houses and 4x4's here than I ever saw in SW london!
  11. This is Clyde Property, who manage the flat that I currently rent! They really are a bunch of idiots, I've never experienced worse service from a managing agent, even when I was a student! They couldn't organise a pissup in a distillery. They are wrong if they think housing isn't overvalued here. The flat below me just went for over 100 grand, its a tiny one bedroom ground floor flat, its a nice area but a good 30 mins from Glasgow centre and no rail links. The last owner made about 30 grand in less than three years. Also there is a huge plot next door where developers have applied for planning permission for 96 flats! Once those are built the flats here will be worth a lot less. It must be a scottish thing to be in denial about the house price crash - gordon brown, bank of scotland (halifax) and now this joker.
  12. I see envy and jealously are still alive and well. not to mention ignorance and stupidity. Wrong! the Right to Buy scheme has enabled thousands of council tenants to buy discounted property and become homeowners or to sell them off at a quick profit and move to a nicer area. given the choice it seems most working class people would rather escape the crime and depression and live amongst middle class people, so much for the working class 'community'. there have never been more people going to university and getting degrees. hmm maybe the working class children want to make something of their lives and not end up in the cycle of depression and crime of their fathers' generation. and a good thing too! the working class spend too much time and money in the pub. maybe now they will spend more time with their children and stop wasting their lives away. anyway, good luck with your little revolution! power t' people!!
  13. hmmmm.... Hips - the only thing that ANY political party has come up with to make the home buying process easier and less stressful. But you have opposed that all along, so how can you possibly claim to represent the homebuyer???? If you disagree that it will help, why not work with them to improve it? oh, no you have a better idea, just set up a website so people can discuss their experiences!! wow what genius!! but hang on, there is one thing that would greatly benefit the homebuyer, first time or otherwise, hmmm wonder what that could be?
  14. WTF???? how on earth can you all misread this simple news article???? if people on HPC can't even read a simple report about falling house prices then it looks like this coming crash will go completely unnoticed! The report is for September, this bit should give you a clue: so it down 5.7% in ONE month!!
  15. there's one major difference between october 1987 and october 2007, the FTSE 100 is not over valued at the moment.
  16. thats been on all the news here in scotland today, but nothing on the national news. but then thats to be expected from the london biased media. what if he had made the same comments about an ethnic minority? there would be uproar, calls for an apology and resignation (of whatever job he does) but its ok to be racist about scots? (i'm english by the way, moved to glasgow 6 weeks ago from london - best move I ever made)
  17. I think you missed the point, if house prices carry on going up, btlers and homeowners will brag about how they timed the market, shrewd investment, etc, but if the prices fall, or they have trouble paying the mortgage, its the blame game compensation culture all the way. that panorama program last night proved it, as soon as these greedy people get into difficulty, its suddenly, oh I didn't know, it was the mortgage broker that told me to lie on my application. not my fault, wheres my government bail out so I can waste it all on booze and fags and chavvy gold earrings ok rant over, thanks, I needed that
  18. of course, this only applies to average house prices - the house you want to buy could still rise in value, maybe it will be only new build city centre flats falling 30-40% whilst everything else rises in value, that could then average out to look like only a 6% fall. I think the point is that the vast majority of homeowners don't think that the value of their house will fall - they are all still under the illusion that they will be millionaires this time next year.
  19. no - thats just london! get out while you still can, there's a whole big country to explore outside the M25.
  20. Well I'm going to wait until everyone tells me I'm better off renting, and that buying is just dead money. Once I hear the checkout girls at the supermarket talking about shoes and nails again instead of buy to let, I'll be buying a house and considering getting a buy to let as well. When I hear people on the train discussing which shares to add to their pension, rather than which area to buy a BTL flat, then I'll be getting into buy to let. I reckon it could take 2-3 years for that to happen, but it will be worth the wait.
  21. and don't forget that in 17 years when you retire, the baby boomers will be dying off, leaving plenty of nice big and cheap houses for the rest of us
  22. ha haaaa!!! I really hope you are joking!! If not, I seriously hope you don't use that kind of rubbish to make investment decisions.
  23. if you're lucky they might offer to show you the door. or failing that, english lessons
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